Monday, December 14, 2009

Nasi Lemak Sambal Chilli - Encore!

Remember the famous Nasi Lemak Sambal Chilli recipe I posted not too long ago? I am officially addicted to it. Besides using it as dip for fried chicken and fish, I have also been adding it to some dishes. Like these:

Sambal tempeh

This fiery dish is perfect for the cool, rainy weather we've been enjoying. Even better, there is only 1 skillet to wash up! Yay!

- 1 tempeh, cut into small pieces
- 1 tbsp (or more) sambal (homemade or storebought)
- A few stalks of french beans, sliced
- A handful of cashew nuts
- Some water or chicken stock (on standby)
- 1 clove garlic, minced

1. In a skillet, heat up some oil. Add garlic and fry briefly. Toss in french beans and fry till almost cooked. Add some water or chicken stock if too dry.

2. Add tempeh and continue frying. Again, add some water or chicken stock if it's too dry.

3. Throw in cashew nuts just before turning of the flame. Mix and toss briefly. Add salt if desired, and you are ready to serve.

Another dish I made was Sambal Ikan Bilis (dried anchovies), which was all I needed to go with my Nasi Lemak (coconut rice). Yummy!

Nasi Lemak in its simplest form. Of course you can add on your fried chicken, fried fish, eggs and otak-otak.

Whoever first thought of cooking rice with coconut milk is a genius. This was breakfast ... and it was worth waking up for! :)

(for Sambal Ikan Bilis)
1. Fry some ikan bilis (dried anchovies) till crispy.

2. Add some sambal chilli and toss well before turning off the flame.

(for coconut rice, from Lee Wee & Brothers)
Serves 5
- 370g rice, rinsed
- 625ml water
- 10 tsp thick coconut milk (the creamy layer)
- 3g salt (just a pinch)
- 4g ginger, sliced
- 3 pandan leaves, knotted

1. Put rice, water, coconut milk, salt, ginger and pandan leaves in an electric rice cooker. Mix well, cover and cook.

2. When rice is done, stir it gently with a pair of chopsticks to fluff it up.

* Note that I have not used the above recipe. When I cook coconut rice, I don't use ginger. And I tend to be very generous with my coconut milk (or cream, as I sometimes also use). However, since this recipe comes from a famous name in Nasi Lemak, I thought I'd share the original here with everyone.


  1. I did not see the original post because I'm new to your blog. Looks fabulous and great photos!

  2. You're now officially a spice girl, LOL.

  3. I can't wait to try this dish. We love sambal and it's never out of our pantry here and anchovies are one of my very favorites, could easily eat them almost every day!

  4. How beautiful! Such vibrant colors..Is the green in the last photo a cover for the Tempeh? I clicked on your link..

    :) You eat so well.. healthily..and beautifully!

  5. Looks so delicious - your photos are so nice.

  6. YUMMY! I love all the different flavors in that dish. Wow. I've never tried tempeh before.

    Where did that spelling of "chilli" come from? I saw it on Nigella's Christmas special today. Interesting.

  7. oooh, this all looks so appealing to me right now! Been eating a bit too much heavy food lately, and this - with the spiciness and crunch - would so do the trick!!

  8. i just had nasi lemak yesterday!
    i love tampeh! especially at indonesian restaurants.
    sambal chilli is for everything!
    fragrant and sweet. just perfect.

  9. Thanks for the ideas. Your sambal chili looks DELICIOUS! My sister-in-law just got me a few sauces from Malaysia so I'll look through your blog to see if I can get any other ideas.

  10. Hi Ju, wow and wow! The sambal looks potent and the nasi lemak looks like what I get back in Malaysia. It is so, so good! I've got to give nasi lemak a try pretty soon.

  11. Hi Ju,
    Gee, the sambal chilli is enough to make me salivate, let alone with the coconut rice and the tempeh. These happens to be one of my favourite food at Malay stalls! Yummy! Thanks for sharing them!

  12. you can now qualify as a Nasi Lemak lover too, hahaha!!! All are my favourite, but I specilly like the last one-simple version. As usual, very very nice shot.

  13. the sambal!! oh yumm.. it looks so delicious, Ju. I love nasi lemak too :)

  14. Can we use the Ayam Brand coconut milk? or should it be coconut cream?

  15. mmmmm-hmmmmmm JU what a delicious meal! I cook tempe like that too...with sambal..boy its good.MUst try with your sambal though :))

  16. Very nice sambal tempe. Thinking of preparing home made tempe.

  17. I made your chilli sambal last night for a sydney food blogger lunch and received rave reviews! Love your encore :)

  18. Extra sambal chili for me please! Yummy!!

  19. I just had nasi lemak for breakfast today! With sambal sotong, though. Hehe. Your sambal ikan bilis would've made it complete!

  20. I have been craving for nasi lemak and your post has made it worst!! haha

  21. Waking up to a breakfast like that is a dream come true for me- I always have such light ones. The pics make me feel all greedy :) Really lovely spicy looking fare. Love it all!

  22. YUMM!! Ju, I shouldn't have clicked on to read the full post as I wasn't expecting all these mouth-watering pictures before my eyes, LOL! You made my drool again before bedtime & a bad day at work!


  23. any chilis are all right by me... you sure make great use of your base product

  24. I love these dishes so much, the colors, the tastes, it's so wonderfull

  25. ciao! complimenti per questi buonissimi piatti!

  26. Lovely! I like chili! Some people ask me why I love chili so much - it's spicy and it makes your whole mouth numb and it makes you sweat too.. I find it difficult to answer as I have been brought up eating some spicy dishes.. so, my palate is kind of use to it and it tastes good.
    How would u answer if people ask why you love chili?

  27. Oh! the sambal with the ikan bilis looks FAB! I must try your recipe.

  28. How long does the anchovy sambal last? I'd love to make it up this week, but don't want it to end up going bad if I don't use it all right away. Or is it the kind of thing you always make fresh right when you need it?

  29. Ju, my mouth is watering! These both look so delicious.

    I have some tempeh in the freezer and now I know how I'm going to prepare it next time, thanks to you!

    Your presentation of Sambal Ikan Bilis with your coconut rice couldn't be more beautiful! *sigh* I want, I want!! :)

    You always teach me so much. Thank you for sharing! xo ~m

  30. Also perfect for the rainy cold weather here. This weather is good for spicy food and warm comforting soup.

  31. Lea Ann: Thank you for dropping by and for your compliments!

    Kenny: YOU MADE MY DAY!!! LOL!

    Tracie~MyPetiteMaison: Tracie, really? I am glad you like spicy food too! :)

    La Table De Nana: The green is banana leaves, which have been washed and softened by dipping in hot water :)

    The Purple Foodie: Thanks, Shaheen! So are yours!

    Memória: Thanks, dearie! "Chilli" is the only way I have been taught to spell. Maybe it's British, cos we are taght the Queen's English here in Singapore?

    Tasty Trix: Thanks, dearie!!

    muffinsareuglycupcakes: Fel, I so agree with you. Sambal chilli rocks!

    nooschi: Thanks! I hope my recipes will be of use to you! :)

    Jo: Thanks! The sambal IS potent! LOL!

    Passionate About Baking: Thanks! Glad you liked what you saw :)

    Sonia: LOLOLOL!!! Thanks! You're still the original Nasi Lemak Lover!

    tracieMoo: Thanks, Tracie!

    JK: Yes, Ayam Brand works fine. Either coconut milk or cream work, depending on how strong you want the coconut taste to be.

    zurin: Yes, Zu! Anything with sambal is perfect! LOL! Tell me how to make tempe!!!! Please!

    noobcook: HAHAHAHA! That's the word!

    Ellie: Really?! Oh, great!!! :D

    yours deliciously: LOL!

    ovenhaven: LOL! Thanks, dearie!

    3 hungry tummies: LOL! So sorry!!!!

    Miakoda: Hi Mia! Thanks!

    Dodol & Mochi: Thanks! Oh Pei Lin, hope your day at work didn't affect you too much.

    A Year on the Grill: Yup ... that's why I love pastes so much. Meals get cooked very quickly!

    chapot: Merci!

    Federica: Mille grazie!

    mycookinghut: Me too! I love chilli. If people ask why I love chili, I would say, same reason why some people like drinking alcohol. It's so bitter! As you tell, I don't drink. Hehe.

    penny aka jeroxie: Thanks!!

    Anonymous: My sambal has been in the fridge for 1 month. Still good.

    Mari @ Once Upon a Plate: Thanks, Mari! The feeling is mutual :)

    tigerfish: Yes, I totally agree.

  32. yum yum yummy!! I want some nasi lemak now!

  33. Hi Ju, looks so fantastic usual! : )