Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Some restaurants wow you with their dazzle and pizzazz. Others romance you with their quiet charm. Boathouse belongs to the latter category.

Situated right across the Fullerton Hotel, it is easy to overlook this nondescript, standalone building. But miss it, and you're missing out on a gem.

Boathouse is located inside this historic Fullerton Waterboat House - a heritage building (circa 1919) that once supplied fresh water to ships anchored offshore. (Photo courtesy of Boathouse)

It is so easy to be enchanted by this place. Walking into the cosy, intimate dining room - and I say dining room, not restaurant - I felt as if I was coming over to a friend's house for dinner. If you find fine dining intimidating, you'll feel completely at ease here.

The decor was understated, with very clean lines and lots of open space. Very tastefully done. In fact, it reminded me so much of a family friend's summer home in Sweden. Such is its welcoming vibe.

We were warmly received upon arrival by hosts, Kannan and Sophia, who took us through our menu for the night.

Melon Mint
Our Amuse Bouche was a concoction of melon, mint and peach, with crushed ice, and served in a shot glass. A palate cleanser.

Fish Chowder with Seabass Carpaccio
This was my favourite dish of the evening. Searing hot chowder was poured from a teapot and onto the seabass carpaccio, cooking it in the process. Creamy, tasty and hearty. Two thumbs up from me.

Atlantic Pink Snapper panseared with shaved Zucchini & Truffle Mash in a Fish Bouillon
Another superb dish. The snapper was fabulously fresh, firm and sweet ... and in a decent portion too. I was glad the chef had a light hand with the salt because it hardly needed any seasoning.

Tagliatelle Wild Mushroom in a Truffle Sauce
The pasta was perfectly al dente, the mushrooms crunchy and sweet. I only found the rich sauce a tad salty.

But ah, that's where the freshly-baked homemade bread came to the rescue. It was perfect for mopping up the Truffle Sauce and cutting the saltiness.

White Chocolate Semifreddo with Fruit Compote
Unlike the melting ice-cream on the other plate, this semifreddo was a dream to photograph. I felt it could have been a wee bit airier. The best semifreddo I have ever tasted melted on my tongue like a snowflake. But still, this was a commendable creation that we all enjoyed.

More desserts (special order)
Extras for the dessert aficionados among us. (Bottom right) Creme Brulee, (Centre) Caramel Apple tartlets and three varieties of (melting!) ice-cream, (Top left) Panna Cotta. All competently done, but the Creme Brulee was my favourite.

Situated above Boathouse is an open air deck called [ prel . ude ].

Here, you can take in a 360-degree view of the surrounds. Grab a chair, order a drink (there is a bar here). Then, sit back and watch the world go by.

I didn't want to go home!

A picture says a thousand words, and this one aptly sums up my wonderful evening here.

3 Fullerton Road
#03-01 The Waterboat House
Singapore 029415
Tel: (65) 6538 9038

Many thanks to Kannan and Sophia of Boathouse for the warm hospitality, and The Fullerton Heritage for arranging this.

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  1. my favorite restaurant out of the 5 places we went to :)

  2. it looks like a little boat That I travelled the sea once when I was a teenager....but i love the cosy and understated inside..very homey.. the food looks good too...whta n array n choice ! and the deck,,,,i cld sit there well past midnite with my jambu air and soy souce dip! m sooo kampung!...heheh u lucky peope ...all this with CNY as the climax!!!

  3. Bring me there bring me there!

  4. Wow another food review...I am expecting more to come on yu sheng and abalone and pen cai?

    Lucky gal!
    You have time to bake or not? Counting down to 4 days before eve.

    : ))

  5. Ju, I wish I live in Singapore so I could try te restaurants out. Having your honest opinion and review on these restaurants, I know my burnt pocket is so worth it!

  6. Wow, looks like Fullerton's restaurant chain is doing a major food blogger, food review campaign...how many restaurants do they have under their belt? Will you get to eat at Jade, the Chinese Restuarant? I heard that is divine.

  7. Oh my..your reviews are so wonderful.. a breath of fresh air this am for me..A co-worker just returned from one month in many countries..He raved about Singapore..RAVED.

    I beamed as if I had something to do with it..:) Imagine that! It's in knowing you that I felt this connection.
    You would be proud to hear is illustrious comments on where you live. From the OOH and AHH and cleanliness and Pizzaz and friendliness and food.. the panache.. Out of this world I think were some of his words~:)
    You are making the area proud and even better known with your delightful blog.

  8. wow, look at that, I'm already drooling, great color, looks delicious

  9. I like this place, feel so cosy ! Look like you eat a lot recently huh? your simple die before CNY, forgot liao? Hahaha..

  10. I love that space, that's really my kind of place. And the seafood all looks so fantastic. You would have a hard time dragging me off of that rooftop, I can assure you!

  11. Ha, we both posted this the same day! Boathouse is my favourite of the five too! I'm thinking of going back there already...I want to try the crabcakes, pink snapper and wagyu steak!

  12. Ciao Ju, io e te abitiamo in luoghi molto distanti, ma vicini grazie al web, mi dici che questo è il tuo ristorante preferito, devo dire che i piatti sono presentati in modo eccellente, e sono molto invitanti. Un abbraccio Daniela.

  13. What a lovely location!!! I would love it there. I would want to live there haha, especially with all of those delicious dishes! Wow. Thanks for sharing these photos with us.

  14. Wow! Lovely place and great food. Lucky you :)

  15. I imagine the view would be even more spectacular once the IR is up and running! Then you probably REALLY wouldn't go home hey!

  16. Yum, I would love some of that snapper! And your pictures are gorgeous!

  17. Thumbs up from me too Ju! Love the restaurant coverages you are doing. I'll make sure to have it on my list of places to go to one day!

  18. Oh you're right Ju, it does look like someone's living room! That always relaxes me. It looks wonderful! :D

  19. So far away from the snow storm... beautiful photos and I love the food and architecture of the place... wish I was there!

  20. This has always caught my eye whenever I drive past. I never knew it's so simple and understated inside. The fairy lights outside adds a nice touch too. Lovely pics, Ju! ^^

  21. Oh Wow. All the food looks so amazing! How lucky you guys are! Again, LOVELY photos.

  22. Yikes I wish I could go there too. But I might have to fork out a fortune, no? :) Spectacular dishes, especially dessert.

  23. Lucky you, Ju! I was smitten with the outside of the restaurant and surprised by the clean and austere appearance inside. But the food...the food....ah, the food! How fast can I get there?!
    Beam me over, Scottie.

    Thanks, Ju!


  24. Good place for a romantic Valentine night out!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!

  25. So many new places! have to pick the best when i next visit.

  26. Holy Moly that is amazing!!! What a beautiful meal, I will have to recommend this place to my friend who lives in SIngapore. Happy New Year Ju to you and your family :)

  27. This looks like a grand place to dine & wine,...

    The food looks great!

  28. Hmm ... Food looks good!

    Happy Lunar New Year to you!!! 恭喜發財!!