Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sky Dining Onboard The Singapore Flyer

I love my blog! It has enriched my life in so many ways. In July, I was invited to the Singapore Food Festival, where I had such a wonderful time.

Yesterday, I was invited for an evening onboard the iconic Singapore Flyer, courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board. Not just for a ride in the sky, but for a spectacular dinner in a private cabin! It offers the World's First Full Butler Sky Dining, so you can imagine how thrilled I was.

Here it is, the Singapore Flyer! I deliberately arrived earlier to take photos while there was still daylight.

At the ticket office, I was escorted to the VIP Lounge for drinks before boarding. I took more photos while waiting for my sister to arrive. Yes, I was allowed to bring a guest and I brought my sister to thank her for the Cognac-Flavoured Crostini inspiration :)

My hubby was busy, otherwise he would have loved to come, especially since vegetarian meals were available upon request. Oh, I have a good reason to revisit the Singapore Flyer again :) Perhaps bring my kids too.

(Centre) A cute jar of marshmallows at the bar! I loved the quirky little touches.

I noticed there was an outdoor area, so I stepped out and took some pics before night fell. My dinner date had arrived by then and we were served fruit juices before being led to the boarding area. No queueing, no waiting ... just first class treatment.

We were scheduled to board the 7:37pm flight. As we stepped into our private cabin, an entire row of tourists started snapping photos of us getting seated at our table. My first taste of "paparazzi", LOL! Immediately, our in-flight butler, Raj, got to work, meticulously setting the table for dinner.

We, on the other hand, squealed like kids in a candy store and rushed off to take photos.

Can you blame us? The view was out of this world ... see the full moon? The brightly lit lanes are for the Singapore Grand Prix. Yup, 25 September 2009 is the date.

The red and yellow area are spectator seats. Can you imagine what it would be like having dinner while Räikkönen, Massa, Hamilton et al race it out below? That would bring the dinner up by another notch, wouldn't it? Lights, camera and action! Find out how you can get a piece of the Night Race here.

Raj then motioned us to take a seat and enjoy our starters. *Wistful sigh* ... can everyday be like this? Please? It was surreal ... dining onboard the world's largest observation wheel, feeling on top of the world, literally.

These bruschetta were delish!

Our dinner menu.

Our Appetisers. The prawns were supremely fresh and succulent. Add to the herb citrus salsa and slices of sweet mandarin, and you have an explosion of flavours in every bite. Fabulous. I loved every bit of this dish.

Shortly after, the panoramic view lured us away from the table. We were on Cloud 9!

This is a side of Singapore I seldom see ... I felt like a tourist in my own country. The night scene was mesmerising.

Too soon, we finished 1 rotation of the wheel and were back at starting point. This was when our Entrees were ready to be served.

The minute the door opened, a crew member whizzed in, served us and breezed out as quickly as he entered. All in 60 seconds! How's that for efficiency?

Cod. Very firm and fresh. It was lightly marinated, so that the honey and miso did not overwhelm the natural sweetness of the fish. Lovely.

Chicken Roulade with Turkey Ham. The savoury meats were perfectly balanced by the sweet potato mash. The use of Baked Garlic Zucchini crisps as topping was brilliant. Kudos to Chef Frankie.

Once we finished dinner, we took in more sights from the Flyer.

The twinkling lights come from the construction site of the soon-to-be-ready Integrated Resorts (IR). The view can only get better when construction is complete.

The many colours of the Singapore Flyer, taken at different intervals.

Within an hour, our 2 rotations of the wheel were up, and we were led back to the VIP Lounge. Notice the checkered flags hanging overhead? :) The F1 mood is heating up!

This was dessert - Panna Cotta with an Asian twist. There was a distinct coconut flavour in the Panna Cotta, which was drizzled with gula melaka (palm sugar). I thought of my friend, Monique, when I ate this :) We had our dessert with freshly brewed coffee and/or specialty tea.

I guess all food bloggers can identify with this :)

After all the photos were taken, we finally got to sit back, relax and enjoy our dessert. And then my phone rang. "Are you coming home soon?" My kids were looking for me. Sigh ... at least Cinderella had until midnight to enjoy herself. I had to be home by 10pm.

The drive home. This is the F1 race track itself, barricades all up and ready to go!

And so ended my incredible night out. I give it 2 thumbs up. The food was decent, the service impeccable, and the experience ... priceless.

A big thank you to Mr Benjamin Loh of Singapore Tourism Board for arranging this, and the Singapore Flyer crew (especially Raj and Ryan) for your warm hospitality. Visit the Singapore Flyer website for more details on out-of-this-world Sky Dining.


  1. Che bello, mi sarebbe piaciuto essere li con te, un luogo da sogno con dell'ottimo cibo, sono certa che vi siete molto divertite.
    Ciao Daniela.

  2. How exciting Little T...thank you for sharing your adventure with us all!

  3. awesome post there! dont talk about dinner on the flyer..
    i have never even been on the flyer before! omg so 'sua ku!'
    love the pictures :) glad you had fun!

  4. Congrats on your 2nd invite to a sponsored event! What a great experience. I didn't get a chance to go on the Singapore flyer during my last trip to Singapore :( Did you meet Dawn Yang? She was invited to the same event too >_<

  5. Monique, Linda: Thank you! I had a splendid evening :)

    Daniela: Grazie, bella.

    muffinsareuglycupcakes: Thanks :) It was my first time on the Flyer, actually!

    Ellie: Thanks! No, I didn't see anyone. I got the whole cabin to myself, hehe!

  6. Congrats on your invite by STB! What a great dining experience at Singapore Flyer! I still haven't been to this place yet. ;)

  7. What an excellent dining experience for you!! The setting is wonderful & the food looks outstanding!! Beautiful pictures too!

    I just gave you an award!! Come over @ my blog & collect it!

  8. Food For Tots: Thanks! :)

    Sophie: Thanks! I am so honoured and flattered by your gesture!

  9. OMG! you such a luckyone, dining in the sky, I wonder will Simgapor tourism will invite BBO for a experience dining? I am waiting!

  10. I'm so happy you got this experience, you totally deserve it! It looks like an amazing evening and thanks so much for sharing it with us!! Gorgeous images, yummy memories!

  11. Wow! What a trip! Glad you had this wonderful experience :)

  12. Beautiful view and yummy looking food! WHat a great experience!

  13. Big Boys Oven: Thanks! I hope you get the chance too.

    Marta: Thanks, so good to have you back :)

    Mia: Thanks!!

    pigpigscorner: Thanks, it was super!

  14. What a fun dining experience. Singapore has one of the most beautiful night views.