Monday, December 13, 2010

Tapau With Tupperware (2)

Following my previous Tupperware post, I decided to put to test the unique Noodle Holder on something else - chee cheong fun (steamed rice flour rolls).

I used to crave this a lot when I was pregnant with my third child, and would often polish some for breakfast with hot soya milk. Usually, I would eat this fresh at the market, because I hate diving into a packet of clumpy, soggy chee cheong fun that has soaked up all the brown sauce. No, thank you.

This morning, armed with my new Tupperware Tapau Set, I asked the nice lady at the stall to place the chee cheong fun on the Noodle Holder, and ladle the brown sauce in the Crystalwave bowl below.

Here's how it looked when I got home:

The rolls were still springy and slightly warm. However, if I really wanted to reheat them, all I needed to do was chuck the entire dish into the microwave for a quick zap (yes, the set is microwave safe).

I mixed the sauce in only when I was ready to eat. Taste test: Pass! It tasted exactly as it would have, if I had eaten at the market.

One thing I noticed was that the containers get "seasoned" the more I use. Initially, I found the covers rather stiff, and had some trouble pressing them shut. But now that I am into my second week of using this set, they are a lot more manageable. Even the Grip n Go Cariolier is easier to snap on and off. Happy things to note!

This post is sponsored by Tupperware Singapore. The opinions expressed are 100% mine. No photos or text may be reproduced without seeking prior permission. For more information on the Tupperware Tapau Set, please visit their website here. All information provided is accurate as of press time.

The Tupperware Tapau Set retails at S$49. Here are contacts if you want to purchase it in Singapore:
Bedok 98237122
Bukit Batok 93685252
City, Maxwell Road 98420690
Jurong East 96172683
Tampines 67898133
Toa Payoh 96335008
Woodlands 92711406
Yishun 97816521


  1. I fully understand the soggy situation because the chee cheong fun for take away here is also wrapped in papers and then packed in plastic bag. Looks like the Holder is good for serving too.

  2. At the morning markets I go to in Malaysia, they pack the solid food and the sauce separately, so I've never had to deal with soggy chee cheong fun!

  3. They are cute little things aren't they? the sauce looks delicious.