Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Banana Prawn Rolls

The next time you are left with some very ripe bananas, don't take the predictable Banana Cake route. Try this Banana Prawn Roll instead. Your family and friends will thank you for it :)

Banana and prawn rolls 1
The marriage of banana and prawn is a match made in heaven. When cooked, the softened bananas become creamy and sweet. Their flavours intensify ... and the crunchy, savoury prawns are the perfect complement.

The rice paper tends to become soggy after a while, so it's best eaten immediately. Which shouldn't be a problem, I promise ;)

Having said that, does anyone know what type of wrappers dim sum restaurants use to make these rolls? They are crispy and white, so it's definitely not the regular springroll wrappers (those turn brown after frying). I thought they were rice paper wrappers, but after tasting, I realised they were not (even though they were delicious).

Please drop me a comment or email if you know how to make this dish. I made these based on my own guesstimates, so I would love to hear from someone who has made these many times. Much thanks!

- 300g prawns, shelled, deveined and smashed flat with a cleaver. Do not chop them up into bits because they will harden into lumps when cooked. I find that smashing with a cleaver prevents this from happening.
- Half a chicken stock cube (bouillon), crumbled
- Pinch of salt
- Pinch of sugar
- 1/2 tsp tapioca flour or corn flour
- 1 tsp sesame oil
- 1/2 tsp Huatiao wine (optional if you don't have it, but for me, it's a must)

- 2 or 3 very ripe bananas, peeled and cut into small chunks
- Vietnamese rice paper (round ones sold in a pack), softened in lukewarm water one at a time, after every roll. Do NOT pre-soften all at one go.

1. Marinate the prawns with all the seasoning listed above. Mix them up throroughly by hand, until the mixture becomes "bouncy" and elastic. Leave aside for about 10 to 15mins.

2. Gently mix in banana chunks.

3. Soak 1 sheet of Vietnamese rice paper in a dish of lukewarm water. It should soften very quickly. Once it's pliable, remove and allow to "drip dry" to remove excess water.

3. Place on a flat surface. Arrange banana prawn mix in row and roll into a firm wrap. Resist the temptation to load up on the filling ... the rice paper will tear.

4. In a heated non-stick pan, fry the rolls, leaving ample space in between each one, else they will stick. I pan fried mine without oil and they turned out really well. No greasiness!

Serve hot off the pan.


  1. And you can even make dim sum........... Where did you learn all these goodies from?

  2. Wow, I'd never thought of eating banana and prawns together! Very interesting combination!

  3. This is so interesting! I've never heard of a banana-prawn combination before. Sure looks good!

  4. This is certainly new combo for me! :) it looks so refreshing though.

  5. Yup! Banana and prawns are great together but who would have thought to wrap them in a rice roll!! Ju, you are very talented!!! Must try this recipe soon.

  6. Vraiment original, des crevettes et des bananes, et surtout très appétissant

  7. Perfect! I have a bunch of really ripe bananas right now & I don't want all the sugar in a banana bread. Thanks! :-)

  8. A combination of banana and prawn wrapped with rice paper sounds very delicious to me...a bit like Cantonese seafood rolls.

  9. This look really interesting, since I have plenty of Vietnam rice paper, I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Combinazione interessante, da provare, in Italia i fogli di riso sono difficili da reperire, si trovano solo in alcuni negozi etnici.
    complimenti per la bella idea, ciao Daniela.

  11. They do sound interesting..I have always called those rice paper wrappers.I love working w/ them..were they supposed to brown Ju?
    I have never cooked mine on the stove..

    Great idea and thank you.
    You eat so well..Fresh and clean and healthy!

  12. wow...looks so nice

    me hungry and drooling

    btw...do you take a long time to make these dishes...really envy the time taken to take such nice pics..
    I often sweat when i work in kitchen...so dun even think of bringing the camera out...

    What camera you using?

    Compile a book and publish a cookbook, east and west...combination...


  13. Thanks, everyone :)

    Kenny: I either go by trail and error. Or use someone else's trusted recipe. Heh.

    Ellie: I have a lot to learn from you!

    Monique: These wrapper don't brown. Just pan-fry for them to crisp. And eat ASAP :)

    Irene: Depends what I am cooking. There are some dishes that I never got the chance to blog about because I was too tired/busy. I don't spend a long time taking pics either. As I cook, I already think of how I want to photograph it, and then snap, snap, snap. Done! :)

  14. The spring roll wrappers look very much like Vietnamese summer roll wrappers. That is one great combination. Banana and shrimp!

  15. Wow, this is definitely unique. I don't think I'd ever have included banana in a savory wrap. Looks good! :)

  16. Hello! Yes, I have eaten quite a few banana/Prawn roll at dim sum lunches...sometimes also with mangoes. For a while,I thought you were wrapping with Cheong Fun steamed rice flour skin.(Sweat..) Using Rice Paper is definitely more achievable. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I often have ripe bananas so I can make both ... ;o) I love banana cake but your rolls are amazing and I just want to taste them !
    Have a nice day !

  18. wow interesting combo! I've never tried this combo before, definitely a must-try!

  19. Yummmmy ... I love eating this at dim sum places. Both of my fav things - banana and seafood! Usually it's deep fried and served with a dollop of mayo but yours is definitely the less sinful version.

  20. I like your blog a lot. I'm now officially stalking you by following your blog. Keep the post coming!

  21. I have never heard of banana and prawns... at first I thought you meant banana prawns but reading the recipe I thought how interesting this would be. I must try it!

  22. sweet and savoury all rolled in one! I love this!

  23. That looks absolutely delightful!

    About dim sum, I'm sure they don't use rice papers there as this is a Vietnamese tradition, not Chinese.

  24. The frying made the rice paper rolls hard for me so I decided to steam them instead. It turned out wonderful and just as healthy. I love the combination of bananas and prawns, thank you!

  25. That's net spring roll rice paper which you can get it at Victoria Street Wholesales Centre. The Shop name is Ah Pau Chop, it is for frying.

  26. Anon: Thank you for the info! Very much appreciated!