Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kitchen Disasters

We ALL have them. Even the most seasoned cook/baker has his or her "off" days. The most important thing is, we learn from them :)

Read about my friends' funny encounters ... both involving pandan cakes! What a coincidence!

- Zurin at Cherry on a Cake
- Ellie at Almost Bourdain

These are truly gifted ladies who can cook, bake, photograph and blog spectacularly. That they share their "off" days with us just shows that they are not afraid to poke fun at themselves :) And that is such an endearing quality!

What is your kitchen disaster? ;)


  1. I might be making one right now! I'll let you know, a new cake is in the oven as we speak...but, yes, it's rare that I'll throw things out but that doesn't mean it's any good! Every once in a while I will throw something out and that's okay. It just happens.

  2. LOL! Julia, you're so funny! Ah, my kitchen disasters are aplenty. But like you said, it's OK, and it happens! :)

  3. Ce matin même, j'ai préparé une pâte à brioche hier soir, je l'ai cuite ce matin, mais à la sortie du four elle ressemblait à un sablé, une catastrophe !
    De plus elle n'avait pas très bon goût, mon chien va se régaler !
    Et je n'abandonne pas, je vais réessayer bientôt !

  4. I read about it earlier...
    And you are right, things did happen in life!

  5. My recent disaster was making the jap cheesecake I saw on your blog, I was too lazy to line the pan and the cake broke into half =(

  6. Aha! you may remember my last almost almost no knead bread? The same evening..I started a new one for my daughter and her family..I put it in an empty oven.. to rise for the night..

    Then at 9.30 pm I decided to also bake them a banana bread..and preheated the oven to 350..w/ the bread dough rising in a pot w/ cling wrap on it:(

    Picture the culinary success!

    Let alone the shrink wrapped mess..

    Cleaned all that up.. baked the banana bread and started another no knead.. ahh..success..until I baked it and forgot about the timer.. all burnt..

    I restored my faith in myself by baking another thais am:)

    We all make erors!!

  7. LOL, there must be a hidden curse on pandan cake baking! HAHAHAHAHA

  8. I had one with meringues on the weekend. It was too humid, so the poor egg whites just liquefied.
    Today it was getting Hoisin Sauce from the back of the fridge and putting it on the tofu BEFORE I realised it was too old. true, it was.
    lucky I have a compost bin!

  9. My disaster was baking a chiffon without flour. Good to know I'm not alone hahaha!

  10. LOL!! I thought you also had a kitchen disaster when I read your title. This post is brilliant. Thanks for the shoutout.

  11. hello! Just another silent reader piping up for the first time :) Recently, it was an attempt to make beef stew.. or a simplified version of beef bourguignon haha. The stew got burnt and the beef refused to break down to palatable tenderness despite cooking for 3-4 hours! I was hoping the burnt taste could be forgiven but alas.. the next day when the flavours of the stew had intensified, the burnt taste did too... I threw the entire pot out. :(

  12. This is way too cool! I didn't expect this many responses! Everyone sharing their funny moments (ok, not funny at that point in time). But it just proves we're all human :)

  13. wow...disaster friends gathering...yes so cool LOL

  14. my very first macaron attempt.
    it was so disastrous, my boyfriend can never forget about it.
    i thought they were okay for my first try.
    it was lumpy and ugly but had feet!
    so i kept them in the fridge.
    by the time he came over to try it, merely 3 hours later..
    it was sooooo hard. he couldnt even bite into it!
    it was so embarrassing.
    now whenever i get praised about my macarons,
    he'll burst out laughing and tell them about my first attempt.
    he'll never fail to mention that "it was so hard, he couldnt leave teeth marks!"
    lovely pandan cake btw :) its always a favourite!

  15. A mushy polenta casserole that didn't set and came out of the oven like a lumpy cheese soup. Yuk!!! I ate bread for dinner that night.

  16. I am probably the queen of kitchen disasters. The first time I made panacotta. OMG it was like soup. With every disaster there is success. You just have to keep on trying.

  17. Hey, kitchen disasters - I'm your man! Sunday lunch didn't quite work. See tomorrow's blog . . .

  18. LOL! You guys really make me laugh :) So sweet of all of you to share your kitchen disasters!

  19. mine was a bakewell tart, i think i put too much almond cream inside, it overflowed like no tomorrow T____T or maybe pie dish too flat :P

  20. Oh yes, I chuckled thinking about kitchen disasters. I'm human too (many embarrassed moment to say the least). More funny to laugh at others and that made my day. Thanks for creating this extra column. Anyway one for you; we were invited to a 'confirmed bachelor' house for dinner. After light conversations for an hour; he gets up and says he will start the roast in the oven now...huh? Needless to say, we didn't get to eat till 4 hrs later.

    Your silent forever grateful reader and follower of your recipes. Thanks for sharing and your humor. You're great!