Friday, January 1, 2010

And 2010 Begins

Happy New Year, my dear friends! I hope all of you had a great time ushering in 2010.

I did the same thing I have been doing for a few years now, ie, step outside the balcony and look at the sea. At the stroke of midnight, the ships will sound their horns and let off their flares, giving that lovely crimson glow to everything around. That will go on continuously for 10-15 minutes, amid the audible cheers of "Happy New Year!" from neighbours who have similarly waited up to welcome in the new year.

You know what's really cool? I witnessed some planes flying over the flares towards the airport (obviously for landing). How nice it is to arrive just in time for the new year!

The radiant moon was shining so brightly last night.

*Wistful sigh* And the new year begins. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you do know that the diet starts today, don't you? ;)

After all the year-end feasting (plus my non-stop eating in Kuala Lumpur - read on for evidence), just give me light and healthy food.

Until February, that is.

Chinese New Year falls on 14 February this year ... which means I have one month to detox all that I have been mindlessly indulging in. After that, I will have the license to stuff myself silly with sinful culinary pleasures all over again. Oh yeah. Nothing comes between me and my melt-in-the-mouth pineapple tarts, darn it!

So, you'll be seeing more simple fare (read: bland) for the next few weeks ... like veggies and tofu. And maybe eggs. That kind of stuff. You still here with me? Hello?

If you are still reading, I'd like to share a few vacation photos which some of you have asked to see. Hope you like them!

The 4.5 hour drive up to Kuala Lumpur. I was dreading it but miraculously, the kids behaved and my sanity remained intact.

I will always associate Seremban Siew Pow with Ellie and Jo. No, I'm serious.

Finally! The unmistakable Petronas Twin Towers ahead, shrouded in cloudy skies.

We stayed at Mid Valley.

In our 2-bedroom apartment. My children made themselves at home very quickly. This was the kids' room.

View from the master bedroom.

View from the master bathroom. Remember to draw the shades, though!

Living and dining area. As you can see, my kids really made themselves comfy.

The spanking new kitchen! Everything was a joy to use. I could have baked a cake in the brand new oven, but I was on vacation, for crying out loud. ;)

The beautifully decorated mall at The Gardens. Wonderful 'live' performance by this trio.

We took the kids to KLCC on one of the days too. I loved the Christmas decor here.

See? So pretty, isn't it?

The Petronas Twin Towers from inside the mall ...

... and from outside.

We had lunch here.

The food at little penang kafe was good but the star of the meal was this. The BEST Chendol I have ever eaten in my entire life. Ever. Penang is on my "must-visit" list.

Lowly Worm in the flesh! My baby puts a friendly arm around his new friend and goes for a drive.

Our last meal before leaving KL - lunch at Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant, right after meeting Zurin. This was the Tea Smoked Duck.

Fresh Tomato Fried Egg With Fish Meal Set. What a mouthful, huh? But super yummy!

梅菜扣肉 Mei Cai Kou Rou (minced pork with preserved vegetables). Don't even get me started on this. It was so good I could have eaten just this everyday for the entire trip.

Side dishes which were delish delish! Loved the spicy long beans.

And I ended my holiday in KL with this sweet finish - Taiwan Snow Mountain. Nutty (almond), milky and sweet - in every mouthful. That scoop of sesame ice-cream was to die for.

So, those were just some of the fantastic food I sampled on my holiday. See why I need to go on a bland food diet? There were so much more which I didn't get to photograph (I could never do food reviews) because I was either too hungry or too busy (managing my little crowd).

And that ends my super long post. Thanks for reading, if you haven't gone off to another blog yet! ;) Cheers, everyone!


  1. Buon inizio d'anno ju la tua casa è bellissima. Per noi le feste termino il 7 gennaio, la dieta la inizio dopo. Complimenti per le foto.Un abbraccio Daniela.

  2. The kitchen looks WONDERFUL! And yes, I am on a diet...well, I should have started the diet long before the New Year...but I kept giving myself the excuse to postpone...postpone and postpone...:--!! Terrible me...

  3. I wanted more!! Super long? Not long enough:) A whole different world for me..Love all the pics..Lowly Worm and baby:) Ohmygosh that's a keeper..what a gingerbread house!

    Your accomodations are lucked out!! Thanks for the discovery of the other 2 blogs also.. I had seen Almost Bourdain..but never the other..those little puffs look delicious.
    My jeans are tight too.. I look forward to your lighter meals..I want to make some Tofu now that I saw Zurin's Bonito Flakes one..I'll come see every day what you've cooked up..Happy Our New Year to you..and On Feb 14th..I'll wish you yours and a Happy Valentine's Day:)

  4. Beautiful apartment. You made me miss KL and all the food there. I was at Mid Valley in Feb...just a quick visit. Our friends bought us durians....mmmm. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  5. what wonderful photos... There is probably an equal chance of me ever seeing Singapore and KL as there is of you seeing god's country (Kansas). But I do so enjoy these "slice of life" slide shows you give us.

    Happy new year, I will join you on that diet on Monday (too many leftovers, and i am not going to waste anymore food (my resolution)

  6. Happy New Year! It looks like you had so much fun! The pictures are wonderful- especially the one of that HUGE gingerbread house! I can't wait for the tofu and veggies posts! :D

  7. Happy New Year, Ju!! I wish you a great 2010.. keep on blogging :)
    By the way, wish I was in KL!!! Miss the food.

  8. 圣诞快乐! 新年快乐! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR, JU!

    Great photos!! Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Happy new year, Ju! I can stop laughing at the Seremban Siew Bao sign. I know exactly where it is and it's HUGE and along the highway. lol!! You have a great holiday in KL. Wishing you all the best with your detox plan :)

  10. How lovely to step onto the balcony and look at the sea! Happy New Year!

  11. Thanks for the lovely trip!
    Happy New year Sweet Ju!
    Can not wait for your tales of the Chinese new year and all the wonderful food!

  12. I agree with Monique...I could have scrolled down for more.I have never been there and this was such a treat to see...and especially through your eyes. Kids love hotel rooms. Sometimes that is a big part of the fun.

    Your baby is just so very cute. I can see how busy he must keep you, along with the rest of the family.

    I too, am looking forward to lighter fare!

    Happy New Year and thanks for the trip.


  13. Ju, me too, I need bland food diet too, since CNY is coming soon. I have yet to try Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant, must try one day especially Taiwan Snow Mountain, look so yummy !!
    And I like the shot of Twin Towers from inside the mall, that is awesome shot !! I'm looking forward more lovely posts from you in this New Year !! and glad to know you in 2009..

  14. Looking at your pictures make me even more anxious to go back home :) Can't wait to eat all the food. Hope I can start my diet too so that I can stuff myself silly when I go home for CNY ha ha

  15. What a lovely recidence you cozy n comfy...i cld do with a kitchen like that!!! Your children are adorable Ju...If we had more time I would bring them for an ice cream at B& fact Iwld just blend in with them :)))

    Yo seem to have seen things that I myself have not seen. I seldom go to KLCC...not too keen on teh crowd but now I regret make it look so exciting n I can imagine that it is...the gingerbread house is hooo...I wish I had gone.....silly me.

    how lovely to look out to sea and listen to the ships' horns sounds rather romantic and the beautiful moon too...sigh..

    tq for the trip Ju :)

    PS Im still blissfully thinking about our meet ;)

  16. Wow, the hotel room looks beautiful!! Seems u had a great time in KL, can't wait to see more blog posts about what you've been doing/eating there.

    And oh, this year's CNY falls on Valentine's Day too, how romantic!

  17. Wishing you and your blog a most memorable and exhilarating 2010! All together now : HUAT AH!!

  18. Good to hear you n your family had a great holiday in KL...Happy New Year and looking forward to your veggie recipes.

  19. Hi, Happy New Year. May I know the name of the service apartment you stayed in Mid-Valley? Thanks.

  20. happy 2010! wow check out tht chendol. looks amazing :)

  21. Thanks, everyone! I know I am loved when I still have comments on non-food/recipe related posts! LOL. I am so blessed to be in your company! Wishing all of you a fantastic 2010!

    Anon: It's The Gardens Hotel & Residences.

  22. oh my..I miss home! diet's suppose to start soon too =(

  23. Just realized the February 14th is not only Chinese New Year but Valentine's Day too! Oh...this is going to be fun!

    Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours all the best!

  24. happy new year!!
    (the melt-in-you-mouth pineapple tarts sound amazing!!)

  25. Hope you enjoyed my home town .. KL. In fact I stay not far from Mid-Valley (about 5 mins drive if there is no traffic). The food at Penang Cafe is not bad and still gets it's usual crowd. Hope you did lots of shopping as well. BTW if you really like chendol, just pop over to Malacca (no need to drive all the way to Penang). There is a very good dessert stall at Jonker's Street that is packed with locals and tourist. The chendol is fantastic with lots of gula melaka .. the real stuff that is.