Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Two weeks ago, I managed to steal some time to lunch with Brad and Marina. It was a treat to chill over an unharried meal in the middle of a crazy week.

I'm not particularly fond of crowded places, which explains why I am very much a homebody. Singapore is becoming ridiculously congested, so when I arrived at Boomarang, I was thrilled to see this spacious, sprawling eatery.

Being Aussie-owned and managed, it had a welcoming, laid-back vibe that is quintessentially Australian. I swear I could hear Waltzing Matilda while I waited for my food.

With the lunch crowd already thinned out (it was 1.30pm when we met up), the place was literally ours, apart from the few tables of tai-tais and expatriate families ... which was nice. I hate dining cheek by jowl and having to tune in to other people's secrets.

Take note though, if you are claustrophobic like me, it's packed here on weekends. My friend came recently on a Sunday, and she found the place teeming with the brekkie/brunch crowd.

As this was a food tasting session, the portions you see were deliberately kept small upon our request. Foodwise, I'd say more hits than misses. Here's what we sampled:

Appetisers: Scallop & Wanton.
A strange combination, I thought, but the scallop was fresh, so I had no complaints.

Smoked Salmon With Toasted Brioche & Horseradish Sour Cream.
This was really nice. The salmon had none of that salty, fishy taste, while the brioche was buttery and soft. I would love this for brekkie, actually!

Pepper & Lime Calamari.
Oh dear, the batter was disappointingly soft and soggy. And the calamari tasted flat. The grilled peppers which were buried under that bed of veggies, however, were a different story. They were so sweet and tender, and literally stole the show from the calamari.

Chicken Parmigiano with Napolitana Sauce, Shaved Leg Ham, Tasty Cheese and Salad.
Excellent! The breast meat was moist and tender, while the cheese remained light and gooey. Don't you just hate it when some places overdo the cheese to a leathery texture?

Peppered Kangaroo Loin with Sweet Potato Mash, Rocket, Beet Relish and Garlic Aioli.
Brad and Marina had this. I sat out. OK, I did try one teeeeny, weeeeny bite upon everyone's cajoling, but that was it. No thank you.

Panfried Salmon Fillet with Saffron Baby Potatoes, Asian Greens and Olive, Tomato & Basil Salsa.
The fish was supremely fresh and perfectly seared, but it would have been a forgettable salmon dish if not for the salsa. The salsa single-handedly delivered the punch.

Sticky Date Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream and Butterscotch Sauce.
A pudding so moist and spongy, it was a delight to eat. With that decadently rich vanilla bean ice-cream? Heaven! Apparently, the pudding is made from a recipe passed down from the chef's grandmother. And nope, he didn't divulge any further details, unfortunately.

Pavlova with a Trio of Berries and Double Cream.
The double cream didn't do a thing for me. I would have personally preferred freshly whipped cream, or more of that yummy vanilla bean ice-cream! Still, the pavlova was competently done.

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Quintro Poached Strawberries and Double Cream.
Gasp, more double cream?! Also, I wished they hadn't smothered the poor cake with sauce. Let the onus lie on the diner to decide how much, I say. It was a pity because the cake had a nicely dense and moist texture on its own.

Caffe Latte.
Coffee which was velvety smooth. Loved it!

For more information on Boomarang, visit their website here.

60 Robertson Quay
#01-15 The Quayside
Singapore 238252
Tel: +65 6738 1077

Many thanks to Boomerang for hosting us, and Ms Marina Mathews of Crocmedia, for arranging this lunch.


  1. I certainly can feel the Aussie vibe! ;) Great food and I am glad you had some good quality time.

  2. I felt hungry after looking at ur vivid pictures. LOL

  3. As usual, really nice shots and awesome foods.

  4. Everything is so fresh and beautiful. And the coffee looks so lovely. What a treat!

  5. I love quiet places to dine at... peace! the food looks yummy =)

  6. Great food with great pictures :D

  7. Your photos are so lovely and clear. The food looks amazing! I wouldn't have tried the kangaroo either.

  8. it's really good coffee. the beans are from toby's estate in sydney, AU. they are considered as one of the top coffee brewers in NSW. =)

  9. beautiful food Ju and crystal clear shots! another sampling of food at a restaurant? u lucky girl ^^

  10. My goodness, your photos! The chocolate cake looks *alive*!

  11. I want to see more of Singapore through your eyes! I'm intrigued! This a spectacular review of this restaurant and food. Great job!

  12. OMG! I could hardly find good coffee when I last went back. It seems this is the place to go then.

  13. I'm surprised there are still places in Singapore which are not congested...

  14. Oh wow, I'm glad that you enjoyed this spacious and beautiful restaurant. The food looks so great, too!

  15. i like the idea of using both lime and lemon for the calamari. we had so much food that i was so full after the meal that i felt sick, but yeah it was worth getting sick over all those food :p

  16. The place looks beautiful and the food there look even better!

  17. ironically, I never see any of these in aussie!

    lol, now thanks to your post its going to be sprawling with people soon enough

  18. Sounds like a nice day out with your friends ) The food do look very Aussie haha, its a shame some of them didn't pass the taste test!

  19. That's such a lovely relaxing eating place. I love it. I always tell my girls that one day when they fly the nest, I will frequent a lot of these nice, relaxing eating place with my laptop or books and enjoy myself there :P Thank goodness my husband likes it too ... haha Love all the food beautiful presentation and looks really delicious.

  20. I love these slice of life posts...

    And that photo of the coffee is incredible... How do they do that???

  21. Everything looks so colourful and beautifully presented!

  22. Ju, why do you torture me with beautiful pictures of beautiful restaurants in a beautiful country where I haven't visited yet? No worries, my first holiday when I've finished studying with be Singapure for sure. You're just helping me do my research and helping plan my itenary! :)

  23. Your smoked salmon seems to be spilling onto my screen here from yours..That is one amazing shot Ju..they're all good..but I've gone back up to see that once twice:)
    Don't you juts love coffees that look so pretty?
    Cheek to jowl..I have to remember that..Me too I am not fond of that:)

    It's great that you take us along..I can see everything in your eyes.

  24. Wow...all I can say is WOW...your pics are fabulous Ju!
    Everything looks delicious...
    I am sure I would have skipped the kangaroo as well...:( no matter how good it looked...

  25. Loved that post and the pics; I am going to pass it along to my brother who lives in Singapour with his wife and two kids. He may know the place already, he knows restaurants all over the globe!
    Love to discover your blog of which I heard so many good things!

  26. I have never tried kangaroo meat!! Looks moist and tender!

  27. I can't stand being crammed in either - that was something I hated about NYC, for all its great qualities. Your photos look amazing, as always! Too bad the chef wouldn't spill the deets on the sticky date pudding ... I bet you'll figure it out, though. If anyone can, it's you!