Saturday, December 18, 2010


I'll be honest ... I hesitated coming to KINKI for this invited food review. I was nervous eating local Japanese food again. The dining experience I had in Japan was precious and I did not want to sully those memories with food (and service) that could possibly disappoint.

But LeRoy (yes, that Hungry Cow) of FoodNews promised a small, cosy gathering with fellow blogger friends who I really wanted to touch base with. So I went. And I am thankful I did.

Two things struck me instantly when I stepped into KINKI.

One, the graffiti on the walls. Edgy, funky, quirky. Very Harajuku, no?

Two, the magnificent view.

But it was when I saw the sushi bar that I really got excited. I immediately had a good feeling about the meal ahead.

I later learnt that they fly in their seafood not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR times a week! Impressive (and very assuring for nervous me).

Fresh, fresh, fresh!

That red, glistening one is the Kinki fish キンキ (you can do a Google translate here). Kinki is also a region in Japan - commonly known as Kansai - of which the prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto and Nara belong to. My favourite region. :)

Here's what we had:

(Included in Christmas Eve set menu) Appetiser: Foie Gras on toastlet with ginger & yuzu. I don't eat meat, so they very kindly did a substitute.

This was my substitute for the foie gras - Tai Carpaccio with truffle dressing and shio konbu. Made in heaven. That autumn leaf ... Memories. Flooding. Back.

(Not included in set menu) Momotaro tomato with ginger sesame dressing for everyone to share. {$16}

(Included in Christmas Eve set menu) Appetiser: Assorted Sashimi (what's shown here is a portion for 2). Again, superb. Fresh as fresh can be!

(Not included in set menu) An extra plate of Tai Carpaccio with truffle dressing and shio konbu for sharing. They do this dish incredibly well. I couldn't get enough of it. {$30}

(Included in Christmas Eve set menu) Appetiser: Sushi of Kajiki, Salmon, Hiramasa, Hirame. You can't go wrong ordering the raw items here. Note that the sushi on the left is Foie Gras & Scallop Sushi, and is not part of the set. It comes at $22 per 2 pieces.

(Included in Christmas Eve set menu) Appetiser: Soft shell crab maki & pork floss maki (what's shown here is a portion for 2).

(Not included in set menu) Kinki Style Okonomiyaki. Basically, a pizza of Hokkaido scallops, prawns, apple wood smoked bacon, sweet onions and mozzarella. Portion for sharing. {$24}

Now the mains! You can choose between Ginger Teriyaki of US prime beef ribeye OR Hokkaido milk poached white cod with crispy ginger. Both come with a serving of steamed rice.

(Included in Christmas Eve set menu) Hokkaido milk poached white cod with crispy ginger. Cod as white as snow! I almost thought it was a piece of tofu at first. It was exquisite - loved it!

This was the delectable sauce the chef whipped up for me - balsamic vinegar with truffle oil. Heady, syrupy and to-die-for.

(Not included in set menu) We all sampled different drinks, and these were the ones I tried - all refreshingly good.
(Left) Doraemon Cream - a tropical combo of Blue Curacao, coconut syrup, pineapple juice and fresh milk. {$10}
(Centre) Japanese Pear Martini - an lovely drink indeed! Ladies will like this. Belvedere, orange liqueur and pear syrup. {$20}
(Right) Specially mixed upon my request - a citrusy concoction of yuzu, apricot and peaches! It was a wonderful palate cleanser in between courses.

Here's KINKI as the evening passed ... packed on a Wednesday night (and I hear, for lunch too). I would highly recommend reservations. There was happy chatter everywhere, and ever so often, you would hear people from different tables burst into infectious laughter. Such was the laidback, friendly vibe.

And finally, dessert!

(Included in Christmas Eve set menu) Black sesame ice-cream, yuzu sorbet, mochi and candied azuki beans. As always, for me, black sesame ice-cream ... bliss. Note: For the actual set, it's a black sesame and mochi parfait.

Afterward, we took a peek upstairs, at the rooftop. They were putting on the finishing touches - to simulate the streets of Japan - in time for the festive season. This is where you can come up for drinks and snacks, and take in the amazing view of Marina Bay.

They er, raised the red lanterns for us.

More graffiti! I think they add a lot of character to the place.

The view across. Look to the left of this photo. It's the Fullerton Bay Hotel, and I believe, that's someone's room. Draw the curtains, already! ;)

70 Collyer Quay
#02-02 Customs House
Singapore 049323
T: +65 6533 3471
F: +65 6533 3473

For Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve respectively, the menus are priced as follows:
* 24 Dec ~ 3-course set dinner @ $128++ with a glass of wine;
* 31 Dec ~ 3-course set dinner @ $168++ with a glass of champagne.
To take a look at the menus, click here.

Opening hours for both festive nights:
Kitchen opens from 6pm to 11pm (last order for food);
Bar Opens (restaurant and rooftop) from 6pm to 3am.

Huge thanks to Ivy and LeRoy of
FoodNews and Germaine of Refinery Concepts, for your amazing hospitality, and to KINKI for the impeccable, first-rate dinner (and service).

Do hop over to my friends' blogs - a 1/2 Food Blog, Camemberu and Keropokman - for their take on KINKI.


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    I love the graffiti deco- so contemporary-
    Have a great weekend!

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    And I also like the restaurant's hip vibe.
    It's really worth a try.

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