Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SK-II Tea Party 2009

I spent last evening learning about the wonders of yeast. Not how it makes our breads rise, but how it benefits our skin. This special yeast even has its own name and branding: Pitera™.

Welcome to the world of SK-II, "often considered one of the most expensive beauty brands in the world", according to Wikipedia. Gulp.

Check out the price tag ... $416 for the price of beauty.

Now, if you know me, my skincare routine involves cleansing-and-moisturing-if-I-can-remember. So, when I got the invite to attend this SK-II Tea Party, my curiosity for chi chi skincare was piqued and of course I said yes. Besides, there was promise of food. Mmmmm ...

I was not disappointed. Pastries as far as the eye can see ... OK, I jest.

These were nice! Especially the green ones. I thought they were matcha-flavoured, but they turned out to be pandan. Yum.

Just so you know, I put my best face forward. Hey, I was representing food bloggers! Heavy responsibility, people. I have to show 'em that we look as good as our food. LOL.

With my sweet Beauty Consultant, Jia Yi. She used a handheld whatchamacallit scanner and took photo samples from all parts of my face, including a keratin swab from under my chin.

Tadah - the results! Smoother skin than the average person! Thank you, fish oil!

Almost invisible pores! Wooo ... thank you, dad & mum, for passing on your good genes.

Those weren't all. She tested me for sebum level, elasticity, colouration, moisture and some others I can't remember now. It was quite ghastly seeing your own skin magnified on the computer screen. LOL.

40 days - that's how long this bottle should last ... if I can muster up the discipline for that long.

There were only 7 of us at this party, so it was a cosy gathering. I got to meet some really nice ladies, like Arissa & Dawn and Esther. I have to thank Arissa for being so sweet and offering to take photos for me when I had my skin analysis done. Thanks, girl!

After all of us had our skin analysed, we sat through a short talk by SK-II Trainer, Ms Cindy Cheong.

Here are Cindy (right) and Mandy (left) from SK-II.

The rest of the Beauty Consultants watched along with us.

At one point, I volunteered my hands.

(Bottom left) Shoes a food blogger would wear. (Bottom right and top right) Shoes fashion bloggers would wear.

Before we left, every one of us received a lil bag of SK-II goodies. I'll be trying them out for sure, and if I manage to transform into Japanese beauty, Koyuki ... I might just post a big photo of my face here. Hur hur hur.

But till then, it's back to my real everyday beauty regiment: Eat well, Live well, Laugh a lot. Of course, a little help from miracle water is not going to hurt either. We'll see ...

If you want to know more about SK-II and the seasonal gift sets they have available, click on the ad on the top right of my blog. Thank you, SK-II, for an enjoyable, girly evening. And thanks to Nuffnang too, for helping arrange everything.

- - - - -

And now, some Orchard Road photos for my overseas friends and readers, taken on my way home. Don't worry, I only took them when I stopped for the red light. No dangerous driving, I promise.

The Christmas light-up. And very busy streets. Loads of shoppers!

"Glitzy Christmas by the Bay". Hmmm ... Christmas in Singapore is ALWAYS a glitzy affair.

The Christmas tree at Raffles City.

Lights hanging from the real trees that line the streets.

Last photo before I hit the highway ...

Hope you like the photos. Come visit Singapore!


  1. It's so funny, you're lucky !
    Thank you for sharing
    Have a nice day

  2. You lucky girl !!! and skin as fine as visible pores.......what more can a girl ask dont need SK_II! lol

    glad you had a good time....what a nice break for you too.

    btw you look gorgeous JU!!:))

  3. Oh Ju.. you are exquisite:) And if you think you're wearing food blogger shoes..I would hate to think what we would call mine:) I smiled when I clicked on the links .. the fashion is so avant garde:) Youth:)

    And the cute bento..I am going to read up on Bentos..2 cute blogs:)

    Do you want to smile? even after reading your post..when I saw MIRACLE WATER.. for certain I through it would link to Courvoisier:)

    Orchard Road looks fabulous:)

    Fish oil pills? Or liquid?I've been taking fish oil for years..:)

    You have beautiful skin..maybe I can grow up to have yours..

    Looks like you had a fun night..I never knew Singapore went all out for Christmas.. it is great to learn all this..

    Have fun and let us know if you love the Miracle Water:)

    It is ALL Glitzy this post and filled with fun..I bet your daughter will love seeing these photos..
    You do have great genes:)Hard to believe you have 3 children:)

  4. Lucky you Ju!
    And you really do have very nice skin!
    Why are yeast products selling or such an expensive price anyway???

  5. How nice, all that pampering! Ju, you have beautiful, radiant skin! Is that the magnified scan of you skin though or some one elses?

  6. Lucky you... Although I just got invited to a behind the counter tour of my new local butcher shop... I'll take my form of glamour... besides, no one wants to see a close up of my skin

  7. asdasdsdsdasdadsdjhfsdf

    Omg you're so fast in posting Ju~!!

    I srsly thought those were matcha flavoured cake too. :O

  8. Your skin is beautiful....what a fun event.

    Love the city tour...many, many lights!

  9. I'm jealous - beautiful skin & no visible pores, and delicious looking cakes!
    Great photos of Christmas decorations too. : )

  10. I am a total product junkie!! What fun. I would have been in heaven. And what lovely invisible pores you have, my dear!! ; )

  11. Chapot: I am glad you liked reading this :)

    VeggieGirl: Thank you!

    Zurin: I know, I am lucky!! Thanks for your compliment, Zu. It was a nice change from my usual routine.

    La Table De Nana: Monique, thank you! I LOL-ed when you mentioned Courvoisier!! That will be our miracle water from now on :) I am glad you liked the Orchard Rd glitz. I love the light-up every year. You are right - my daughter ooh-ed and ahh-ed at my pics. LOL!

    Quinn: Thanks, Quinn and I do wonder how yeast can command top dollar too!

    Ravenous Couple: Thanks! Yes, MY skin!

    A Year on the Grill: LOLOLOLOL! As always, you make me laugh! You are just a scream!!!

    Arissa: Can't wait to see your post!

    Kate: Thanks, Kate! I had a fun time! Glad you liked the city tour :)))

  12. Mangiare bene, vivere bene, ridere un sacco, concordo pienamente con te, grazie per averci reso partecipe di questa piacevole e divertente esperienza, ah dimenticavo quei pasticcini della foto sono davvero invitanti.
    Un abbraccio Daniela.

  13. You are stunning, Ju!! When I had a makeover in Paris they tested my skin...I didn't get as good of a grade as you ;-)

    What fun you must've had...and I liked the ride home..thanks!

    I'd love to come visit Singapore, but I better visit my daughter in Seoul first. She'd never understand otherwise!


  14. I'm so jealous! Great products and good food!

  15. WA, so many beautiful things and faces in this post!

  16. ju, you're beautiful! :)
    ah yes, got to love the xmas deco this year :)
    esp with the part at the ion area done up!
    looked like fun and i wouldve gobbled all the pastries up if i had the chance

  17. What a great event! You have gorgeous skin! And the Christmas lights are so pretty - much better than ours here in the U.S.

  18. Thanks for sharing the photos of Xmas lightings! Now that I am living in US I really miss those lighting and crazy crowd at Orchard Rd ; ((
    U ll never get that kind of lighting here where I live....Things I took for granted...Sigh.

  19. Hi Ju,
    You looked so radiant! That was really funny on the shoes you and them wore! Just wondering, how did you keep yourself so good and slim with all those cooking and baking?? :p Can share some tips with me? ;)

  20. What a fun time! The skin care sounds nice but a bit out of my budget right now. Cute shoes!

    Things do look so festive around there!

  21. Ju, you look so gorgeous and beautiful !! Like Zurin said,you dont need SKII !! You are lucky to have this kind of opportunity to attend this kind of party, I wish I can be there. And Thanks for sharing the Christmas decoration in SG, I know SG has the awesome Chrismas look.

  22. Alice: Heh heh, thanks dearie!

    Tasty Trix: Really? I wish you could come along! And you're so funny! ;))

    Daniela: Grazie, Daniela. E molto gentile.

    2 Stews: Diane, so kind of you! I had a really fun evening. If you visit your daughter in Seoul, a stopover in Singapore to visit me is a must! Promise? ;))

    pigpigscorner: Oh, but you always get to eat at nice, posh places!

    KennyT: Heheheh! :)

    muffinsareuglycupcakes: Fel, thanks! Aiyoh, I am turning crimson with all your compliments. As for the pastries, I think I was the greediest! Hee hee hee!

    Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥: Thanks, Reeni! Yes, the Christmas lights are really pretty. I am glad you liked seeing them. :))

    Happy Belly: You're most welcomed! I did think of readers like you, who are living away from home.

    Passionate About Baking: Hey, glad this post made you laugh! As for staying slim, the SK-II trainer was joking, that maybe my kids eat up all the food I cook/bake, leaving nothing for me!!! LOL!

    theUngourmet: I wouldn't be able to afford them either :( If not for this tea party, I would not be trying these out on my own. The privileges a blog brings! :)

    Sonia: Thanks so much, Sonia! And yes, I feel very fortunate to be invited to such "happening" events. I am sure M'sia (the cities like KL) would have very nice Christmas decor too?

  23. wow, cool party! u look so slim and pretty, can't believe you have 3 kids already! :D

  24. Oh Little are even more gorgeous than your food!
    Beautiful inside and out!
    Thanks for the little trip into your part of the world...

  25. I think I'll be more interested in the cakes! haha..

  26. I wish I have your skin. Finally get to see the face of the sweet lady behind this blog :) Orchard is always full of lights during Christmas season. I remember years ago we will visit Singapore only around Christmas time just to see the beautiful lightings.

  27. Hi, Ju :)

    oh,I love your smooth, you are lucky to have it..and you're so pretty and those cakes too..yum! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience! :)

  28. So envy of your perfect complexion! This year Christmas deco in Orchard is more beautiful than last year in my own opinion. I love the Giant christmas tree outside ION Orchard. ;)

  29. Smooth skin JU!!! How much fun you had! Fish oil is a wonder isn't it? I have been faithful with it...Loved the shoe shots and stockings!!!!!!!!!!! yewozer! Singapore is all aglow for Christmas...Have never been there, but also didn't expect the glitz...Ooh,lala....I love it. A great post to go with your great genes!!!!! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  30. A party full of expensive cosmetics and great tea sweets! I love it!

  31. beautiful snaps and wow thats great pampering

  32. hi i am just a random passerbyer and those little cakes look so awesome! i love those kind of cakes!

    your so imaculate! i got big pores and zits everywhere lol..gross! but hey makeup does wonders to cover everything up lol

    thanks for sharing :)

  33. Nice to be pampered! Love the shoes shot! ROFL!!! I miss all the christmas deco alogn the Orchard Road. It's time to visit Singapore again... soon!

  34. J'aimerais que sur l's'occupe de moi comme ça, un analyseur de ma peau et Que l'on m'explique les produits que je devrais tiliser.
    Bonne soirée, Doria

  35. wow would've loved to have been at this event. sounds like much fun and with pretty cakes too! p/s. all of you have gorgeous skin. i'm jealous!

  36. How fun! Thanks for sharing your was so interesting to read. And lucky you for having such amazing skin. I used to take fish oil but stopped just because I am forgetful...this is a nice reminder lol