Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mee Goreng

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ..."

I saw some really red, ripe and juicy tomatoes at the market and I instantly wanted to make Mee Goreng. They are a must-have ingredient for me, for the lil explosions of refreshing tartness they bring. But, they have to be really ripe - like, on-the-verge-of-turning-into-juice kinda ripe. If I don't have them, I would rather not cook Mee Goreng - that's how essential they are.

There are many variations of Mee Goreng, but for me, this version was what I grew up eating and loving. It calls for plenty of ketchup and Lingham's Chilli Sauce.

I like that it's so versatile. What I cooked today was totally meatless, but at times, if I feel like it, I throw in chicken fillets, prawns and squids.

Love one-bowl meals, especially in front of the telly.

It took all of 20mins to prepare the ingredients and fry up the noodles into a delicious mess. Totally satisfying ... and chock full of veggies and tofu too!

- Fresh yellow noodles, rinsed briefly (I used about 400g, I think)
- 1 generous handful bean sprouts
- 2 eggs, lightly beaten
- Lots of chye sim (or any green, leafy veggies)
- Half a big onion, sliced thinly
- 3 very ripe and juicy tomatoes (cut into wedges)
- 2 large tofu puffs (sliced)
- 1 small square firm tofu (aka tau kwa), cut into thick strips and fried briefly so that they hold they shape
- 3 cloves garlic, minced
- 2 stalks spring onions, cut into 1 inch strips

Seasoning (mix together)
- 4 or 5 tbsp tomato ketchup
- 3 tbsp Lingham's chilli sauce (or any other chilli sauce)
- 1 tbsp kicap manis (or dark soy sauce if this is unavailable)
- Pinch of salt
- About 200ml of water (I am guessing here because I usually eyeball as I cook - use more if you want your noodles wetter and vice versa, obviously. I like my noodles a little on the moist side.)
* Note: Adjust the proportions according to your taste preferences. The beauty of such noodle dishes is, you literally cook how you like to eat.

1. Heat some oil in a wok. Briefly scramble the eggs and set aside.

2. Fry large onion slices until they sweat and turn translucent. Add garlic and fry briefly till aromatic.

3. Throw in spring onions, leafy veggies and bean sprouts. Add some water if too dry. Fry on medium heat till slightly cooked.

4. Throw in tofu puffs, tomato wedges and yellow noodles.

5. Pour in seasoning and fry everything, mixing all the ingredients up.

6. Add the pre-fried eggs and firm tofu (aka Tau Kwa) and stirfry a little more. This is where pre-frying the tofu strips helps keep their shape.

7. Taste test and adjust accordingly. Serve piping hot. Yum!

Chow time! Let's dig in ...


  1. Hi Ju, this looks really good. I'm amazed you've tried your hand at making this from scratch. Totally agree with "one bowl" meals .. they are the best, especially in front of the telly.

  2. Très jolie recette avec des Saveurs exotiques pour moi bien et c'est agréable!
    Bonne journée, Doria

  3. mmmmmmmmm-hhmmmmmmmm been thinking about mee goreng the past few days...just never got around to making it. That is indeed a delicious mess! wish I was at your place when you cooked make it look so christmassy !! :))

  4. Thanks, ladies! :)

    Zu, I deliberately took the pic with my christmas tree in the background cos the colours of mee goreng are, well, christmassy! LOL!

  5. Wow you are really good in many dishes, western, chinese, malay, in your blog...It has been a habit of mine to check on your blog matter where I am...

    Really envy your family...delicious and healthy food almost everyday....

    Bravo to u!

  6. This is gorgeous of my son's favorites.
    I need to get to the Asian market one day soon so I can prepare some of your wonderful recipes!

  7. That seems quite easy and delicious!

  8. I am in awe of your skills and your photographs!

  9. This looks really good. I just discovered our Asian Market in Denver and just know I can find all of the ingredients. Can't wait to make it.

  10. Ju,
    Very nice bowl of mee goreng.. the lingham chili sauce really caught my attention.. I haven't had this chili sauce for a long time... another thing to add to my larder!!

    I can see that you have already got a Christmas tree nicely decorated.

  11. You always bring me to a vacation spot I can only hope to see in dreams..

    Your life is so different to mine..and exquisitely portrayed..

    But then again..I am forever biased:)


  12. I have not had Mee Goreng for a long long long long time. :( your Mee Goreng is so delicious.

  13. Yep we all needs quick and tasty 20 minute meals! Thanks so much for sharing this! :D

  14. It does look beautifully festive and yum!

  15. Arhg!! Mee Goreng.. you got me into craving some NOW!

  16. Irene: I feel really flattered and honoured by your comments! Thank you so much.

    Linda, Angie, Dave, Lea Ann, Lee Mei: Thanks, all of you! I hope you all cook it soon.

    Monique: I will always have a soft spot for you too! :)))

    togerfish: My fellow Teochew, I am sure you can cook it. You're such a good cook.

    Lorraine, Joy: Thanks!

    Elli: You definitely can make this, and even better!

  17. It looks delicious! I could gulp it down in no-time! :)

  18. it looks delicious! I have never tried making mee goreng..I would like to try though esp when you mentioned how essential tomatoes are in this dish; I love tomatoes, it's one of my favorite ingredients :)

  19. That looks very delicious. I love Lingham chili sauce too. I always add it to many fries or stir fries or as dip.

  20. Che bella idea questa pasta, la proprro' probabilmente durante le festivita' natalizie ;bravissima hai gia preparato l'albero, da noi usa preparare l'abero e il presepe l'8 dicembre.
    Un abbraccio Daniela.

  21. Mee goreng! One of my comfort foods!

    Wow, goodness! Already had Christmas tree set up!!?? LOL!


  22. I'm late, any more for me, hehehe? Look so nice and delicious, I always like this kind of Mamak mee goreng.

  23. I was just telling the mister the other night I had a sudden craving for mee goreng (around 2am, no less!), and now you tempt me with this! Ah, my poor soul...

    Having said that, your Christmas tree looks really cute!

  24. I don't know this recipe, but I like so much the colours in the plate

  25. It' s me again, I forget to say that "café serré" means an expresso ristretto, a very strong coffee and not "café de sel"

  26. I used to get mee goreng at an awesome Malaysian & Indonesian restaurant when I lived in Brookly. I miss that dish! Thanks so much for reminding me!!! This looks awesome.

  27. ahhh love the colours!
    i can imagine how wonderful it smells here in the lecture hall :P
    i see the christmas tree behind heehee.
    you're definitely already in the xmas mood, ju :)

  28. A lovely, easy yet meat free yummie dish!

    A lovely picture too, Ju!

  29. Hi Ju,
    Your mee goreng looks really good! It's so similar to the those fried by "ma-ma"! :)

  30.'s christmas season soon, you pics reminded me of that...and time for dinner! I have had enough of ramen, let's get some mee goreng instead!

  31. Hi Ju! I truly did leave you a message yesterday on this beautiful post... but you know what? I think I forgot to scroll back down and do the word verification. *blush*

    Anyway, this is a gorgeous dish, love the photo.
    I hope to locate the ingredients so I can try to make it sometime, thank you for sharing, and your tips for making it a success. :)

  32. This looks like comfort food! Simple, delicious and so satisfying.Like the tomatoes and ketchup in this!

  33. All I can say YUM! I love mee goreng and yours looks especially appetizing!

  34. I love mee goreng with lots of fleshy tomato goodness. Yours looks stunning and well-presented. This reminisces me of my uni time where I always patronized those mamak stalls having mee goreng.

  35. I love mee goreng. Wow, just 20 mins to prepare u - u r good! ^_^

  36. hi,
    wish to ask the amount can serve how many person? 2?


  37. This looks like comfort food! Simple, delicious and so satisfying.Like the tomatoes and ketchup in this!

  38. I tried your receipe and turned out really well!! Thank you! :)