Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Potato And Cheese Frittata

Bless the Italians! I love eggs and a simple Frittata is just right up my alley. It's a delicious one-dish meal which has loads of room for creativity and leftovers :) What's not to like?

Frittate (the plural of Frittata) are lovely served warm or cold, so they make perfect snacks to take along to picnics or road trips.

I made these on a whim. My plumber was coming to fix a choked pipe (disaster in my kitchen for 2 days!!) and I hadn't had lunch. Looking around my pantry, I spotted 1 lonely potato, an opened packet of shredded cheese and some wilting stalks of spring onions. Immediately, I thought of a savoury Potato and Cheese Frittata :) Yum!

To those ingredients, I added 1 shallot and 2 large eggs (thickened with some whipping cream and seasoned with salt and pepper). I also threw in 1 chilli, deseeded.


I know I should really add another egg or 2, to make a thicker, prettier Frittata. But since I was eating it by myself, imagine what that would do to my cholesterol level!!!

So, due uova. Basta.

And yes, the plumber got the choked pipe fixed in 30 minutes. I am a lot poorer but infinitely happier, now that my kitchen is back in business! Yipee!

- 2 large eggs, lightly beaten and seasoned with salt and pepper
- 3 tbsp whipping cream (to be added to the eggs)
- 1 potato, peeled and cubed
- 1 stalk spring onion, sliced finely
- 1 shallot, sliced finely
- 1 chilli, deseeded
- Shredded cheeses, to sprinkle over the Frittata

* Note that you need a small, non-stick pan for this (about 15-18cm), to get the desired thickness for the Frittata.

1. In a small, non-stick pan, fry the potato cubes in some olive oil till browned and cooked through.

2. Lower the flame, add in shallots and spring onions. Fry a while longer till fragrant.

3. Slowly pour in the egg mixture, coating the bottom of the non-stick pan entirely.

4. Initially, as the omelette starts to set at the bottom, allow the uncooked portion on top to flow beneath by occasionally breaking the middle of the omelette, and also by gently lifting the sides. Your flame must be very small.

5. Stop "messing" with it when the omelette begins to firm up.

6. Sprinkle chilli and shredded cheeses on top and allow the Frittata to cook through. The bottom should be browned while the interior still remains tender.


  1. That looks very comforting. I would love to have a piece of that right now.

  2. Good Morning from here~ Imagine I never knew the singular and plural forms:) I truly enjoy dishes like this.. it amazes me that some people don't know:) So additives.. and so photogenic:)

  3. Mamma che buona, bravissima.
    Ciao Daniela.

  4. You're so talented! I don't think I would ever have the thought of making a frittata if I saw those ingredients in my kitchen, hahahaha.

  5. Love frittata! Avec une salade verte ... Parfait pour dîner Solitaire MON!

  6. What a quick fix ! You are just like the plumber, stirring up a great meal within split seconds.

  7. The inside looks moist. I'm hungry.

  8. This is so easy to fix up for a quick meal and full of nourishment too. Thanks for sharing, would make this for my Piggies and I know they will love it :)))

  9. ahh. awesome for leftovers.
    first impression when i saw the picture.. i thought it was quiche!
    heh. looks really delish.
    i could really use some supper now :S

  10. You could've offered your plumber a piece, then perhaps he'd given you a big discount~!

  11. Wow! This looks delicious! I could use a slice right now. Instead, I must try to "mix" something up in my kitchen.

  12. This looks delicious and I am glad to know the plural of frittata :)

  13. I have a weakness for Fritatte - I make them on the weekend for breakfast & have the leftovers for a mid morning snack. Yours looks great - Yum!

  14. I'm not big on eggs, but the mister's a huge egg fan :P I think he would totally love this! A question, is it possible for me to use milk instead of whipping cream? I always seem to have milk in the fridge, but not cream :P

  15. Hello everyone! Thank you for your comments! You all flatter me *blush* ...

    Kenny and Nyonyachef: You guys are too funny!!

    Leon: I did offer him a piece, but he said he ate right before he came over ;)

    ovenhaven: Yes, you should be able to use full cream milk! Not as smooth as using cream, I suppose but it would be better for mister's waistline, heh!

  16. OH my does this look delicious! Love that plate too!!

  17. AWESOME! I was looking for a recipe that didn't require me to use a skillet(to finish the dish in the oven). Good work, delicious photo and great instructions. :) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fritata mmmmmmmmmmm