Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cream Cheese Pound (Mini) Cakes

Baked into individual loaves using my Wilton mini loaf pan. Don't they resemble gold bars?
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I made a decision. I am giving pineapple tarts a miss this year. Yes, I hear your collective gasps of horror but if I attempt to bake them, I will be the one gasping for air.

First week of school passed with lots of drama, stress and exasperation. Brutal. The second week was only a wee bit better. Now that we are into the third week (and tests have already begun!), I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will settle ... especially for my 7-year old. He who has the uncanny ability to disappear and re-appear without a sound. I should have sent him to Hogswart instead of my alma mater.

"He crawls under the tables and ends up in another 'location' when my back is turned", the teacher said to me. "He also went missing during recess. And when it comes to class work, he writes a line or two and then tells me he is too tired to finish the rest."

At that point, I just wanted the earth to swallow me whole.

So yeah, that kind of stuff. Go ahead, envy me. And since all three children are in different schools this year - Sec 1, Pri 1 and Nursery - I have a whole lot more ferrying to do. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I decided to be kind to myself and not sweat the small stuff. Like making pineapple tarts, or cookies, or whatever.

Then last Friday, when I dropped my 4-year old at the Nursery, his teacher (who previously taught my other son), remarked rather wistfully, "Oh, I miss your cakes!"

*cue awkward silence*

Oh lordy, THAT was one thinly-veiled hint!

I gave a feeble laugh, kissed my little boy goodbye and made a hasty exit.

Upon reaching home, I found myself looking into my fridge for ingredients. Argh, old habits die hard. I hate turning people down, especially when it comes to food. ;) There was cream cheese and there were lemons, so the next day, I baked Cream Cheese Pound Cake and delivered them to the teachers' homes (note: not for every teacher ... only the ones I like, ha!). I got hugs and more hugs, and I couldn't help but think teachers love me more than my children.

Back to the cake, it's one of my favourites to bake and eat. So moist, so fragrant and oh-so-delicious ... it has never let me down. For those you who have guests coming over, you can bake a day or two ahead, chill and then re-heat before serving. Do give them a try, if you are thinking of something other than the usual Almond Butter Cake (although I LOVE this particular butter cake!) or Sugee Cake.

Recipe for Cream Cheese Pound Cake can be found here. Good luck!

These were for our own consumption. The actual cakes I delivered to the teachers were secured with gold ribbons. :) In my haste to deliver them warm, I forgot to take photos!Pin It


  1. hey ju ! Long time no see you ! You're cake looks very pretty ! Btw, can i substitute cream cheese with cheddar cheese ?

  2. I completely understand your sentiment on the pineapple tarts. I was contemplating of not baking any cookies at all this year too, what with just recovering from the Christmas-New Year mayhem and the load of spring cleaning to be done.

    But alas, old habits die hard... *munches pineapple tart* These mini ones are cute. I'm easily drawn towards wee sized pound cakes. Your child's teacher is lucky!

    1. I was sweaty and quite moody after a batch of open faced tarts so I can empathise with your situation. Will comtemplate buying them next year, hee! Sabbymum

  3. Hi Ju, may I know if the cake portions listed in your cream cheese pound cake page is for filling the 6 mini moulds?

    - XM

  4. Yum...just the name is so tempting I can just imagine how awesome it would taste. Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow they look awesome,Ju!I am willing to teach all your kids(including your 7 year old)if you'll deliver such delights on a regular basis!!

  6. I love my pineapple tart molds:)

    Happy New Year Ju..I bet all the teachers LOVE you as well as your trio of delectable children:)

    The mini cakes looks so good..Mini anything just seems prettier.

  7. Thanks, everyone for leaving a comment. :)

    Anon: CANNOT!!! Must use cream cheese only! Remember ah! ;)

    XM: You asked a good question. It makes about 10 to 12 mini loaves. Fill to not more than 2/3 full cos they rise quite well. HTH!

  8. if i had mums like you, i'd be the world's happiest teacher! :) but for now, i'd have to be a self sufficient one to bake these babies when i can afford the time. or if i happen to find some gnomes and fairies to clear those piles of marking for me. haha. lil bro tried out that pineapple tart recipe of yours and it was something new and i liked the pastry. a lot! :)))

  9. I love how your manage to capture the tenderness and softness of these cakes with your photo! Sorry to hear you are so busy. Hopefully things settle down soon.

  10. These look so pretty. I have some bars of cream cheese in my fridge and have been dying to use them. Now I know how. Must try.

  11. these look super yummy, i am inviting myself to your house for these goodies.

  12. These are gorgeous....what a few weeks you have had dear Ju....
    Sending you hugs across the miles!

  13. The cakes look delish! But will try my hand at it only after CNY as I'll be attempting your pineapple tarts :)
    After looking at your recipe posts for the tarts, I was wondering if the all butter pastry (used for open-faced) can be used for making the closed tangerine style tarts? Will it be too soft and fall apart?

  14. I have some guests coming over soon, I think these will be great as welcome gifts by their bedside table. Of course, I'll have to figure out how to properly wrap them as I HATE crumbs.

    Also, my son is quite the Houdini himself and he's only 2 so I can only imagine what he will be like at 7 (sigh).\

    Happy Lunar New Year!

  15. These look so cute! I love mini desserts :)

  16. Hi Ju,
    How long do I have to bake this cake for if using d Wiltin mini loaf pan?


    1. Hi AL, about 35 mins? Do check at the 20min mark. HTH and good luck! :)

  17. Hi Ju,
    was wondering what d bake time would be if using the mini loaf pan.
    Great photos!!


    1. Hi Meg! I think mine were done in about 35mins. But you do need to check every now and then for done-ness. I think you should start watching at about the 20min-mark. Good luck! :)