Friday, October 9, 2009

Char Kway Teow

I was craving for some Char Kway Teow (fried flat rice noodles) today ... real bad. So bad, I made it for breakfast! You know how sometimes food cravings suddenly act up and you just HAVE to eat what you're hankering for? Well, what I cooked up definitely cannot compete with what you'll find at hawker stalls, but it was enough to satiate my craving.

One of the easiest dishes to photograph ... just dump everything onto the plate and start snapping. There is no such thing as a tidy-looking char kway teow. In fact, when Anthony Bourdain ate this dish in "No Reservations", he muttered something like, "How can something so messy taste so good?"

(adapted from here)
Part A (basic ingredients)
- 400g fresh kway teow (rinse briefly)
- 1 stalk chives or scallions, cut into inch-long strips
- 2 eggs, lightly beaten
- 3 cloves garlic, minced
- 2 handful beansprouts (more, if you like)
- 1 bunch of chye sim, washed and cut into small pieces (or any leafy greens you like)

Part B (add-on ingredients):
- Shrimps, shelled and deveined with tails still on
- Squid, sliced into rings
- Cockles
- Meat, cut into slices and briefly marinated in soy sauce
- Fish cake, cut into thin slices
- Tau Pok aka tofu puffs, cut into thin strips (which I added)
- Chinese sausage, cut into thin slices (which I added)

Part C (for the seasoning sauce):
- 2 tbsp thick, sweet sauce (I used Rose brand "Thick Sweet Sauce" - made from molasses, sugar, water and caramel)
- 3 tbsp light soy sauce
- 1 tbsp fish sauce
- 2 tbsp water
- dash of salt and pepper (if required)
Mix all your everything in a bowl and leave aside.

1. Heat oil in wok on high. You have to maintain high heat throughout.

2. Stir-fry garlic a few seconds, add Chinese sausage for about a minute.

3. Toss in fresh seafood and/or meat (if using) and leafy greens, and stir-fry till semi-cooked.

4. Add noodles and tau pok (if using), drizzle the seasoning sauce soy sauce mixture all over the noodles. Gently stir-fry for 3-5 mins.

5. Make a circular empty space in the middle of the wok, using your ladle to push the noodles up and all around the outer edges of the wok.

6. Add some oil, pour the beaten eggs and scramble. Mix into kway teow.

7. Finally add chives (or scallions) and bean sprouts, fold the noodles over, give it one good last stir-fry to mix well with the kway teow.

8. Turn off heat, dish onto individual serving plates, garnish with coriander leaves.

I skipped lunch after eating this :)


  1. HEY... I know this one. I have been known to occasionally go to Las Vegas (to visit my money). Vegas does do noodle bars very well.

    I just called this flat brown noodles with lots of seafood... Now I gave a name.

    These look great and now i have a gambling itch I have to scratch

  2. This looks delicious! Now I have a craving for this too . . .

  3. Probably yours is not as messy as the hawker, but it looks tempting enough.

  4. This remind me so long I have not eat Char Keow Teow, maybe I should try to cook it at home too. Your picture all are very sharp, what type and brand of camera you using? I'm looking for one to replace my old camera. thanks ya.

  5. Davvero invitanti, li assaggerei subito, sento già il profumo,favolose anche le foto, bravissima.
    Ciao Daniela.

  6. I will look for your Rose thick sauce..I love AB's No Reservations..I wish I had it!

    Cravings? Hmmm......

    When my daughters have cravings.....?:)

    Looks delish Ju!! Great pics as always!

  7. Yeah, you should skipped lunch after eating this, so heavy, yet so nice! Must have eaten a lot huh? ;)

  8. Looks delicious..Great pics. Thanks a lot for visiting "collaborative curry". We are a small group of friends and hence the name :-)

  9. Did you save some for me?? I thought I told you I would drop by your house for breakfast? ehehhehe..
    Your char koay teow looks fantastic, I love the lap cheong... *drooling*

  10. Oh little T...I would love to come to your house for breakfast!
    I love this dish...we do get something similar but it does not look half as delicious as yours does!

  11. hey! looks good to me!
    LOVE char kway teow. with lots of cockles and chilli.
    hehe. if only i could grab some from this computer screen of mine! :P

  12. hmm this looks so good and tasty thanks for the sharing little teochew !!
    and if you like pistachios come and see my chef dessert !!
    see you soon Pierre

  13. Your plate of char kway teow looks AMAZING! I'm craving for some now!

  14. this is a dish i wld die for! I wld pray for the person who does not like fried kuay teow. :))

  15. First time visit your blog, your char kway teow looks great....

  16. I adore char kway teow...!! You're so lucky that where you live you're surrounded by vendors selling char kway teow everywhere, or if you want to cook it at home, you can just buy the fresh kway teow... It's sooo hard to get kway teow here...:(

  17. very nice receipt! so much colour and perfume.
    the pictures are beautiful.
    Baci Alessandra

  18. What can be better than good plate of CKT. Wish I can have a plate for dinner now.

  19. I remember this stir-fry....and it has been really long since I last had them together with some fish balls soup.

    Angie's Recipes

  20. CKT for breakfast!! bring it on!!!!!!

  21. looks great! must give it a try, i'll be using lard :)

  22. This looks absolutely delicious. char kway teow is my sinful pleasure :D

  23. I love this dish, but everytime I try to make it, the noodles turn out mushy. Do you have any tips?

  24. Hi! Ju, yr char kway teow look yummy going to give it a try. What brand of fish sauce did you use can I get from NTUC?
    Christina Poh

  25. Christina: You can use any brand of fish sauce. I think there is one with Thai words which you can get from NTUC. Or Knife brand. Quite a few brands available from all the supermarkets.

  26. Hi,

    where can i buy the thick sweet soy sauce?
    Been to NTUC but cant find it. Manage to find sweet soy sauce only.
    Any other alternatives?


  27. If you can't find it, try the dried goods stalls at the wet market. Those that sell ikan bilis, beans, hay bee, etc. They usually stock them.

  28. aarrgghhh, that will be a uphill task.

    by the time its off work, those store wud have close liao!

    where did u get urs? NTUC or market stall?

    tks for ur help!

  29. Both NTUC and market! Look closer lah. They should have it. Unless it's the really small type of NTUC. It's a very small bottle - only 300ml. I have seen it at Giant as well as Shop N Save too.