Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Prawns In Chilli Ketchup Gravy

I'm curious ... what do you do with all those packets of ketchup and chilli sauces which come with your fast food takeaways/deliveries? I know of some people who actually throw them away. Such a waste! I usually keep them in my fridge and use them whenever I cook Mee Goreng ... and now, this prawn dish.

I think many of us grew up eating this. Grandma used to cook it whenever the entire extended family congregated at her house on weekends, and I would greedily snag prawn after prawn with my chubby, grubby fingers. I still do that to this day, albeit with slimmer, cleaner fingers. :P

Recently, I saw this dish featured at Lee Mei's beautiful blog, and she cooked such a mouthwatering version, my salivary glands instantly went into overdrive. I left a comment to say I would make it, so I am making good that promise. :)

To be honest, I did not follow the recipe to a 'T' but merely used it as a rough guide - such is the flexibility of homecooking, don't you agree? :) Besides, all you need is a quick wok hand and fresh prawns, and you are halfway there. So, feel free to adjust the seasoning to suit your palate ... I added more Kicap Manis and water because I wanted gravy to drench my rice. Oh yeah, that gravy on rice is pure heaven.

(from My Cooking Hut)

- 1kg black tiger prawns (or any type of fresh, whole prawns)
- 7 to 8 thin slices ginger, about 2cm diameter
- 3 spring onions, cut into 1-inch length (leave aside a handful, cut small, for garnishing)
- 1 onion (cut into wedges)
- 2 cloves garlic, minced
- 1 chilli (sliced) optional
- Vegetable oil, enough for shallow frying + 1 tbsp

- 2 tbsp ketchup
- 3 tbsp chilli sauce
- 1 tsp sugar
- 1 tsp dark soya sauce*
- 1 tbsp soya sauce*
* I omitted these and used Kicap Manis instead.

Water, 2-3 tbsp

1. In a wok and deep frying pan, heat up enough vegetable oil to cover prawns when frying. When it is warm, shallow fry prawns in batches for about 5-6 minutes or until pink. Repeat until the whole batch finishes, set aside.

2. In a new pan, pour over 1 tbsp spoon of the vegetable oil. Under medium heat, put in garlic, onion and ginger. Cook until soft. Mix all the ingredients for the sauce and add into the pan. Stir well.

3. Add in cooked prawns, spring onions and cut fresh chilli (if using). Cook and stir for another 5 minutes. Serve hot.


  1. Yummm I love this dish too. We call Udang Masak Kecap.

  2. My father has a signature dish similar to this one, oh, this makes me miss my father!!!

  3. The color of this dish is incredible, it totally tells the story of how delicious this is. And how I wish we had good delivery food in my neighborhood! That is one thing I miss about living in New York, I was a take our fiend. Clever use of those little packets!

  4. There's something about the words "chili ketchup gravy" that makes me really hungry. It looks incredible! And now i'm starving past midnight. Your fault! :)

  5. Sedap~
    You always give me idea what to cook for the day ;)

  6. oh yum!! This is how I like my prawns

  7. Ooooh.. those ubiquitous little sachets of ketchup!! I have sooo many of them - hate to keep them, hate even more to throw them away!! :D

    How many sachets do you reckon you need for a kg of prawns?

  8. Me too! I usually keeps those packets of ketchup and chilli sauces in fridge too.Normally i will use those for cook of sweet and sour meat namely

  9. Such succulent prawns glistening in that sauce!
    I also use the packets of sauces collected in my cooking.

  10. This dish is so scrumptious. Drooling right now~ That's a dish that my mother used to cook on Chinese New Year's eve (圖年飯).

  11. Oh definitely my kind of sauce:) the prawns are gorgeous..thank you for directing us to that lovely blog Ju..I think I have one packet in my fridge..from what year? We don't do take out..it must have been in that sushi kit from Costco:)I keep saying this but my what a good photographer you are!

  12. Ju this looks simply delicious! I have not even had my breakfast yet and I could dig right in!

  13. I love it when one beautiful post inspires more here in the blogosphere. Lovely clicks with stunning color. And these shrimp look so succulent, I'm getting hungry.

  14. Yummy prawns! I don't think I have try this version before.

  15. che meraviglia i gamberi preparati cosi'! Bravissima! Un abbraccio Daniela.

  16. You know that salivary glands overdrive thing? that's happening to me now!!! I love prawns! this is such an awesome way of eating them!!

  17. Very lovely, glistening prawns, Ju. Beautiful clicks!

  18. With fresh prawns, just adding ginger and green onions can do magic. But of course, this dish adds variety in terms of flavors and intensity. There is no packet chili here - so nothing to "kapo" :p ...but ketchup, yes. I do keep a few packs in my fridge cos I don't buy bottled ketchup and chili sauce.

  19. Oh my - what a lovely recipe....and beautiful photo. I will make this soon

  20. I kept those chilli & ketchup sachets for bake chicken. The prawns look so fresh and nice, yummy!

  21. Looks at those prawns!! The colour looks absolutely amazing! I am sure that they are fresher than those that I bought!! Did you get from wet market, which the prawns were probably caught in the morning or the night before! I so envy!!
    I am glad that you tried this recipe... I am sure of the heavenly feeling of gravy... yum yum

  22. We made this for dinner tonight! It was delicious! Thanks for the recipe.