Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Singha Beer, Saint Pierre and Stroobant

Private room at Saint Pierre.

Two weeks ago, I had lunch at Saint Pierre. It was one meal I really looked forward to. Hosted by Singha Beer, in collaboration with Saint Pierre, it promised to be an afternoon of culinary pleasures, specially created by celebrity chef-owner, Emmanuel Stroo-hoo-hoo-hoo-bant (that's me hyperventilating as I type).

This is him - the Chef in Black. Photo borrowed from here.

Da Chef In Da Flesh! (I did the silent squeal when he walked in).

Chef Emmanuel came to say hello to all the guests - mainstream media and bloggers - before the meal was served. He explained how and why he came up with the dishes he prepared. Obviously, nothing registered in my head because I was too distracted ... by his charming European accent, of course.

As it was a sit-down luncheon, we didn't get to mingle with everyone. But seated with me were fellow food bloggers, Aromacookery, Camemberu, Ladyironchef and Hungry Cow. Needless to say, I was in good company.

Here's what we had:

Beer and fine dining may seem like strange bedfellows, but Chef Emmanuel proved them otherwise.

Freshly baked rolls for starters, with salted butter that was to-die-for. Singha Beer, was of course, the drink du jour ... and we gamely chugged straight from the bottle.

North sea grey shrimp salad with thousand island ice-cream, momotaro tomato and organic avocado mousse.
Egad! Thousand island ice-cream?! So incredibly simple but utterly brilliant. All salads should be served with Thousand island ice-cream.

Saffron infused mussel consommé with low temperature braised patte jaune chicken and spring vegetable julienne.
Pure and unadulterated, the way a consommé should be. Consommés are expensive, difficult and time-consuming to make, so each drop is literally liquid gold. If Brand's were to come up with a seafood version of their Chicken Essence, they wouldn't have to look any further. The broth had such a powerful, intense briny taste, I couldn't help but wonder how many pounds of mussels went into filling this shallow soup plate?

Singha jelly with lemongrass infused scallop mousse and wild herb salad.
Ah, the pièce de résistance - the Singha Signature Dish. My compliments to the Chef for his originality. It is easy to cook, but not so easy to create. How many people can think of infusing beer with jelly and then wrap it around smooth-as-silk scallop mousse? Accompanying the mousse were the freshest scallops and the mealiest potatoes. That's award-winning cuisine for you.

Cheese platter (from left to right ): Brie, Comte, Munster and Goat's Cheese.
While everyone had four cheeses each, Ladyironchef and I had an extra cheese between us, literally. Camemberu, of course! She was sitting in the middle, you see. :) I liked the Munster best, followed by the Comte, Goat Cheese and Brie, in that order.

Caramelized banana crusted flourless Belgian chocolate cake and coconut sorbet.
Grandma Stroobant would be proud! The cake was decadent and rich, without being overtly sweet. Belgian chocolate ... need I say more? I wished there were more pieces of caramelised bananas. They were tiny nuggets of heaven.

(From left to right): Petit fours, fancy sugar lumps, caffè latte.

As we were leaving, the pungent smell of cheeses arrested us in our tracks. Surveying all the different varieties, we managed to locate the Munster, our group favourite.

For anyone keen to try out the Singha Signature Dish, it is now available at Saint Pierre upon request with prior reservation. Beer and fine dining? Yes, we can!

Saint Pierre
1 Magazine Road
#01-01 Central Mall
Singapore 059567
Tel: 6438-0887

Many thanks to Singha Beer and Saint Pierre for hosting us, and the kind people at The Right Spin for the invitation.


  1. wow The Chef in Black looks sooooooooooooooooooooooo ....well, you know what I meant. (My husband reading behind me, so I leave the rest out)
    mmm....goat cheese, scallops...I love them. Now I need something to drink with.

  2. Goodness you get to see a lot of the world..:) I can imagine the ideas it must give you..It's cultivating even more of your already artistic eye..
    I am happy for you..
    It suits you well~

    The Ju Chronicles~♥

  3. That stick of chocolate cake looks to DIE for. Also, I drink Singha beer so much, I'm contemplating giving myself a new middle 'Singha beer' inspired name. Not in an alcoholic way, no of course not! Thanks for taking us along to your dinner :)

  4. Ju, I sooo enjoy your foodie trips and I swooned too at the chef pic...OMG...can I be you for a few days? You have the most wonderful meals!


  5. Girlfriend...you are one lucky girl!
    Beautiful post and what a handsome chef!

  6. Oh my goodness Ju,
    This is gorgeous. I will have a double scoop of Thousand Island ice cream please (with everything). I will have St. Pierre on my mind all day, thank you for sharing!

  7. I'm just green with envy! It's so lovely to get together with a group of foodbloggers and have one of Singapore's best chefs cook for you! I think I remember this one, he was in a very popular show here called masterchef.

  8. Oh My... Love these slice of life posts... What a wonderful opportunity for you.

    And you did your hosts proud with this series of mouth watering photographs

    excellent job

  9. One more thing I need to ask my brother about; he used to never miss good restaurants (when he was single)
    This chef looks scandinavian to me? is he?

  10. EVerything looks soooooo GOOD! OMG... what do I do when I return?

  11. The food looks great and I can't get my eyes off the flourless Belgian chocolate cake!

  12. Oh what fun you had! I haven't heard of him before but he sounds fantastic!

  13. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself!! It looks like you all had plenty of fine food to eat.

  14. I've always wanted to try St Pierre and I think Emmanuel is cute! Looks like he lost some weight though. The menu looks so delicious ... I'm drooling at the pics right now.

  15. Wah, now I know you are a drinker, beer during lunch !!??

  16. Food looks beautiful...gorgeous staging and styling..but jia bei bah (serving quite small)...

  17. Man..I wish I get free food like you all the time Ju!!!! You are famous now!!!

  18. Another good lunch with great company! And the chef .....lol

  19. How I wish I was there! The food is gorgeous! What some more with a handsome Chef! :D

  20. Oh such gorgeous photos! My favorite is the glazed banana!

  21. Oh you are one lucky girl! :)

  22. Not fair. Nobody squeal at me! :)

    Looks like a very interesting meal! I may give it a try next time i visit Singapore.