Saturday, November 27, 2010

Japan 2010 - Autumn Foliage

I counted ... 3672 photos to sort, and I'm still not done with my To-Do List. Clearly, I need to be selective. Don't worry, no sleep-inducing, blow-by-blow account from me! Quality over quantity, I say. :) You can heave your sigh of relief now. ;)

So, I will break them up into themes: People, Places, Food, etc. Every post will be largely pictorial, unless I have something interesting to add.

Today, I will start with the stunning autumn foliage which is reason enough to be in Japan right now.

If you are deliberating where to go for your holiday, you might just want to book that ticket and join fellow Singaporeans in The Land of the Rising Sun. Every other person I know is heading for (or already there in) Japan. It's Visit Japan Year 2010, by the way.

And indeed, now is the perfect time. Those breathtakingly beautiful foliage will not be there for long. Probably another week or so, and they will bid us all sayonara. Time and tide - and leaves - wait for no man.

For now, I leave you with Nature's finest. Gape and gawk. Seriously, anyone with a camera can (and will) get beautiful photos just by clicking at random. Trust me on that one.

(1) Nara Deer Park: Illumination. One of my personal favourite photos.

(2) Nara Deer Park: Walking on Gold. Autumn in Japan is truly magical. It was a blessing just to be there.

(3) In the streets of Nara: Holding on. Another one of my favourite photos.

(4) In the streets of Nara.

(5) At Nishi Otani Honbyo (大谷本廟), Kyoto. We did not plan to come here but since it was right across the street, we strolled in ... and struck gold, literally.

(6) At Nishi Otani Honbyo (大谷本廟), Kyoto. My friend saw this photo and said, "Very Memoirs of a Geisha." :)

(7) At Nishi Otani Honbyo (大谷本廟), Kyoto. We had the clearest azure skies that day.

(8) At Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto: Transience. On a stone ledge, a lone fallen leaf sits, and waits for the rest.

(9) At the Imperial Palace, Kyoto: Dusk Beckons.

(10) At the Imperial Palace, Kyoto.

Next up, JAPAN 2010 - People.


  1. I was in Japan last Nov. It's truly the prettiest time of the year there.

  2. These pictures are too awesome! Thanks for taking your time sharing with us.

  3. Beautiful photos, Ju! And wow over 3000 photos is massive, but I can see why! Keep them coming, can't wait to see the rest :)

  4. Over 3000 photos... you must be clicking away like mad! I am still in NZ.. not sure how many photos Im going home with as well... and yes, I need to lose some weight!

  5. Absolutely vivid, astonishingly beautiful photos. I think you actually do justice to Japan.

  6. The photos are indeed breathtaking!

  7. These are beautiful breath-taking pics!

  8. Thanks for dropping by, everyone.

    Leon: That is the biggest compliment, ever.

  9. I cannot even pick a me they are all lovely..So happy you had such an enjoyable time and saw such beauty.

    These are beautiful sights.

  10. Beautiful autumn foliage in Japan! I just miss Japan!!

  11. Non sono mai stata in Giappone, ti ringrazio per queste bellissime foto. Buona domenica Daniela.

  12. Gorgeous photos! I hope you skin and hair is getting back to the formal glory :)

  13. Ah!! You're so lucky! I've always wanted to go to Japan (as well as Singapore:D). Very beautiful photos, and I absolutely cannot wait to see all the other ones you post! Those leaves remind me of the ones we have back home up in New England (in the US). Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  14. It looks like it's a beautiful time to go to Japan, but then again, any time is a beautiful time in Japan. There's just something about Japan that gives you the kind of feeling other countries don't. and hmm.. the food.. you must have tried some really good food there as well.

  15. I found Kyoto and Nara to be absolutely magical. Although I ate like a horse with so much amazing food... I also walked to at least 100 temples... between Nara and the sand gardens at Ryoan-ji, I was in heaven and lost weight! Your photos bring back that fabulous trip!