Friday, September 7, 2012

Munavalgekook (Egg White Cake)

Hey, all! Meet Munavalgekook, a tongue-twister that ranks one notch below Eyjafjallajökull. Just kidding. :)

Munavalgekook is this cake you see - made using egg whites, with some butter sneaked in. I used up all my leftover egg whites for this, instead of frying them into an omelette as I usually do. It tastes very much like an angel food cake.

Making this cake is very straightforward. It requires few ingredients, hardly any technique, and takes a short time to bake. However, as I was quite concerned that the cake would have an "eggy" smell, I added some vanilla extract to it. I also thought of more variations - lemon zest, orange zest, ground almonds, and so on. Don't you just love options? :)

On a personal note, I have been terribly busy, hence the infrequent posts here. If you want short, regular updates, find me on Twitter and Instagram (or Webstagram). My username is @littleteochew ... come say hi. :)

Have a great, great weekend, everyone!

(from NAMI-NAMI)

- 6 large egg whites
- 250g caster sugar (can cut down to 220g, especially if you intend to dust with icing sugar)
- 160g plain/all-purpose flour
- 1 heaped tbsp potato starch or cornflour (I used cornflour)
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 100g melted butter (just under a stick), slightly cooled
- 1 tsp pure vanilla extract (optional)

1. Whisk the egg whites with 2 tbsps of sugar until thick and pale and very foamy.
* I was not too sure what "thick and pale and very foamy" meant, so I whisked till soft peaks.

2. Mix the rest of the sugar with flour, potato starch (or corn flour) and baking powder, then sift into the egg mixture and fold in gently.

3. Finally fold in cool melted butter.

4. Pour the batter into a buttered bundt-form and bake in a pre-heated 180°C oven for 30-40 minutes. Test for doneness with a wooden toothpick.

5. Cool slightly before turning out of the cake tin.


  1. Nice - has a minimalistic but tasty look to it. :D

  2. Pretty much like a chiffon yah, but without the yolks. Would be nice with strawberry jam I think.

  3. It looks so delicate..comme toi ma belle petite Ju.

  4. this comes right on time as i have alot of egg whites in the fridge, thks :)
    i think adding with orange zest will please me :)

  5. WOW, what a great way to use up extra egg whites! This cake looks so pure white with a nice crust. Looks so delicious Ju!

  6. Love the white interior of the cake! :)
    I always have too many yolks haha any ideas what I could do with them?

  7. Can you please try making gugenhopf? (I can't spell it correctly) but I had it in Austria and it was DEELICIOUS!
    ~ YNLS&BH