Saturday, February 6, 2010

Society Bar

Strolling along the promenade, I was fixated on the oddity of a full moon against the exceptionally blue evening sky. It 6.45pm on a Thursday, and One Fullerton was already looking like Friday night. A good sign, surely.

Walking past groups of early merrymakers who had started to teem the various eateries and watering holes, I finally spotted the Society Bar signboard. Ah yes, the venue for tonight's food tasting session.

Truth be told, I wasn't expecting much. Thinking it was a Bar, I assumed they would be plying us with cocktails and peanuts, and call it a night. And indeed, the first thing we were served was a cocktail.

Golden Prosperity (available for the month of February)
A dazzling concoction of brandy, Malibu Rum, Southern Comfort and sparkling apple juice. It was golden delicious! Even a non-drinker like me could appreciate this refreshing drink.

I took a sip, expecting a bowl of nuts or chips to follow next, when I was politely shown the hot food menu. My mood immediately brightened.

Watch the chefs busy themselves as they prepare your food.

Salmon Yusheng Salad
We started the meal with this yusheng (raw fish) salad. The thing that did it for this otherwise ordinary combination was a sprinkle of finely julienned kaffir lime leaves (limau purut). Together with the crunchy vegetable shreds and velvety salmon sashimi, the whole thing came together perfectly. It was my favourite dish of the evening.

Beef Burger, Bacon, Cheese, Beetroot + Sunnyside Egg
I don't eat beef so I can't comment. My dinner companions, Brad of Ladyironchef and Catherine of Camemberu, didn't seem to have any problems finishing this up, though.

A perfectly dissected cross-section of the burger, courtesy of "Dr" Ladyironchef.

Tiger Beer Battered Fish & Chips
Beer always gives a crispier batter and this was no exception. It was on the salty side for me, though. I also felt the batter could have been a little less heavy. But the moist and fresh Dory on the inside made up for everything.

Tunsian Braised Chicken Leg Pilaff With Brown Rice
An item on the menu which caught our eye was this Tunsian-style chicken. We ordered this to share. It was delish! The chicken was nicely charred at the edges, while the brown rice had pine nuts thrown in. That added a lovely crunch.

Spaghetti With Mediterranean Tomato Sauce, Olive Oil and Parmesan

We also ordered pasta to share. Sadly, this fell flat, literally. It sat limp and forlorn after a few bites. The pasta was overcooked and the sauce was too tart. We abandoned it for dessert.

Oh, glorious dessert!

Chocolate Duet
Rich chocolate sable, mellowed with white chocolate ganache, served with fresh strawberry slices and raspberry sorbet. How do I even begin to describe this? It was a delight to look at, and an even bigger delight to indulge in.

Individual Baked Apple Tartet + Toffee Sauce + Ice-cream
HOLY YUM. 'Nuff said.

Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding + Toffee Sauce + Ice-cream + Candied Walnuts
How do you go wrong with ice-cream and toffee? The ice-cream (rum and raisin) was addictive. Can you tell by now that "sweet tooth" is my middle name?

Blueberry Cheesecake
After the other three drool-worthy desserts, this poor cheesecake didn't stand a chance. It wasn't bad though ... seeing that we did finish it, strawberry and all!

Society Bar has special menu offerings for the entire month of February.
~ Valentine's Menu (3-course set at $30 nett per person)
~ Valentine's Sweet Seduction cocktail (at $18 nett per pair)


One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049213
Tel: (65) 6423 9689

Many thanks to Society Bar and Ms Marina Mathews of Crocmedia for hosting this dinner, and The Fullerton Heritage for facilitating this.

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  1. I'm so jealous seeing all of these beautiful places. Those cocktails sound amazing! And don't even get me started on the desserts! Holey moley, do I want that Chocolate Duet!

  2. Oh, I didnt know u dont eat beef too!! Ju, we can go out and eat together!! hahaha

  3. That cocktail shot is GOLDEN..And not only is your middle name sweet as you say..I think it's your first name too.I am older I can say that:)

    I appreciate your honest reviews..You really say it as it is.. I too have sometimes marveled at the full moon in sun:)

    You are doing these reviews beautifully Ju..I feel as though I am there!

  4. Looks delicious, especially the yee sang.

  5. Ju ,I adore reading your restaurant reviews!
    The first salad looks wonder it was your favorite. I think it would have been mine too!

  6. Looks good. So many places to visit when I come back for a visit..... headache. but it will still be local food first ;)

  7. our first yusheng for the year! :)

  8. The batter for the fish n chips looks unelievably CRISPY!!!

    The moon was a charming beginning JU! :)) mmm I love the yusheng.... looks like you had a spectacular time and what better way when its with firends and its on the house...the best!! love ur crystal clear fotos!!

  9. What great photos!! The food looks amazing, especially the apple tartlet!

    P.S. My mom saw your blog and said, "Oh! There's 'The Little Teacher!'" instead of "Teochew". She always says that! I have to correct her all the time. haha

  10. Wow. All that food looks amazing. You take lovely indoor photos. I don't even bother taking photos in restaurants because they never come out right. I need to learn some tips from you!

  11. wow this is your third food tasting....hehehe...real good har...

    : )

  12. Oh wow!! May I know what camera/lenses you're using for food photography? Food's leaping out of my screen!

  13. I chanced upon your blog tonight and boy I'm so glad I did! I'm a Singaporean Teochew who now lives in Australia, and even though reading through your blog makes me a little homesick, I'm so excited to see the recipes you've shared. I'm going to try several of them next week! Maybe it will ease my craving for food from home. Thanks! :)

  14. Ju your photos are absolutely mouthwatering. Brad is definitely a doctor when it comes to dissecting and the desserts look great! Now my problem is that it's 1:01am and I am hungry! lol :P

  15. Wow.. can i just have those dessert will do.... :p They look really great! Which one you intro me to pick :)

  16. Ah, so that's the Tunisian chicken you had with the preserved lemon! You know, that pasta actually looks overcooked in the photo. The desserts on the other hand look to die for. Have I mentioned that I want to borrow your life? Wanna switch for a week of 2? You know, if you want a break from all that food tasting. ; )

  17. The Yu Sheng looks really tasty!! Overall, the food looks pretty great!

  18. The food was indeed not too bad. Much better than expected.

    Haha, Brad is a burger surgeon!

  19. Hello everyone! Thank you for leaving a comment! :)

    Sanjana: Oh, I'd gladly share that with you!

    KennyT: Let's go!

    La Table De Nana: Monique, thank you. I want to be as honest as I can ... it's the least I can do for my readers. That cocktail shot is one of my favourites :)

    Little Corner of Mine: Thanks!

    Saveurs et Gourmandises: Thanks!

    Linda: Thank you, sweet Linda! ...

    penny aka jeroxie: Oh yeah! CKT, Hokkien mee, laksa, what else? ;)

    ladyironchef: Yes! And of all places, in a bistro!!

    zurin: Thank you, Zu! I still have a long way to improve on my night shots. The company was great!

    Memória: Thanks! And oh, you're mom is so adorable!!! :) I'll gladly take that as a compliment.

    msmeanie: Thanks! I try my best. ;)

    Irene's Footprints: The diet starts tomorrow!

    t'smom: It's a Panasonic Lumix.

    Serene Bean: Welcome to my blog! I hope you'll find something here. :)

    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella: Thanks, Lorraine! Opps, sorry!

    Cuisine Paradise: LOL!!

    Trix: Yes, we'll switch, if that means I get to cook like you!

    mycookinghut: Thanks, Leemei!

    Camemberu: Yes, pretty good food. I was pleasantly surprised. Affordable too!