Monday, November 23, 2009

Stirfried Cabbage

Stirfried cabbage.

How "interesting", huh? Yesterday, one of my friends commented that I am a very disciplined person. I let out a huge guffaw because of late, that is certainly not the case. Granted, I thrive on order and timeliness most of the time, but the moment the school holidays begin, my whole routine (what routine??) goes awry.

This is the time of year when my Apollonian self goes into hibernation, and the Dionysian in me comes out to make merry.

I have been eating out so much, it's beginning to show. OK, I jest. But I am starting to feel sluggish, and that bothers me. To make matters worse, a relative came over to visit recently, and she brought an entire roasted duck for us. For the past few days, I have been eating duck with rice, duck with noodles, duck with porridge, and duck with duck. Sigh, my cholesterol level! See why I have to start reining myself in? So, it's back to the kitchen again, to cook up some light meals that fill, not fatten.

I had this with a bowl of plain white porridge ... very light, very comforting and very Teochew.

This is a refreshing and crunchy veggie dish that I like a lot. Do you like cabbage? I love stirfried cabbage! My granny cooked cabbage very frequently for me when I was young. Every time I eat this dish with white porridge, I will inadvertently reminisce about my childhood days.

Usually, I fry it with dried shrimps. But today, I skipped that in lieu of shredded duck (for obvious reasons). That was the last of the duck, by the way ... thank goodness!

(if this can even qualify as one!)
- Round cabbage (cut into shreds)
- Bean sprouts (optional)
- Minced garlic
- Sliced chilli, deseeded
- Chicken stock
- Shredded leftovers (anything you want to finish off)

In a skillet, heat up some oil. Fry garlic and chilli till aromatic. Throw in cabbage and sprouts. Fry till they soften (over a medium flame). Add chicken stock and allow veggies to simmer till cooked. Toss in the shredded duck meat or any leftovers you want to finish off. Add a pinch of salt, if desired. That's it!

Typical simple fare I eat at home (usually without the duck). No matter how good the food is outside, homecooked food still reigns supreme for me.


  1. Ju, believe it or not cabbage is my fave veggie! and that looks so good. "Duck with duck " I laughed when I read that :DDD..

    and the school hols always made everything upside down and inside out... I remember relax and yet not relaxing cos everyone is 'in'. sigh those were the days! :))

  2. I hate cabbage when I was a child. But since I started cooking, thing changes. I LOVE it very much. See how bias I can be! LOL! Your version of stir fried cabbage looks so good! What a nice close-up shot!

  3. So simple but so delicious
    I agree with you, very often we prefer to stay at home, we like homecooked food
    Have a good day

  4. Looks yummy! Always love the simplicity of most homecooking! You're one good cook! Your family is sure blessed to have you in their lives!


  5. Wish I could have an entire roast duck. I'd cook it with kiam chye to make hot and sour soup! :)

    I'm looking forward to school holidays where I don't have to wake up at 5:30am to prepare breakfast and lunchbox for the kids. And I can stay at home the entire day without having to brave the afternoon traffic.

    And yes, homecooked food is the best. Sometimes my kids ask me to cook at home, rather than go out and eat! :D

  6. Hey I ate this before in the Teochew porridge restaurant, but what are the common shredded leftovers beside duck ? In Teochew style...

  7. Honestly I LOVE cabbage!! Thank you!!

    You cracked me up about duck with duck:)Just like Zurin:)

    I even love saurkraut(Sp?)...

    The photos are as yummy as ever.

  8. Sai che mi hai dato una bella idea, mi succede di avanzare del pollo e del tacchino lesso e questa ricetta fa proprio al caso mio.
    Un abbraccio Daniela.

  9. sure you say thank goodness now, but you will miss the duck in a few days... same with me and pulled pork.

    And hey, yesterday i made and served your SON-IN-LAW eggs. They worked great, and the sauce was terrific... Will be blogging about it soon, just wanted to let you know you were a huge hit in Kansas

  10. Your "mundane" food looks awfully appetizing to me! I do like cabbage, and since no one has brought a duck over for me, I'll try it with chicken.

    Thanks for the cheer!


  11. I believe that a simple dish is always a best dish on the table.

  12. How come your simple dish can still look so delicious? I'm jealous. :P

  13. It looks so appetising and bet it taste great especially with the duck meat.

    Its such a sin to waste food - Thanks for the recipe and great idea on how to handle leftovers.

  14. This looks absolutely awesome -- and I love that you used leftovers to make this meal. My mom always did that and now I find it to be so useful, especially since I only live with my fiance. Great post thanks for sharing :)

  15. There is nothing boring about your dinner. What a great way to cook cabbage.

  16. Oh dear, I love cabbage so much that whenever there's a cabbage dish in front of me, I'll ignore other dishes, hahaha

  17. Hello, What camera you use? Your pictures are so clear and sharp, colours so vibrant I can almost touch it, put in my mouth, only I don't go for ducks. For some reason or other, since very young.
    Even threatened by my Mom, "don't eat, you go hungry...". I didn't, ha ha.

    By the way is Bedok, those makan stores still around....used to go there for Seafood in the 80's. Mentioned this place few times in my blog escapades, ha ha.
    As well love that steel market, near harbour front, Beach Road? In the 70's, early 80's the yong tau fu there was out of this World.
    And used to eat at nights at Bugis Street too. Love Singapore....
    not to mention ECP under a full moon is fantastic, Ha ha, Lee.

  18. "Duck with duck"! Couldn't stop giggling at that :)

  19. I am Teochew so I definitely love such a dish with congee. Yumz.

  20. Ju, what do you mean by boring? This is definitely reminiscent of home cooked food. So yummy too!

  21. wow this is beautiful. everything you create turns out so delish looking, you have some kitchen magic going on? hehe

  22. I love cabbage! I like frying mine with dried scallops and conpoy, but this looks fabulous =)

  23. Love one-dish meals but this would be a very good side dish as well. I know J. would love it!

  24. zurin: Oh, you said it for me. Relaxed, yet not relaxing. Glad I made you laugh! :)

    Anncoo: Glad you think so. :)

    2 Stews: Thank you, Diane dear!

    La Table De Nana: Monique, I am so glad you and I and Zurin share the same taste! In veggies as well as humour! :))

    Daniela: Thank you for your kind words every time! :)

    A Year on the Grill: Dave, thank YOU!

    NyonyaChef: Eh, not sure leh. Heh. :P

    Dodol & Mochi: Thank you, Pei-Lin, for your compliments. I try my best. :)

    Food For Tots: Thank you!

    kat: Kiam chye to make hot and sour soup sounds good! :)

    chapot: Homecooked is still the best! :)

    sammi_ysh: LOL! Thanks, dear!

    yours deliciously: Thank YOU for dropping by, and for your kind comments!

    Joy: Thanks so much!

    Ellie: LOL!

    tigerfish: Ah, another fellow Teochew nang! :)

    Jo: Thanks, Jo!

    Thibeault's Table: Thanks, Ann!

    Uncle Lee: Wow, you sure have very vivid memories of Singapore!

    Kenny: LOL!!

    noobcook: LOL! Thanks for your compliments. :)

    Mrs Multitasker: Dried scallops and conpoy is fantastic. Thanks!

    Michelle: Thanks, Michelle!

  25. I do love duck, but I hear you about eating rich foods all the time. Even if it doesn't show, your body will tell you in subtle ways that it's had enough. That is a lovely cabbage stir-fry. Bet it was just what your body was craving!