Monday, October 5, 2009

The Little Teochew Goes To The Movies: Julie & Julia

I was invited to the preview screening of Julie & Julia :) Many of my North American friends have watched the movie, blogged about it and enjoyed it. I was eagerly waiting for it to reach our shores, so this invitation was a lovely surprise.

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

I think movies about food generally do well :) Think Ratatouille, Chocolat, Tampopo, Like Water For Chocolate, and the Korean TV serial which took Asia by storm, Dae Jang Geum.

Julie & Julia is no exception. It is based on the true stories of Julie Powell and Julia Child (hence the title). I expect it to do well partly because of its central food theme, but mostly because of Meryl Streep - the inimitable, talented Ms Streep.

She effortlessly lights up the screen with her superb acting. In a class of her own, that lady. Also, full marks for casting Stanley Tucci, who played her husband. Their chemistry was perfect.

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

To fully appreciate Streep's acting genius, you have first got to watch an original Julia Child clip (see here). Only then will you realise how brilliant she is in character ... complete with that warbling voice! I can't think of anyone else who can pull off that role.

Which brings me to Amy Adams.

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

She wasn't all that bad, but when pitted against her mighty co-star, the disparity in talent was just so ... stark. Not the poor girl's fault, and definitely unfair to compare a newbie with a veteran, but for me, I would have been contented with just Julia.

And you know what? I was a fan of Julia Child long before I even knew it! At 7:26 of this clip, she said, "I'm going to add a few drops of cognac ... that never did hurt anything."

OMG!!! I cook by that mantra! If you have been reading my blog, you will notice my love for adding cognac to almost anything ... butter cake, crostini, chicken wine! Ah, Julia ... this Little Teochew wants to thank you for re-affirming what I have always believed in - every kitchen should have a bottle of cognac :)

Truth be told, as an Asian who has lived all her life in Singapore, I didn't know anything about Julia Child although her name pops up ever so often in the blog world. Now I know that she was this agent of change in North America, transforming how millions of Americans viewed and prepared their meals, in an era when frozen dinners and canned food were in vogue.

Anyone looking for a movie with a good dose of food, humour and Meryl Streep should watch Julie & Julia. And if you are a food blogger worth your salt (baked chicken), this movie is a must.

This post reflects my personal opinion of the movie. Much thanks to Ms Raine Chai of Nuffnang for the invitation.


  1. I like Meryl Streep....I will wait until DVD appears.
    Angie's Recipes

  2. I agree with everything you wrote..I will buy that movie Ju..and I rarely buy movies..But I just loved it enough..the pics you added w/ your review are so perfect.Meryl..was stellar.I would love her to win an Academy Award.It can't just be heavy drama that wins:) I thought she was THAT good..and what a dear husband Stanley Tucci is in the movie.His look is just so real.

    Now that I associate the cognac w/ you(why I didn't at that moment surprises me..)I like it even more..I need my own little Courvoisier for my cooking:)

    Great post..A screening? You must be a STAR in do so many neat things!

  3. I loved this movie... I am one of those North American bloggers that saw this months ago. Thanks for the reminder of what I enjoyed so much. As with everything in life, people will get different things from the movie. I do not want to take anything away from Meryl, but i related to the Julie character more. I feel like I have found myself as a foodie, and as a blogger, I have found a voice.

    don't want to get deep and meaningful, All around, one of my favorite experiences at the movies this year. What more can we ask for?

    But that may just be the cognac talking.

  4. Non ho ancora visto questo film, ma conto di vederlo presto.
    Buonaserata Daniela.

  5. I loved this movie! Meryl streep definetely does julia justice! How fun to go to the screening!!

  6. Dae Jang Geum is the only Korean TV serial that I have watched without missing any single episode, hehehe.

  7. cant wait to watch it! im like counting down till it opens! you're lucky that you got to watch it already. its gonna be awesome!

  8. lucky you! =) it sounds like a must watch for every foodie :D

  9. Oh, you know, they still have a Julia Child cooking pgm aired over public channels over here! Her passion for cooking reigns...

  10. I first learnt about Julia Child from watching one of Martha's episodes, and must say am blown away by her tenacity and passion. I really wanna watch Julie & Julia (which foodblogger doesn't right? ~hehe), but don't have kaki lah!

    I might just end up buying it later on to catch it myself :P

  11. Oh, how great that the movie finally came to Singapore! I keep asking my daughter in Seoul, if it has arrived....maybe soon...she will love it too!

    It is so fun to get your "take" on the movie, being of a younger generation and different culture. I am learning through the blog world that Foodies of all ages and cultures are so much alike.

    I agree about the cognac, too...just a touch!


  12. Je ne suis pas encore allée voir ce film, Monsieur Chapot n'est pas fan et ce n'est pas très amusant d'aller au cinéma toute seule, mais il faut vraiment que je le voie, lorsque je te lis tu donnes vraiment envie de "se régaler" avec ce film

  13. Great review Little T.!
    I really loved the movie...and I agree with M.,
    I too will buy it when it comes out on DVD...

  14. oh I must watch this! been waiting for it and I seldom go to movies! hubby doesnt have the patience to sit in a dark hall for hours I booked my daughter tot go with me so I'm looking forward to it. I f you were here I would drag you along