Saturday, August 28, 2010

Watermelon Granita With Ginger Syrup

Do you notice that, of late, I have been featuring recipes from other food blogs? Well, I feel that the best compliment you can ever give a fellow food blogger is to make something from his/her blog and link it back. :)

Today, I'll be doing the same. I want to share a wonderful dessert from an equally wonderful food blog, Trissalicious.

Ever since I discovered how easy it is to make a Granita, I have been making it on a regular basis. I realise it's a great way to use up abandoned bottles of juices or sodas that are taking up precious real estate in my fridge. As soon as I freeze the odds and ends into a new slushy cocktail, I will see my kids make a beeline for it. They make really refreshing treats on hot afternoons.

I was intrigued when I saw this at Trissa's blog: Watermelon Granita with Ginger Syrup. Watermelon and Ginger? The idea of this seemingly odd pairing fascinated me so, and I was curious to see how it would work. For the record, it blew me away. I LOVED it!

(from Neil Perry’s Spice Temple, and seen at Trissalicious)

- 750 grams coarsely chopped fresh watermelon
- 60 grams white sugar (I reduced to 30 grams because my watermelon was so very sweet)
- 200 grams finely diced watermelon, to serve
- 100 grams white sugar
- 20 grams ginger, chopped (I used old ginger for a stronger, astringent bite!)

1. Macerate the watermelon by combining the first lot of watermelon with the sugar and allow to stand for around 45 minutes. Process this in a food processor and then strain. Transfer to a 20 cm x 30 cm shallow metal tray and freeze, scraping occasionally with a fork until crystals form and the granita is frozen. This usually takes around 4 to 5 hours.

I decided to keep the watermelon rind for serving. One less thing to wash!

2. For the ginger syrup, combine the sugar, ginger and 60 ml of water in a saucepan. Bring this to a boil and then remove it from the heat and allow to cool. Strain out the ginger.

3. To serve, place some granita in a chilled glass, add the diced watermelon and pour some ginger syrup over it.

This would be a perfect dessert after a hot and spicy curry dish, no? And hardly any skill needed. I made extra Ginger Syrup to keep. I'll tell you what else I used it for. Watch this space!


  1. im slowly learning how to appreciate ginger!
    they make things so refreshing.
    being paired with something nice and cold,
    seems perfect for singapore's weather!
    am loving the photos btw :)

  2. Yes please... I am a real sucker for watermelon!! The photo of the red and fresh watermelon almost tempted me to go and get one right now!!
    I love granita!!

  3. This sounds really really good.... I'm a mad fan of ginger these days

  4. I marveled at this simple, refreshing treat over on Trissa's blog and I do so again at your beautiful rendition. You know I've barely had any watermelon this whole summer. Better go remedy that immediately.

  5. Wasn't it fantastic Ju? Thank you so much for trying it and posting about it. More people need to know about this one! :). Nice pics by the way - loved that one where you served it on the watermelon.

  6. Wow!
    I just need the hot weather to go with it!

  7. I don't like watermelon, but your photos are GORGEOUS.

  8. it's a great way to use watermelon and looks very refreshing. and I like that you serve it in the watermelon rind too, extra pretty :)

  9. Beautiful watermelon granita served on the watermelon, very intriguing me to taste some although it's still cold here. :P

  10. Ju, delightful, delightful flavours. Guess what I could have really used a glass of this in the afternoon. The weather turned from cool to really hot this afternoon!

  11. This looks perfectly great! And I can't wait to try them soon, since there isn't much preparation needed heehee :) Have a great week ahead!

  12. Ju this looks simply gorgeous and so refreshing for a hot summer day!

  13. How refreshing! BTW, do you happen to have the recipe of kueh chap? I've been looking for it high & low.

  14. your watermelon granita looks so good! The pairing of watermelon and ginger is also something I've never tried...but definitely sounds like it's worth trying!

  15. I love the presentation. Watermelon is one of my favourite fruits in summer.

  16. Cool! I am curious about the combo of watermelon and ginger too.

  17. I love watermelon granita! There's an Italian cafe here selling it in summer. Actually it's a Melbourne icon :D Love your and trissa's version by the way

  18. Hi, I tried making this yesterday. I must say that I really like it alot. Thank you for sharing. I have posted a picture of the outcome on my page too. Do visit please. :)