Thursday, October 15, 2009

Son-in-law Eggs

Ah! Finally, more space on my blog :) It was getting a little too disorganised for my liking. And since I love order and tidiness, I just had to rope in my friend to help me do up this 3-column template. Thanks, G!

I feel like I have just moved in to a new home, and figuring out where to place what :)

Anyway, back to food. After watching Julie & Julia, I wanted to make some poached eggs :) However, I abruptly abandoned the idea for these Son-in-law Eggs when I found a half-opened packet of tamarind pulp in my larder. It's amazing what I can unearth every time I do a stock take!

See that little patch of black on the top right hand corner? That's the sauce, which I poured into a shot glass ;)

These eggs are so named because they make an easy dish for a son-in-law to cook and impress his new mother-in-law with. Obviously, its origin is hazy but I thought it was a cute name for a cute dish.

These eggs are a breeze to make. They get their kick from the sauce which you're supposed to drizzle over just before eating. The sauce is sweet, savoury and tangy all-in-one. Very nice!

I also did another dish - a quick stirfry of beansprouts which anyone can do. This was Sunday lunch, with rice. So easy, yet so satisfying :) My vegetarian hubby gave it two thumbs up. I suppose when you're always travelling and eating out, all you want is a simple homecooked meal.

(adapted from Simple Chinese)
- 3 hard boiled eggs (cooked through all the way, cooled, and shelled)
- 2 shallots, sliced thinly
- 1 red chilli, deseeded and sliced thinly

For the sauce
- 1 tbsp water
- 2 tbsp sugar
- 2 tbsp tamarind pulp (if you don't have this, use double the amount of lemon or lime juice)
- 1 tbsp chicken stock (I used kecap manis for a vegetarian version)
Boil and simmer briefly so that it thickens. Leave aside to cool.

1. Use a toothpick and prick the surface of the hard boiled eggs all over. Just at the surface, not all the way through!

2. In a skillet, heat some oil. Fry the eggs over a low flame until uniformly golden and crispy. Keep moving them around to prevent any one part from burning.

3. Drain off excess oil and allow eggs to cool, then halve them lengthwise. Arrange on a serving plate.

4. Fry the shallots and chilli in oil till fragrant.

5. Spoon the shallots and chilli over the eggs.

6. Drizzle with sauce before eating.


  1. interesting. son-in-law eggs are new to me!
    looks good. esp with the chilli omg i love chilli.
    your hubby is lucky to have a wife who can cook so well!

  2. This egg look interesting, never know it can cook this way and never know it has such cute name. Nice shot as usual.

  3. oh, i forgot to tell you, I like your new blog layout.

  4. Yum! These look so cool - when I first saw the picture I thought the eggs were sitting in bread, but I see that it's the golden exterior of the egg... what an interesting presentation, I have to try this!

  5. Of all the ways I do eggs, I've never thought of this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Little T. this looks so delicious!
    Thanks for posting this recipe!

  7. Davvero interessante questa ricetta, complimenti anche per la presentazione.
    Ciao Daniela.

  8. Hi there and greetings from California. I recently chanced upon your blog while searching for a carrot cake recipe. Just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing and food recipes. Thanks for the details you provide with each recipe especially the Teochew Ngoh Hiang. Someday, I may just try it if I can gather all the ingredients. And I know exactly what you mean about the simple home-cooked that you husband enjoyed. I used to have a job where I have to travel nearly every week. It was fun but I eventually gave it up to be a stay-at-home mom. But while I am not travelling, all I wanted was the simple white porridge, salted egg, bean sprout, etc -- you know, the simple fare.
    so thanks for your culinary inspiration!!!

  9. What an interesting name for the eggs! Must ask my hubby to cook them for my mom. Hehehe! Btw, I love your new blog layout...very organised!

  10. the eggs look great and your new arrangement, too. I cannot wait to watch julie and julia...

  11. This looks great, and easy enough for me!!!

    This one, I will be making. I love the presentation, and serving the sauce in a shot glass is inspired!

  12. You know what, I still think simple dishes are the best! The beansprouts look so fat and juicy... I like to put a lot when I make noodle soup... yum!! :)

  13. I want a Sunday lunch like this too.

  14. MMMMMMMMMM,....those eggs look so lovely & apart!! I don't know them but now I do!!

    Very tasty!!

  15. I love the new look of your blog with 3 columns!

    I have never heard of eggs prepared that way, but they look delicious! You lightly browned them so evenly ~ they look perfect.

    We adore stir-fried bean sprouts, too. Yum!

    Such a pretty lunch! Photos, too, of course! xo

  16. Son in law eggs... it's so easy to make and OMG the taste!!! Well done!

  17. Gosh they're gorgeous!I like the 3 columns too!

  18. Oh I cant believe we made a similar dish!!! LOL...yes we are kindred spirits aren't we?

    I love ur new layout...wish someone would do a 3 column one for me too...I really need more space ..

    the eggs look delicious as are all ur dishes and cakes. btw I made the sponge cake yesterday and added pandan. Ur right it was soooo lovely and soft. when I make a cream to go with it I'll post it :)))

  19. Hey, friends! Thank you for your generous compliments and lovely comments! I am glad the new layout is well-received :)

    Josephine: If you are reading this, please drop me an email and tell me more about your life in CA! Click on "Contact" - my email addy is there :) Thank you for reading my blog.

  20. Zu: I am glad the cake turned out well! I look forward to reading about your pandan version. It already sounds divine! :)

  21. That's a neat name....your pictures are always so pretty.

  22. Hey Little Teochew, just a quick look after your comment. This looks great!
    You got the story of the name right, at least that was what my grandfather told me :)
    Thanks for your birthday greetings and hope to learn more from u in the future!