Sunday, September 20, 2009


Commercialism rears its ugly head. The Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival) falls on 3 October this year, and already, I have gone through 3 boxes of mooncakes! By the time we come to October, you can be sure the malls will be playing "Deck the Halls". It's quite absurd, really :(

But well, when well-meaning family members come over bearing boxes of lovely mooncakes, you just eat ;P

Mooncakes from my sister-in-law. From left: White Lotus Paste, Lotus Paste, Red Bean and Jade (Pandan). How do I know? The Chinese characters on top of each mooncake tell me so ;)

Luscious and smooth. I particularly enjoyed the Red Bean and Pandan (in the foreground). Love the golden yolks ... symbolic of the moon, you see ;)

My sister also bought some for my family. These were from Goodwood Park Hotel. The Durian Snow Skin (in yellow) was lovely.

Few days later, my sister came over AGAIN, with more durian mooncakes, from Peony Jade. These were filled with 100% Mao Shan Wang durians!! It was sublime ... like eating cream. Unfortunately, we both did not like the matcha snow skin.

I know there will be more mooncakes coming my way ... my aunt makes fantastic ones for us every year. Yes, the mooncake buffet continues ...

As a child, I really looked forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival. After dinner, the adults would sit outdoors, eating mooncakes and drinking tea, chatting under the full, bright moon (if it didn't rain, that is).

The kids would be toting paper/cellophane lanterns, walking about, and insisting they could spot Chang E (the fairy who lives on the moon)! Ah, those were the days! I still remember my favourite lantern was one of a colourful phoenix, which my granny gave me, and which I kept for quite some years.

And that reminds me, I should start looking around for some non-obnoxious, non-Disney, non-battery operated lanterns for my children soon :) Anyone coming with me?


  1. I love reading your blog and learning so many new things!

  2. What lovely mooncakes! We can get mooncakes here, but mostly out of New York City.

  3. OMG lucky you!! I haven't had one, not even a slice! I'm waiting for my mum-in-law to bring smoe over next week =)

  4. Hi!

    Commenting from San Diego, California here. Love your blog, the pictures are so pretty. I love durian everything but it's not that popular to most people in the states because of the smell. If only we had Durian Mooncakes, that would be FANTASTIC!


  5. I have some lanterns for you!

    Oh Ju..those mooncakes are so beautiful..I LOVE them..I have seen some.. your exquisite photography shows them to their best:)Chang E is gorgeous!She looks like a princess in my childhood book"Contes Et Légendes Du Japon"..

    Going to click on the other 2 links..
    We learn so much from you~

  6. MMMMMMMMMM,....what funny & apart looking mini sweet cakes!! I like the fillings too!

  7. Yum, yum, yum, I wish I have mooncakes like that here!!

  8. The imprint of these mooncake are so clear and beautiful!

    Angie's Recipes

  9. wow!! nice mookcakes. I havent had them for a long long time.. Perhaps, I need to get them from Chinatown.

  10. Thanks for your comments, everyone :) I love my mooncakes!

  11. How gorgeous and what sweet little cakes. I've never heard of Moon Cakes before and now I want one!

  12. Mmm. The durian snowskin one sounds nice! I made snowskin mooncakes this year! Hehe. Perhaps I'll try making durian ones next year! :D

  13. Hahaha...I like how you said about the mall playing deck the hall....during mooncake season.

  14. is there any place i can buy the mooncake mould? :)