Monday, December 6, 2010

Tapau With Tupperware (1)

I am fortunate to be one of several bloggers invited to try out the new Tupperware Tapau Set. "Tapau", to the uninitiated, is our colloquial term for "take out". I remember my "take outs" in America would come in paper bags or boxes. In Singapore, our food would instead be packed in styrofoam or plastic containers. The better, greener way, of course, is to bring your own container(s), whenever possible. Remember, BYO is ECO - a great tagline by Tupperware!

When the Tupperware Tapau Set arrived at my door, I was pleasantly intrigued. It looked nothing like the tiffin carrier or soup containers I have at home. Here was something which looked more like a ... toy? LOL. I guess I wasn't expecting to see something so lightweight, and in a cute, sunny orange, at that.

Nonetheless, I was quite eager to try what must be the distinguishing feature of this product - the Noodle Holder. It is a perforated dish that fits snugly within the container, and has indents on the sides for easy and safe handling. Here's how you assemble it:

And to market, to market, to get some of my favourite fishball/mushroom noodles for lunch.

What you see is what you get. I want to keep things real, so nothing has been touched, rearranged or styled. I ordered dry noodles (just not a fan of the soup version), but the container was deep enough to hold plenty of soup.

Close-up: The beansprouts were still crunchy and the noodles kept relatively al dente. Taste test - pass! :)

I noticed some gravy had settled at the bottom of the container. Perhaps that prevented the noodles from getting soggy.

Anyhow, I threw my noodles back in and tossed it up into one delicious mess!

In the event you need to reheat your food in the microwave, there is a vent cap for steam to escape. Yes, the Tupperware Tapau Set is microwave-safe, so heat and eat!

Now, my honest opinion. Overall, a great product that is well thought out in design (especially the noodle holder) and solid enough for use over a very long time. The one glitch I encountered was with the covers. They were a bit stiff and I had to exert some force to press them shut. Are they meant to fit extra tight to ensure non-spillage? I am guessing most likely that.

Well, I will be trying this Tupperware Tapau Set on more occasions, so we'll see how it works out for me. Watch this space!

This post is sponsored by Tupperware Singapore. The opinions expressed are 100% mine. No photos or text may be reproduced without seeking prior permission. For more information on the Tupperware Tapau Set, please visit their website here. All information provided is accurate as of press time.

The Tupperware Tapau Set retails at S$49. Here are contacts if you want to purchase it in Singapore:
Bedok 98237122
Bukit Batok 93685252
City, Maxwell Road 98420690
Jurong East 96172683
Tampines 67898133
Toa Payoh 96335008
Woodlands 92711406
Yishun 97816521


  1. oh that looks fun! I have an weird addiction of collecting tupperwares! Will source it when I am in SIngapore next.

    PS: going through your Japan's posts just now. amazing!

  2. It looks so cool! I want one!

  3. These are neat! Prettier than the metal tiffin carriers! Air-tight and no worries about spillage especially left in the car when driving. Going to get one though I have 2 sets of metal ones.

  4. That noodle/soup holder looks very promising! I want one!

  5. I'm seriously a Tupperware fanatic. I haven't seen this before. Will have to look out for it. Looks very handy and I do love the bright colour.

  6. Seems pretty handy, I wouldn't mind one of these!

  7. I have never seen such cool Tupperware! And your photos are pro!

  8. I'm a fan of Tupperware too. Haven't seen this new design around yet. Love the idea of saving spaces and putting variety of food in separate compartments.

  9. how much is this?

  10. That seriously looks like a great way to pack food. Love your Tokyo photos btw, Ju

  11. Hi Ju, Marissa here. I've been a silent reader of your blog for some time. Want to say thanks for sharing such awesome recipes! oooohhh I must have one of these tupperwares. so cute and cheerful!!! I was deciding whether to get one of those bento lunchboxes but those look tiny! this tupperware looks big enough to hold big portions (which i need!). ur post came at a perfect time!

  12. Very cool Tupperware. i wish they had that here!
    But I would rather have what you put in it...looks delish!

  13. Hope they will launch this line to North America as well. Love to see great new inventions. How well do they stack together?

  14. Anon: It retails for S$49 and is a limited edition. :)

    Cherry: They stack very well! Very secure.

  15. looks like a very convenient set of containers Ju !

  16. Where can I get the tapau Tupperware? It's useful and eco friendly!

    Siew Hwee

  17. I think I can't keep up with times. Tupperware has changed so much. I am still using metal tiffin carrier :O

  18. Those are really cute - much better than the boring plastic things I put Poppa Trix's lunch in!