Sunday, April 4, 2010

Doughnut Pops

My friend, K, is making a huge mistake lending me his DSLR and all his fancy schmancy lenses. I say "mistake" because he's never going to get them back! Muahahahaha!

Oh relax, I'm just kidding, of course. :) I'll return them as promised, albeit reluctantly. That camera bag and its contents are worth a small fortune, and as long as they are in my home, rest assured I will be treating them with more TLC than with my own children.

Look at these photos and tell me, how on earth am I ever going back to my little Panasonic? DSLRs are awesome. DSLRs make my food look good. They make me feel like an A-list food blogger. They make me happy. My birthday is just around the corner. Am I making any sense, dear husband? Oh, save it. He doesn't read my blog.

Before I turn this post into a monologue on DSLRs, let's go back to the topic of food. Doughnuts, to be specific. As you may know, Zurin is currently taking a break from blogging, and I wanted to send some love and hits her way.

Besides, when I saw those fat and fabulous ring doughnuts she made recently, I promised myself I would make some too. I love our local doughnuts ... of the spongy, bread-like variety. When I went to KL last December, I ate my first Krispy Kreme and almost died ... and not in a good way. It was not only sickeningly sweet but also dense and cakey.


If I wanted cakey, I'd eat a cake, thank you very much. No, no, no. Give me my regular 2-for-$1 doughnuts from my humble neighbourhood confectionery. Kam siah.

I knew I'd never be able to replicate Zurin's beautiful ring doughnuts, so why even try? OK, I lied. I tried and they were the sorriest looking doughnuts ever. That was when I had to think of Plan B. Fast. When I saw the packet of lollipop sticks lying on my kitchen table, I immediately knew what to do. Make Doughnut Pops! Those lolly sticks were leftover from my failed Cake Pops project (yeah, the ones made famous by Bakerella). I was supposed to have made them for my daughter's birthday but the trial run ended up so tragic I had to turn to frosted cupcakes instead. Ah well ...

Anyhow, Doughnut Pops are nothing new. In fact, they are very much like the doughnut balls we - children of the 70s - grew up eating. Four balls skewered on a satay stick and generously coated in sugar. Bliss.

I have seen this bowl-in-hands type photo in so many blogs, I gotta have one on mine too, dammit!

(largely adapted from Cherry on a Cake)

- 8oz plain flour
- 1 1/2oz castor sugar
- 2 tsp dried yeast (I used the same amount of instant yeast)
- 1 egg, beaten
- 1oz butter
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 3 tbsps milk
- 3 tbsps boiling water
- Oil for frying

1. Measure the milk into a measuring jug and then add the boiling water, a teaspoon of the sugar and the yeast. Stir it and leave the jug in a warm place for about 10 minutes till the yeast mixture froths. Put the rest of the sugar, the salt and the flour into a bowl and rub in the butter. Then pour in the beaten egg and frothy yeast mixture and stir and mix to a smooth dough. If it seems a little dry add a teaspoon or so of warm water.

2. Turn the dough out onto a board and knead for about 10 minutes by which time it should feel springy and show slight blisters just under the surface. Return it to the bowl, cover with a damp cloth and leave in a warm place to rise until double in size, about 45 minutes to an hour.

3. When it has risen tip it out onto a board and punch it down to disperse large air bubbles. Divide the dough into 24 equal parts and shape into balls.

4. Once shaped, deep fry in oil until they turn golden brown (about 2 minutes). Do no overcrowd the wok.

5. Drain on kitchen paper before tossing them in a bowl of castor sugar. Or you could use cinnamon or vanilla sugar too. Poke a lolly stick into each ball and out come your Doughnut Pops!

I am submitting this post to yeastspotting. :)

You gotta admit, whether or not you like doughnuts, these are adorable.


  1. Hey Ju,
    The doughnut pops looks really cute! I like doughnuts, but I've been shunned away at the idea of frying them! Can dip half the ball in melted chocolate and they'll be more satisfying! Heehee...Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ju, these look wonderful. The photos are very good. I wish I had a DSLR too. Oh well, one day.

  3. That is adorable and I know what you mean about the DSLR. I use my partners at home and now I am using more and more that I am taking over it.... ha!

  4. Oh I have to comment!!!!!! U are an A-List blogger...I officiate it!!! Gorgeous fotos!!!!! Oh I must get myself one of those hand shots too!! LOLOLOL NOW..lemme think... whose hands?

    OHHHH tq JU you are so precious!! HUGSSSS


  5. Such excellent photoes, you DESERVE that camera! I hope you can buy yourself a birthday present if no one buys it for you!
    I agree with you, I don't want my doughnuts to taste like cake!

  6. I just love reading your posts and looking at your pictures! Such a pleasure... :)

  7. I love yeast doughnuts (donat in Indonesian). They're the best. Have you heard JCo's doughnuts from Jakarta?

    Love the photos with DSLR.

  8. Great pictures indeed!
    Love these mini doughnut balls!
    Happy Easter.

  9. Ju, the dougnut pops are cute. I dislike cakey dougnuts too. Theya re only best when deepfried and coated with cinnamon sugar. Yummy!!! Zu is so lucky to have a dear friend like you!

  10. Those are so cute. And tasty I'm sure!

  11. Oooooo, your photos DO look amazing. I think you should totally keep his camera LOL!! Tell him that you lost it and will pay him back in increments hahaha.

    The doughnut pops look yummy! What a great idea! Good job on the bowl-in-hand photo, too!! I need to get one of those on my blog. Whom can I recruit for that position, though? haha

  12. Children of the 70s eh? That makes you ... Lol!

    You should have tried one of those floating donut shot like in ieatishootipost.

  13. I agree with you, I love the regular sugar doughnuts from the local neighbourhood stores! KKs don't feel substantial enough, making me want to eat, eat and just eat my weight in them, without feel the same gratification I get from the crunchy sugar topped doughnuts.

    And you ARE an awesome blogger! :) Don't need no DSLR to tell you that!

  14. I was mesmerized by both the stunning pictures and the doughnut pops! What a clever idea and you are unstoppable with a DSLR!

  15. Ouhhh Ju, I can't believe you just made doughnut pops. A line has been crosses. A waistline. But I like it. Lol! I admit, I also dream of owning a DSLR someday but you know what, blogging is not just about the pictures. It's also about the read and the personal relationship with the reader and writer. I never miss any of your posts because I love to read your writing and your stories! Anyway, you take gorgeous pictures as it is! :D Now... back to dreaming about doughnut pops... Nom.

  16. I have always LOVED those hands/food shots..Offerings:)

    Plse give me your husband's email address I will send him your blog..Your photos are always nice always more than nice.but this is more fun for you..You can experiment.
    I hope you receive one..
    Look much you do for everyone:) That's my reasoning..Plus you enjoy this!!

    And you're great at it..
    Shall I continue?:)

    Hello Zurin..Happy Easter to you all..and the pops are too cute too..

  17. Ha now you are also getting a taste of the DSLR :). I still have my friend's camera with me but am still getting inconsistent results. Catching light, I feel is more tricky. Have fun playing with it, it is always good that you get to play with it first before deciding. Oh, I think it is sweet of you to send some traffic to Zurin's blog. Maybe I should try to do that too...:)

  18. Awesome shots with DSLR !! and donut pops definitely well received by kids..and even adult..

  19. your first time using DSLR? the photos are so good, I think you're really talented! faster go buy one ;)

    these doughnuts pops look dainty and delectable, I will love them more than krispy kreme too :p

  20. Ha! No wonder I asked this when the first pic popped up before me, "Ju has an overhaul in her photography style!" You used an SLR!! *LOL* Yup, I can foresee you to become an A-list food blogger, especially in our region. Ain't bad, eh?

    I prefer yeast-leavened donuts to cakey ones though I won't mind having both in my hands! Ha! So greedy! Your donut pops look scrumptious!! Mmm ...!

  21. Oooh these are definitely a must for me. Love donuts and love them more if they are "pop in the mouth" type. Great shots. Have been wanted to do a hand-shot myself .. hmmm wait until I get a manicure. LOL!

  22. Love the photos! I totally understand the DSLR effect. I got mine for my birthday two years ago (from the mister, so you can get one from your hubby too!), and I could never turn back to my point-and-shoot ever since!

    These doughnut pops look and sound amazing. I bet they were addictive too :P

  23. Wow, these photos really are off the hook. These little doughnuts are adorable! I agree, Krispy Kreme is sickening, I can't stand the stuff.

  24. So cute! It's so funny you thought Krispy Creme were cakey. Those doughnuts are considered really light here, compared to Dunkin Donuts, which is big where I live. Krispy Creme is a Southern thing. I agree ... too much sugar!

  25. Ju, believe it or not, I am at my stopover in Singapore - rushing to catch my flight but I just had to say I LOVE THE PICTURES! Send me your hubby's email and I will convince him to get you your own camera for your bday! HAHA! Lovely recipe too! But guess what, you already ARE A LIST in my book!

  26. Goodness Ju> those photos are breathtaking (but yours are always wonderful). Is it a lot of fun playing with new photo toys? Those closeups are especially perfect... do you want us to nudge hubby about a present???

  27. yes but now we just look at the picutre and no more the recipe !! any ways the photos are really great ! Pierre de Paris

  28. I used to eat these little donuts when I was growing up in Korea. Lovely!

  29. I'm surprised - are these the first photos you've taken with a DSLR? They're awesome! It appears as if you've got a great understanding of them!

    The doughnuts sound yummy :D

  30. So cute! Definitely a treat everyone likes!

  31. And here I was impressed with your photos from your "cheapie"... It's the artist, not the camera (But I have camera lust as well).

    and the doughnuts are wonderful!

  32. love, love, love the photos!! those doughnut pops look delicious. btw, you were already an a-list blogger in my book :)

  33. They do look amazing Ju! Great photos and styling!

  34. I don't like donuts but I like those! there is hardly any sugar in them!
    I went once to krispi creme with my kids and they died laughing seeing me grimace wildly (with extra contortions) trying to down that donut. Gross, way too sweet for my taste.

  35. So good! I never tried taking any pictures with DSLR before and I know it is high time I should! Still depending on dummy point-and-shoot cam! LOL!

    The "dolli-pops" so cute! I like it! *pop!, one gone!* *pop!, another gone!* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop*...sorry for being rude. They are too irresistible!

  36. Wow...all these photos and doughnut look Gorgeous!!!! My little one is standing beside me... giving me that look *grinz..... oh no...he is hinting me to do some doughnut for him too..... *faint

  37. Awesome photos! I must say these doughnuts lollipops look irresistibly good. Now I think I like with only one doughnut on a stick rather than 4 on and easy to eat :D

  38. Ju! What beautiful pictures. And the doughnuts look wonderful. And of course, the bowl-in-hands picture... sigh.. *wistful*

    I think we need to start a petition to send to your hubby =) Want me to set up a page on my blog? Haha...

  39. Nice, looks like lollypops. I am sure my kids would love this! LOL!

    Added your link to my blogroll. Cheers!

  40. absolutely gorgeous! a good dslr in the nontalanted hands is still not much better then a point and shoot. hope your bday wishes come true!

  41. there are a couple of really cute photos -- looks like you're having fun with the camera

  42. Ciao Ju buona Pasqua anche a te e a tutta la tua famiglia, anche se in ritardo, scusami.
    Favolosi questi dolcetti sono simili nel look alle nostre nostre castagnole di carnevale, ma l'impasto è diverso, grazie per la ricetta. Un abbraccio Daniela.

  43. HiHi,
    I know what you mean by cakey heavy donuts...I hate those too! But I have tell you the original Krispy Kreme from US taste great and it is very much like the ones from HDB bakery and if you get the hot ones, the glaze is crispy too hence the Krispy!!!!

    But only the original ones are light and soft, some of the heavy ones are called donut cake in US which I don't think any of the franchise outside US label it as that...

    Those franchise ones from Malaysia and Melbourne are not doing justice to the brand ; (

    Well just FYI ; )) coz I lurve luurve the original glaze is the closest HDB type I can get. But now I am going to try this recipe!

  44. I am speechless...they are gorgeous...the pics are have a wonderful talent...

    PS...Hi Zurin!xo

  45. Those looked great! I think I could a dozen or more!

  46. oooooo donut pops!
    omg we can 'pop' so many things!
    cake pops. macaron pops. donut pops.
    told you the other time about my cake pops and the candy melts right :(
    fail! haha.
    we should try tgt one day!
    one day....... when somehow you have time :P

  47. So strange my comment disappeared off your blog... anyways not that I had anything very new to say =) Gorgeous doughnuts, gorgeous pictures, and I think we shld petition your hubby to get you a dslr! =)

  48. Gorgeous pictures....without DSLR...your shots are already very well taken...DSLR will take you to almost perfect shots with little practice.

    Nikon or Canon? Take ur pick...

    : )

  49. If my son ever saw these, I'd be in big trouble!

    I could tell right away you were using a different camera :-) You are one talented gal and worth every penny of the price of a DSLR (are you listening hubby???)

    I've been thinking of Zurin, too and hoping she is having a good break. Her inspiration lives!

    Happy B-Day!!!


  50. Oh my god so cute. My niece must love it. Thank you for sharing I definitely wanna try it.

  51. Can't believe my eyes that it's your first time using DSLR? Wow, you're really talented!!! Your stunning shots make my eyes pop pop pop! Must forward this particular post to your hubby. It's really a good investment for him. Not only for your food but also to capture those memorable shots of your kids. That's how I "convinced" my hubby to get me one. LOL!

  52. Gorgeous photos, and I suddenly have the urge to deep fry something. Thanks for sending these to YeastSpotting!

  53. Great idea. Since the doughnut holes are on a stick, I won't get castor sugar all over my dirty little hands as I demolish the entire recipe! Genius!!

    Maybe if you hide the camera, your friend will forget. Great pictures!

  54. Maybe we should get my parents and your husband in a room and convince them that DSLRs are necessary. These look amazing!

  55. These are so cute! I've always wanted to make donuts, but I've been so scared of the frying part......I've never fried anything by myself =] These look delicious though!

    I love Krispy Kreme! I get why you wouldn't like them compared to other ones- especially hot, freshly fried donuts!

  56. may i check if it's 3T milk powder or 3T fresh-milk (liquid form) used?

  57. mommy of 3: It's 3T liquid milk. You can use skimmed or evaporated too. If it was meant to be powdered form, it would have been clearly stated. HTH.

  58. Hi Ju, do you think it is possible to bake these donuts instead of frying? At what temperature and for how long would you recommend? Thanks much!!

    1. sue: I am sure they can be baked, but the thing is I can't advise you as I have never done it before.

  59. These doughnuts look like they're a "must try!" Thanks for sharing. :)