Friday, October 15, 2010

Shrimp Samosas

The other day, I just didn't feel like a proper lunch, so I made these Shrimp Samosas to eat with Lingham's Chilli sauce. They are deepfried and greasy and utterly bad for you ... exactly what I wanted. Ah, what is life without small, sinful indulgences like these?

These Shrimp Samomas are so savoury and crispy and yummy, you'll find yourself scarfing down one samosa after another without realising. Which was what happened to me.

Trust me, you want to make a whole lot of these, because they are just not for sharing.

- 500g fresh prawns (shells on)
- 1 stalk spring onions, chopped finely
- 4 to 6 water chestnuts, chopped up semi-coarsely, in small bits
- 2 cloves garlic, minced
- 1 packet square wonton wrappers

- 2 tsp light soya sauce
- 1 tsp fish sauce
- 1 tsp Hua Tiao cooking wine
- 1 tsp sesame oil
- 1/2 tsp sugar
- 1/2 tsp grated ginger (optional)

1. Shell and devein shrimps. Smash them with one side of a cleaver, on a chopping board. Do not chop them up. Slam them flat! This way, you will get a glue/paste consistency, which in turn, gives the 'bounciness' to the final product.

2. Put the shrimp glue/paste in a bowl and add in all the other ingredients and seasoning (except the wonton wrappers, of course). Mix to combine well. Cover and marinate in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

The raw ingredients, which have been mixed into a paste. I left it to marinate overnight in the fridge.

The wonton wrappers. Always keep them covered with a damp cloth to prevent drying out.

3. When you are ready to wrap the samosas, prepare a small bowl of water. Place a wonton wrapper on a clean, dry work surface. Using a spatula, spoon some of the shrimp filling onto the wrapper.

4. Dip your index finger in water, and then lightly run it along 2 edges of the wrapper. Fold the wrapper in half, forming a triangle. As you fold, gently and carefully press out pockets of air before sealing the edges tight. You do not want trapped air bubbles because they will cause the samosa to break open during frying. Not pretty.

5. In a wok or frying pan, heat up a generous amount of oil. Ensure a medium-high heat throughout. When the oil is hot, gently slot in a few samosas at a time, taking care not to overcrowd. Each samosa should have sufficient space to retain its shape as it cooks.

6. As soon as the wonton wrappers turn a nice golden brown, remove the samosas and drain on a cooling rack lined with paper towels. Serve hot, with your favourite dipping sauce.

Tadah! Ready to eat. And better yet, no need to do any food styling when you take such shots! I am such a genius.

Or maybe not that brilliant after all. See, I forgot - TOTALLY forgot - to take a photo of the samosa filling! *heavy sigh*

Another time, OK? You have to understand because, like I mentioned in my previous post, my blogging mojo did a Mas Selamat on me. So, excuse me while I look high and low for it. Oh wait! Maybe I should start searching at my neighbour's first, eh? ;)


  1. These look really delicious! I love shrimp appetizers.

  2. Great finger food! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are right - there is NO WAY I would share such a great dish like this. I always wondered how to make the filling taste more springy - thanks for the tip!

  4. that looks fantastic.. easy to make too..lovely clicks dear.

  5. It happens. I am losing bits of my blogging mojo as well.. let's motivate each other!

  6. Ooh that looks so crispy and inviting. I can just imagine how the filling would be like! ;)

  7. I like the golden brown skin and looks cripsy, dun need to see the filling already know is delicious!

  8. Hmmmm... its look so yummy...
    thanks for sharing this recipe, I've never cook this before. It seems easy to do ... I will definitely try it...

  9. Nom nom nom could u send this to me, pleas? :)

  10. Ooh! I used to like to make this,but only i replace the fresh prawn with minced pork only.

  11. With prawns....have to be my favourite!! I need at least a dozen...yum :D

  12. What a fun post! Yes, life should have little indulgences, and lots of them.

  13. Love it.

    I need to get my hands on some wonton wrappers. I might be able to get some in the big hypermarket when I go to the city on Sunday !

  14. Looks great! I know, sometimes you just feel like snacking on fatty food instead of a proper meal. I recently made some dumplings and have been having them for lunch!

  15. I see mama's got even MORE mojo if that's at all possible:)

  16. Lovely! I made some potstickers yesterday, also shaped it like this, I called it the lazy way! :D

  17. These look gorgeous and so easy. I always think of samosas as breadier and fatter... I like crispy light with bright flavors... yummy!

  18. I enjoyed the Mas Semalat reference because I got to learn something new!

    These samosas look amazing.

  19. You are a genius! They look simply scrumptious!
    It is almost 11:00 PM and now you have me craving these...I can imagine the taste!

  20. Its funny cos that's exactly what I said to myself (deep fried n bad but still I wanna indulge myself) when I thought of making gulab jamuns today :-)
    I love samosas!

  21. these look absolutely scrumptious Ju! It looks I must make a barrel of this. For myself.

  22. Oh you have done it so beautifully and have never had shrimp samosas!

  23. Your samosas look gorgeous!! I can hear them calling my name! Wait, let me hop over to claim mine first. ;)

  24. Sigh. Same here!! I've definitely lost 'it'.

    These days, i prefer nua-ing on bed with my boys... So much more fun! ahahhaha!

    Errrr.. i always indulge myself, esp at home. I only behave when i'm eating out, which is not often enough!

  25. Hi Ju,
    You're so creative! To think that you call this samosa instead of dumplings! I would have called it fried shrimp wanton! The browned skin tells me that it's very crispy. Do you think this will go really nice with your thai chilli sauce too? Yummy! :)

  26. They look so perfect! The filling sounds so flavoursome, great recipe!

  27. Hi,
    These look great.
    What type of oil would you recommend using?
    I love your blog, Thanks!

  28. Julia: Any vegetable oil or sunflower or canola oil. :)