~ About Ju

Watching the world go by (Paris, 2011).
Hey there! I'm Ju and welcome to my lil corner. I started this blog back in 2009, on a whim, on my 30-something birthday.

Back then, I was a fumbling newbie in the kitchen, who counted instant noodles and fried luncheon meat as part of my repertoire. I cannot remember what it was that triggered my culinary awakening, but one fine day, I made the conscious decision to take ownership of what I ate.

Maybe there is just so much of "outside food" one can stomach. Literally.

Whatever the case, I decided it would be good to document the food that I churned out - edible or otherwise ... you know, just to track my progress. If nothing else, I knew I could look back at my archives whenever I needed a good laugh. My goal was very simple - learn how to cook a few dishes, and cook them well; learn how to bake a few cakes, and bake them well. That was it.

Along the way, something unexpected happened. I fell in love ... with cooking, baking and blogging. Yup, the complete package. I thoroughly enjoy each one, which is why three years later and more pageviews than I can imagine - about 3.5 million as I type, but who's counting, huh? - I am STILL here.

I realise that the best way to get to know my food is by cooking it. It is that simple process of interacting with ingredients which makes all the difference - touching, smelling, tasting ... observing them in their raw and cooked forms, watching how flavours and textures meld ... it makes for a more aware and discerning eater. It makes one understand the food and appreciate the cook. 

To anyone who has ever hesitated picking up that knife, or saucepan, or baking tin - I say, go for it. It's never too late, and once you get into the swing of things, you'll never look back. You will even feel empowered. Yes, cooking is empowering and its rewards are immeasurable. Just do it.

To my readers who keep me going - I am immensely grateful for your support and encouragement. Thank you for sticking by me despite my erratic updates (YES, I am working on that). Through blogging, I have learned and gained so much. I hope that in my own small way, I have given you some inspiration to make a difference in the food you eat.