Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pineapple Fried Rice

Pineapple Fried Rice is a great dish to make the next time you have leftover rice. Traditionally, this Thai dish is served in the hollow of a pineapple that has been halved. But this is home-cooking, so let's keep it real ;)

It's best to use refrigerated, overnight rice so that you get individual, whole grains in your dish. Good fried rice should not have any mushy bits. I used rice that was leftover from (same day) lunch, and you can see some of the mushy, lumpy grains from my photos. Thankfully, I am not an apprentice in a restaurant, or I would fail this dish spectacularly! ;P

Pineapple Fried Rice 1 P1080332

I used short-cut measures today, opting for canned pineapples instead of fresh ones, and store-bought roasted cashews, instead of raw ones (too lazy to fry them). And I make no apologies for making my job easier ;) Dinner was ready in 30mins (including preparation)!

No frills. No fuss. Just food.

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- Cooked rice (enough for 2 to 3 persons)
- Fresh or canned pineapples (cut into bite sized chunks)
- 2 eggs, lightly beaten
- 1 fresh chilli, deseeded and sliced thinly
- 1 handful of roasted cashew nuts
- 10 french beans, sliced thinly
- 1 large shallot, peeled and sliced thinly
- 2 cloves garlic, peeled and minced finely
- Chicken fillets, cut into small chunks and marinated with light soy sauce
- Shrimps (optional), shelled and deveined
- Squid (optional), cut into rings
- Pork or chicken floss for topping

Seasoning (mix everything up in a bowl)
- 3 tbsp fish sauce
- 3 tbsp chicken stock (have more on hand in case your rice gets too dry)
- 1 tsp sesame oil
- 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
- Dash of salt and pepper (if required)

1. Heat some vegetable oil in a wok. Scramble the egg and leave aside.

2. Add a little more oil in wok. Fry garlic, chilli and shallots over low flame till fragrant. Add in french beans and fry till cooked. You may add a little chicken stock if the ingredients look too dry but do not add anymore oil.

3. When french beans are cooked, throw in chicken chunks and/or other seafood (if using). Fry till semi-cooked.

4. Add in rice, followed by seasoning. Fry and toss all the time over high heat. Do not stop. As you fry and toss, make sure you break up all the lumps.

5. Add in scrambled egg, pineapple chunks and cashew nuts. Keep frying and tossing. Do a taste test - need more salt and/or pepper? Add them now.

6. When all ingredients are properly and thoroughly mixed, dish up the rice onto a serving plate. Top with pork or chicken floss.

Pineapple Fried Rice 2 P1080337

Remember, fried rice is one of the most versatile dishes, so get creative! Mix and match with whatever ingredients you like or have on hand.


  1. i LOVE pineapple rice.
    never fail to order it when i go to COCA restaurant or thai noodle house!
    with lots of pork floss.. mmm.
    the aroma drives me crazy.
    the picture of your pineapple rice is already so tempting!
    i can almost smell it :P

  2. Ju,

    I don't know how true it is but I have heard somewhere the best fried rice made by chef lies in the eggs. It's about when you add in the eggs. What restaurants do is they heat up the oil and saute the seasonings. They then add in the egg, tossing and lifting the wok off the heat and add in rice when eggs are partially set. They then keep tossing and turning and only add things like pineapple and nuts towards the end. A plate of fried rice will be done in under 5 mins with all ingredients prepared before hand.

    What do you think?

  3. Thanks, Felicia!

    Quinn, you're probably right, you know. The thing is, it takes a lot of practice to get that perfect plate. I still haven't gotten it right with the eggs part, that's why I fry it first and then re-intro to the rice :( One thing I notice about frying rice the chinese chef way is, you need a lot of oil, especially for the eggs. The eggs seem to drink up all the oil! I guess I have to make do with my "amateur style" for now. LOL!

  4. I wish we had just crowns the dish! We had a variation of this often when I was growing up..My mom would have loved you:)

  5. my husband good in fry this pipeapple fried rice too, he usually add some curry powder..But your look delicious too.

  6. Ciao carissima ecco un'altra ricetta che non conoscevo, e colgo l'occasione per annotarla, bravissima.Ciao Daniela.

  7. We eat fried rice all the time, but never pineapple -- sounds good. Where do you get pork or chicken floss?

  8. Ninette, we have shops that specialise in pork/chicken floss, BBQ-ed meats and jerky exclusively. It's a huge market here in Asia. See for example this chain store:

    Come Chinese New Year, their prices sky rocket like a stock market on a bull run.

  9. Je ne connaissais pas du tout, les couleurs sont superbes, c'est vraiment appétissant

  10. wow... this really sounds good. Never considered pineapple before, but now I have a hankering for this... great post

  11. This pineapple stir-fried rice for sure looks better than the one served in the restaurants!
    I love pork floss too, with congee.

  12. Ju, It's one of my favorite dishes and yours looks delicious! I like the addition of shallots and French green beans ~ I'll do it that way next time. Thank you for the suggestion and for sharing your recipe.

    How interesting! I had never heard of pork or chicken floss ~ that must add such a wonderful dimension of flavor.

    As always, your beautiful photos make me hungry. Nice job! xo

  13. I can finish this whole plate all on my own!! Looks so yummy!

  14. I've always prefer my rice slightly mushy Vs the 'single grain' look of fried rice cuz they taste pretty dry to me...but I guess I am an exception and not the norm ;p Yours looked yummy! :) - Cheryl

    P/s For some reason unknown to me, I can't seem to post msg thro my google blogger account so resorting to posting anonymously but signing off at end ;pp..wat irony right? ;p

  15. Hi Little Teochew, actually,in Thailand, the fried rice tends to be 'wetter' as well. That's because Thailand, being a rice producing country, always have access to fresh rice which has higher moisture content. If you buy the cheaper old rice, you probably can get dryer fried rice without leaving the cooked rice to stand overnight. Nice photos!

  16. oh another fave of mine JU! I love pineapple and pineapple in rice is just heaven for me...n u added cashews too !! oh how decadent...ur fried rice looks perfect...I prefer it a little wet rather than dry...too grainy n it mite taste like....grains :)) so urs is for me just spot on!

  17. a fave when i eat Thai outside :)

  18. they look perfect! U don't need to go thai restaurants already ;)

  19. I know how to 'get rid of' my tumeric powder and cashew nuts already! BTW, tumeric is know to kill off cancer cells (yesterday news).

  20. You know it's funny, I don't think I've ever tried pineapple fried rice but I love the sound of it! Thanks for sharing the recipe :D

  21. Oh boy this looks wonderful...I have not had my breakfast yet and i could dive headfirst into this beautiful plate of fried rice Ju!
    Thanks so much for the recipe...I can get everything here but the floss...that looks wonderful!

  22. This looks delicious. I love pineapple fried rice but I've never tried making my own. I'm going to try this out!

  23. This looks great! I've been meaning to try making this for way too long and now I have a recipe to follow. Thanks.

  24. Hello!! Great recipes you have here. Keep up the good work!

    I learnt a simple trick when I don't have overnight rice - simply toss the rice in a freezer bag and freeze 'em up for an hour. The freezer will absorb most of the moisture in the rice and ready for cooking.

  25. Great recipes.
    Look yummy.
    I'll try it very soon.