Monday, August 2, 2010

Barracks Cafe at House, Dempsey

A Few Good Men (And Women)
The Hungry Cow
The Little Teochew
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The Location

The Mission

Summer High Tea Buffet.

"Did You Order The Code Red?!"

Red Espresso Tea Set (S$5 for tea only, S$9.50 as a set as seen above).
Brewed with South African Rooibos tea - which has zero caffeine and 5 times more antioxidants than green tea - this Red Latte tasted uncannily like our local teh tarik. It's made with fresh milk and not condensed or evaporated milk, and it was good! Yours truly downed 2 glasses! Tea is my poison. :) Besides this Red Latte, you can also choose from the Long Espresso (S$4.50); Red Cappuccino (S$5) and Fresh Red (S$6).

Panini Pressed Brioche + Red Espresso Jam.
A rich, caramely spread, very similar to our kaya (coconut jam) ... but made from - you guessed it -
Rooibos tea again. The brioche was a delicious accompaniment! Put together, they tasted like yummy kaya french toast.

The Courtroom Courtyard Showdown

The Sweets

The Savouries

The Surrounds

The Special Orders

Skinny Pizza, from a la carte menu (S$25 each).

Don't they all look alike? LOL. But like a mother who can tell her triplets apart, I'll identify them:
(Foreground) Salt Cod Brandade (S$25)
(Middleground) Grilled Figs With Parmesan Crumble (S$25), and
(Background) Ahi Taki (S$25).

They are called "skinny" because of their cracker-thin crusts, which of course, helps you stay, erm, skinny? I liked the Grilled Figs one best for its sweet-salty combo.

We also shared among us, desserts from the a la carte menu - a Chocolate Hazelnut Gateau (S$12 per slice), a Lemon Cake (S$12 per slice) and a Warm Strawberry Shortcake (S$9.50). But I found myself more enamoured with the asian-inspired desserts, like the Pandan Jelly Sponge (S$6) and the Mint Passionfruit Kachang (S$10):

Mint Passionfruit Kachang (S$10).
(Above) When served, (Below) After our merciless "cross examination".
A very clever re-make of our local Ice Kachang – passionfruit curd, ginger oat crumb and coconut sago, with coconut foam and mint granite toppings. We were quite intrigued with the coconut foam! This was, hands down, my favourite dessert of the day.

The Verdict - "I Want The Truth!"

Truffle Fries (S$9).
Of the many items we sampled, this was undoubtedly the scene stealer, for me at least. What, fries?! Absolutely. Laced with truffle oil, it was hard to ignore their heady, intoxicating, smoky aroma as they were placed on our table. And boy, were they utterly addictive! In fact, I called them our "palate cleansers" because we would snag a fry in between bites of everything we ate. So there you have it - the humble spud stole the show. And that's the honest truth.

"You can't handle the truth!"

8D Dempsey Rd
Tel: 6475-7787

Opening details:
Monday – Friday: 12pm – 10.30pm
Sat: 11am – 10.30pm
Sunday: 9am – 10.30pm

Website here.

Many thanks to our effervescent hostess, Janet Lim of Spa Esprit Group, for the invitation and warm hospitality; and my fellow bloggers Aromacookery, Camemberu, Ladyironchef and The Hungry Cow for your great company!


  1. A beautiful and relaxing place to enjoy the afternoon with friends and family. I wonder which one you picked first to start the afternoon I definitely would have a problem to decide what to many gorgeous little snacks, sweets and desserts..

  2. I love DEMPSEY! I hang out there almost everyday that I am back... int he afternoon... lazing with my friends

  3. Dempsey Rd...made me think of my late aunt. She used to do tombola every week somewhere over there.

  4. Aw, friends with good foods....what else is better than this?

  5. That spread looks heavenly!!! Soy will be in Singapore next week- I'll be sure to ask her to try it out. Unfortunately for me, I'll only be back after 1st October :(

  6. What a spread! I know what you mean about Fries with Truffle oil. I made fries from scratch last Christmas and seasoned with Truffle salt - you should try it! Barracks at night is really beautiful - I love their Tiffin set cocktail :)

  7. How nice, love all the spread especially the sweet.

  8. I found your blog via Foodgawker. I'm falling instantly in love with it because of great food posts and recipes to try. I also like the simple but delicious approach towards cooking. Congrats! Will definitely link to mine and make it my daily read!!!

  9. And the truffle fries is the dessert (final course), and not the Mint Passionfruit Kachang? ;p

  10. Wow. Your photos are just amazing! I'm so jealous of them and the fact that you went to such a great event! The food looks fantastic.

  11. Un luogo incantevole, e quante cose golose...
    Un abbraccio Daniela.

  12. Wah so fast ah u. Haha. Thanks for the company! It was all fun with a spot of tea. :)

  13. These are amazing pictures. you make me want to go there!

  14. So fast post already! :D Mine is in a long queue!

    Gorgeous photos! Yes, the truffle fries were the best - I could not stop munching them!

  15. Thanks everyone!

    The Hungry Cow: :) Looking forward to seeing you again soon, Roy!

    Camemberu: Cath, thanks. I know you loved the fries. You were sitting next to me ... I noticed. LOL. Well, we ALL loved the fries! :D

  16. when are we going for out tai-tai date? :D

  17. wow, this place looks like playground for tea lovers (me included). Everything looks delicious.

    I would love to try the red espresso tea set.

  18. ohhh you have me drooling over that mint and passion fruit kachang! sounds like my idea of heaven!
    (although the truffle fries are bound to send em frolicking, too!)
    definitely visiting soon! thanks for the recommendation.