Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pumpkin Scones

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I had an odd wedge of pumpkin left and just didn't quite fancy it in a soup, although that would have been the easiest way to finish it off. I put that down to seeing too many (too many!) pumpkin soups made by fellow bloggers. :)

I also decided against making a pumpkin cake because, you know ... my poor arteries after that Millionaire's Shortbread.

Since I have been quite keen on trying out scones - I randomly googled "pumpkin scones" out of sheer curiosity, and was instantly fascinated by a recipe from a certain Lady Florence Bjelke-Petersen (who is still alive at 90, by the way). Wow, a double-barrelled name ... certainly lends a regal touch to the scones, doesn't it? :) Apparently, her scones are famous.

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As this was my maiden foray into scone-making, I wasn't sure if I was doing things right. For one, whether I was cutting the dough correctly, and whether they would rise? My dough was also rather dry, when the recipe clearly stated it should be a little sticky.

The problem is due to the varying amounts of moisture in different pumpkin types. I think my pumpkin - having been in the fridge for a while - could have dried out somewhat. Perhaps experience has made me a savvier baker, for I instinctively reached out for some milk and added that in. It proved to be a lucky guess. The scones turned out really fluffy and soft, and heavenly when eaten warm (as is anything fresh out of the oven).

They have a mild sweet-savoury flavour, with a hint of pumpkin. I would imagine they would be wonderful with clotted cream and jam, but since I needed to give my sweet tooth a break, I buttered the scones lightly before dunking in soup. Comfort food. Especially in the rainy weather we have been enjoying lately. Lovely.

PS: Rainy weather = bad lighting. Oh wait, throw in a setting sun. 'Nuff said.

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(from Gourmet Traveller)

Serves 12
Cooking Time Prep time 15 mins, cook 40 mins

- 250g peeled jarrahdale or Queensland blue pumpkin, cut into 3cm pieces
- 300g (2 cups) self-raising flour
- 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
- 75g (1/3 cup) pure icing sugar, sifted
- 40g butter, softened
- 1 egg yolk
- For brushing: milk
- To serve: butter

1. Preheat oven to 200C. Place pumpkin in a steamer over a saucepan of boiling water, cover and steam until tender (about 15 minutes), then transfer to an oven tray and bake for 10 minutes to dry out. Cool, then pass through a coarse sieve.

2. Sift flour, nutmeg and 1 tsp salt into a bowl. Using an electric mixer, beat icing sugar and butter until pale and fluffy, add egg yolk and beat to combine. Using a wooden spoon, stir in pumpkin, then half the flour mixture. Add remaining flour mixture and, using your hands, bring together to make a dough, then turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead gently until smooth (dough should be a little sticky).

3. Roll out to 2cm thick and, using a 5.5cm-diameter cutter dipped in flour, cut rounds (without twisting cutter) from dough and transfer to a lightly greased oven tray. Re-roll scraps and repeat. Brush tops with milk and bake until golden and sound hollow when tapped (10-15 minutes). Serve hot or at room temperature with butter.

Note: Different types of pumpkins have varying moisture levels. Keep this in mind when bringing the dough together, as you may need to add a little more flour for ease of handling.

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  1. I was just thinking she has such great light w/ crisp clear beautiful shots:)The container is so sweet too..I saw on the news Singapore is one of he happiest places to live..I know why
    :) You live there.
    They look so cute..

  2. that looks awesome :). my fav pumpkin scone recipe involves a bit of cream, but I have misplaced it during the countless house moving I have had... :(

  3. Love these scones and so like that you served them with a soup and not as a dessert! :))

    soo agree with you on the declining light conditions!! :((.. sigh, 4:30 and the skies are DARK!!! :((

  4. Looks really delicious, Ju. Love that wonderful orange hue :).

  5. Hi Ju - the scones look great and rather healthy!

  6. The rain has been so annoying the past few days. I had so much trouble with lighting today too! These scones look delish. Glad you used 'em in scones and not soup. :) I had pumpkin in orhnee yesterday. mmm x

  7. Looks great! There is one tip. When baking scones, place all the dough together and not apart. They rise better.

  8. your scones look perfect ju, i'm fascinated by the neat cuts and it hardly looks like your "maiden foray". you shd see mine hahahaha.

    i've bookmarked this recipe and you think i could add chopped sage bits inside when i make? :D

  9. Lol! This is the lady who seemed to have had too much pumpkin the other week! But I could never tire of something that looks as good as this Ju!

  10. Well done! I tried making scones once and they were rock hard! Looks like I have to try again sometime.

  11. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

    Anh: I would love to try your fave recipe, if you can locate it.

    Penny: Thanks for the tip.

    Bossacafez: Evan, that is a wonderful idea. It would give some colour contrast to the orange. Nice!

    Trissa: Don't laugh! :) Heh heh!

  12. This looks lovely!!! Definitely great for an afternoon tea snack!

  13. Pumpkin Scones! These look wonderful...warm, butter melting. Is the tea ready?

  14. Ju, you always have such lovely recipes! Thank you for this...I am in the UK again and on the hunt for some nice recipes to try Thanksgiving-dinner-made-on-my-own part 2 haha...and these sound like they would be a great accompaniment this time around! At least if I mess up the turkey again, we'll have some lovely scones, right?;)

  15. Those scones are beautiful and must taste great! Perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea.



  16. They are gorgeous Ju...we are lucky to get canned pumpkin here and it is such a delight to work with. There are few variables as there are with fresh pumpkin!

    Love your pics!

  17. The scones look so lovely Ju! And brilliant call with the milk =)

  18. Love the natural color from pumpkin, you scones looks 'sunny' enough : ).

  19. Hello
    Very nice
    Thanks for the recipe!
    Have a nice day

  20. Fantastica idea questi scones alla zucca.
    Un abbraccio Daniela.

  21. I too made scones recently yours is way too beautiful :)

  22. Your pumpkin scones look so amazing & beautiful too!

    That soup looks so tasty too,...comfort food!

  23. Seasonal pumpkin scones with a minestrone of some kind? Awesome!

  24. Ju- what a fabulous blog you have! I found your link on notcot's tasteologie, and as recent Le Cordon Bleu graduate living in LA, finding a fellow Singaporean who blogs about a sophisticated love for creative cuisine is really exciting! Keep it up, and all the best :) Cheers!

  25. Thank you again, everyone!

    Alison: Ooooh, I would love to see your dinner!

    Liane: What a lovely compliment. I'm flattered. :) Cheers!

  26. Ju, keeping fingers crossed it comes out nicely, I will share a photo (and any recipes that look of interest to you) if so! It's the least I can do since I do scour your blog for recipes consistently! At least the side dishes and desserts will come out alright!:D

  27. Hi there, just an fy, Lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen is the widow of a former Queensland premier, the late Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen. Queensland is one of the states in Australia, home to the Gold Coast. I'm not belittling anyone's geography, it's just that Queensland is quite ulu compared to Victoria or New South Wales. Lady Flo's recipes are well loved in Australia. Warm regards, Maureen (a Malaysian living in Brisbane, Queensland)

  28. Hi Ju,

    I am a first-time reader of your blog. and i read through all your posts, dated from the 1st one. Love that you post your food adventures as well as baking experiences. am inspired to be a fellow food blogger.

    Will like to ask you what kind of oven do you use? I am wondering if i can achieve the same results as you using a smaller table top conventional oven. I have been having problems baking whole cakes with my current oven.

    Thanks alot(:

    love, pearl