Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes

This is a continuation from my previous post.

My daughter celebrated her birthday with her friends one day early. I bundled all five of them into the car after school and understandably attracted a lot of attention, given how boisterous they were. I dread to think what it would be like ferrying five boys, when it comes to my sons' turns!

I brought them out for lunch. Here we are waiting for our food.

On a side note, can I say how much I abhor these gadgets? They encourage anti-social behaviour. Here are five friends sitting together, but not really being together ... because each is wrapped in her own world playing whatever game. I made them put away everything after these photos!

I just realised, apart from one girl who ordered pasta, the rest of us all ordered fish. And boy, these girls can eat!

And drink!

No dessert because there were plenty of cupcakes waiting for us at home. Instead we went to the bowling alley to work off some of that lunch.

There were shrieks and hi-fives each time someone scored a strike. And believe me, there were quite a number of strikes that day!

After bowling, I just followed them around the club, like a little lamb.

Then it was back home for cake. I baked them a day earlier, but did the frosting that very morning. I only had ONE miserable hour to get all these done because of my back-to-back errands, so you can imagine how frantic I was. The kitchen looked like a war zone.

Eventually, after making a few complicated swirly ones, I gave up and went for the messy look. Haha! Just spread the frosting and sprinkle. Done!

And honestly, it didn't matter if they were perfect or messy. The girls loved them! They squealed and jumped up and down when I brought them out.

Here are the nicer looking ones. I only made two colours for the buttercream - pink (for the butter cupcakes) and yellow (for the chocolate cupcakes).

Number 1. The girls seemed to like this the best.

Number 2.

Number 3.

Number 4.

Number 5.

Number 6.

I reserved some plain cupcakes and buttercream for the girls too! They had a lot of fun frosting and decorating their own cupcakes.

I have to give the girls full marks for their efforts. Look how well frosted the cupcakes are.

Can you imagine they posed for this photo and told me to snap a shot? :)

I can't begin to tell you how knackered I was at this point. It was almost 6pm by the time I dropped the last girl back at her home. Thank goodness birthdays are once a year. But you know what? I have FOUR more birthdays to celebrate in April! :)

To get the recipes for these cupcakes, visit these sites. Have fun decorating them!
~ Vanilla Brown Butter Cupcakes recipe from Baking Bites.

~ One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes recipe from Martha Stewart.

~ Basic Buttercream recipe from Martha Stewart.
* To be honest, I don't like the consistency. A bit too soft.

~ I bought all my sprinkles/decorations from
Ailin Bakery (a baking supplies store)
845 Geylang Road
#01-48 Tanjong Katong Complex
Singapore 400845
Tel: 6743-2693


  1. u're a super duper awesome mummy :D the birthday cupcakes are sooooo pretty and cute. you got the pink lacy plate from daiso? I recognised it coz I just bought it last week lol

  2. I love these cupcakes! How adorable of you to make different designs for these little ladies! I was surprised to hear most ordered fish! in the US most kids would have ordered: macaroni and cheese or pizza!

  3. What great looking food for a childs party. We always had McCain frozen pizza, cocktail frankfurts and fairy break. Modern children have all the luck.

    Great work on the cake decorating, mine never look that good.

  4. Any left for me? The chocolate cupcake, please?

    Yes. Blame it on technology (social media included). Technology is there to make people's life better (e.g help the handicapped, for the poor who could not afford to go to school etc etc), not to make them isolated. Sad....

    When I was their age, I did not have any gadget or toy. Only few cents to call from the public telephone ...

    Gosh...I am so old, seeing all these kids. Lucky generation this is.


  5. What a wonderful birthday you planned for your daughter ! And those cupcakes ...They're just beautiful ! The girls must have been absolutey delighted to frost some of them and they did an excellent work !
    You're the best ! :o)
    Have a very nice day


  6. your story. But it was such fun for the girls. You are an amazing mom, Ju! I love all the cupcakes but I love the first one best too :D

  7. Pretty and sweet....oh...would love to have one cupcake from you....

    The buttercream looks rich...I love that too.
    Yummy....looking forward to more bday posts from you.

    : )

  8. Your cupcakes are too pretty to eat! This may sound like a stupid question but just to make sure. Did you get your white cupcake cups from Ailin too? I have problems finding white cups in Singapore...

  9. The cakes look amazing Ju!
    I would need a gadget myself (ipod) if I were to spend more than 5 minutes with girls that age lol Good on you for banning their gadgets after the photo shoot :)

  10. How much fun is it for us to be almost there?:) The girls and the cupcakes are adorable..They have quite refined tastes in food:)

    And they are very artistic.. I smiled when you said they told you to snap away:)

    I think our cameras are extensions of our arm:)(s)..

    At least they will have memories..and never even forget a cupcake..or a special love...a mom's love♥

  11. PS..I think it is safe toe say the girls like pink:)

  12. Such lovely sweet cupcakes. Even an overaged girl like me find them beautiful. You're a cool & swell mum! Bravo! ^^

  13. you use ONE hour to do all the cupcakes? or did i read wrongly? lol!

  14. Hi Ju,
    I wished I can be a mother like you. It's so nice to have a parent who can be a confidante. I'm those typical mother. It's just not easy to be a parent. It's so good to see all those little things that you have done for your family, in this case, your daughter. I'm sure as she grows, she'll realised that you're a very special mother. ;) Lucky daughter you have!

  15. I notice all the young people now are so into the gadgets and their cellphone. My nephews and nieces are the same. No personal interaction at all. Till now I still having problem figuring out my cellphone ha ha... Look like your girls had a lot of fun. Beautiful cupcakes!!

  16. Lovely cupcakes! And you are such a FUN and considerate mother!
    Happy Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  17. Great pics and what a fun day! Love those cupcakes!

  18. Une variété de cupcakes plus beaux les uns que les autres.
    Bon anniversaire à ta fille.

  19. Ju, looks like your girl and her friends have a ball of a time. And heh, very soon you won't need to follow like a lamb. She'll probably say "no need mum" (actual meaning "don't be a lamp post")! The cupcakes look gorgeous.

  20. Wow, you made a lot of cupcakes!! Woah. They all look beautiful. I'm so glad they had so much fun. What a lucky daughter she is :). You are such a sweet mother.

  21. The cup cakes looks so adorable,...btw are you the one without glasses, dress in pink colour ??!!!

  22. E' sempre molto piacevole leggere i tuoi racconti, leggerti è un po' come partecipare. I tuoi cup cakes sono bellissimi, complimenti.
    Un abbraccio Daniela.

  23. Looks like everyone had a great afternoon! The cupcakes are adorable and I like it that you decorated each one differently!

  24. Hi Ju! Your daughter is so lucky to have you as a wonderful Mom taking her friends around and having such a memorable birthday! I know what you mean about those little games, are they called DS? My nephew has one - he hardly talks to us when he is playing... it's good you got them to stop! heeheee...

  25. Everything about this post and the last is just so so sweet! (pun sort of intended!) You really are a great mom! And the cupcakes look fabulous. I like #4 best =)

    (Oh and that bit about the little lamb... hahaha... I almost LOL'ed)

  26. How beautiful little girls are at that age.. don't you wish you could just freeze her this way for a little while longer ? :)
    Everything was so pretty, the lunch looked wonderful, the fun of bowling, and those cupcakes! Hmmm, my mom baked cakes for me, they were never even close to this pretty ..
    This just gave me such a big smile.... and a taste for a pretty cupcake !

  27. a supermummy you are!
    my birthday's on the 11th of october.
    wont you bring me to the club for lunch.. some bowling and bake me something? LOL.
    the kids must've enjoyed themselves so much.
    i vote for cupcake #4!

  28. Gadgets are bad! throw them away!

    nice to see some lifestyle topics in this blog though :)

    Happy birthday to your little girl. 11 yo! ooo, touchy touchy.. when my sis was 11 she drove me nuts

  29. Is that the swimming pool at Kent Ridge Gill House? I left Singapore 20 years ago, so I do not recognize the residential highrises in the background.

  30. I really enjoyed seeing your photos! What a great day and a great mom you are. Those cupcakes are amazing! Beautiful, and more special than anything you could buy at a store!

  31. Pretty cupcakes. Happy birthday! Aren't u just the best mama? and a yummy mama i'm sure :D x

  32. Wow what a great mum making all of those cupcakes Ju! I have to admit I don't like those gadgets at all too for the same reason! I don't go out to dinner with people so that they can stare at their phone! :P

  33. All lovely cupcakes and it is a really sweet way to have your daughter's birthday.

  34. That looks like the best birthday party ever! I want to go and I'm 30 years old! Those cupcakes are gorgeous and that was a wonderful idea getting the girls make some of their own. Your daughter is lucky to have a mummy like you!

  35. Awww! Everything looks so cute and looks like everyone had a great time!

  36. It looks like they had lots of fun! Your cupcakes are so cute! They turned out perfect.

  37. Ju, you are definitely a cool mum! I wouldn't be suprised if you are the favourite 'aunty' among your girl's friends...! :)

  38. Oh, my! The outing sure looks fun! You're such a cool mom! Hahaha ...! My mom is a typical Chinese. So, I've never expected something "untraditional" from her!

    The cupcakes are too pretty to eat! I think you did a great job! =)

  39. Perfect girlie girl cupcakes for a beautiful little girl and her friends....
    They will always remember the day...and the cupcakes...
    You are such a wonderful Mommy Ju....

  40. Well, if these are what you call messy cupcakes I can't imagine how perfect your non-messy ones are! My goodness, girls are exhausting aren't they? But also hilarious. Happy birthday to your awesome daughter!!!

  41. Lovely, lovely cupcakes! How I wish I could do the same.


  42. Do I just add red Colouring to make it pink? If so how much should I add?

    1. Thank you! How long can the frosting be kept if not eaten immediately?

    2. If you refrigerate it in a piping bag, it should keep quite well for a few days. After all, it's just butter + sugar + vanilla extract. You need to thaw it before piping (and I hate this), because it will be hard. Some parts might be lumpy. That's why I prefer to pipe the moment I make the buttercream, and then refrigerate the iced cupcakes.

    3. Thanks for the advise! It's gonna be my first attempt to make frosting, hope it turns out well!