Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kiwifruit 101

This is a shout out to ZESPRI - the Kiwifruit Company. I don't know anyone there and I am not paid to do this. BUT, my daughter came home yesterday with a goody bag, filled with 2 kiwifruit, a toy, a discount voucher and a brochure. She said a magician from ZESPRI came to the school and did a little skit featuring kiwifruit (among other fruits and veggies). At the end of the skit, everyone got that goody bag.

Whatever the magician did, the magic sure worked. She had a kiwifruit after lunch and another after dinner. Now, she wants kiwifruit every week - "I prefer the Gold one", she declared. This, coming from someone who previously refused even a single bite of it, not even the thin slices on cream cakes! My jaw just dropped.

As if it wasn't enough, she went on to rattle off trivia on kiwifruit - like, "Did you know 1 kiwifruit has the same amount of Vitamin C as 2 oranges?" or "Did you know that 1 kiwifruit has the same amount of potassium as 1 mango?" And so on, and so forth. Argh, if only she could rattle off her facts the same way for her upcoming year-end exams!

Next, she demonstrated the correct way of eating a kiwifruit - slice it in half and using a spoon, eat only the soft flesh around the core. My goodness! Now she is teaching me kiwifruit etiquette.

Whatever the case, I am thankful. I wish more companies would reach out and get kids interested in their fruits and veggies like this ... so kudos to ZESPRI. Yes yes, I know ... it's soft sell and vested interest for them, but the end result is a child who wants to try a new fruit and ends up enjoying it (without her mother having to do any persuading).

That, my friends, is what I call a win-win-win situation. Kiwifruit, anyone?


  1. I love zespri's !! They are a bit sweeter & more yellow in colour. We can buy them in our supermarkets.

  2. Mygoodness, I'm learning new things about the kiwifruit! I never knew it had twice the amount of Vitamin C of an orange :P Good on them for reaching out to kids. Maybe I should try using it on the non-fruit-eating mister :P

    p/s: It feels good to be able to drop by after a hectic week of Raya baking!

  3. You daughter sounds so sweet!!
    I have tried the Gold one and I have to admit, it's sweeter. I think the Gold Kiwi is now taking a storm even in London!! I saw at all supermarkets!!

  4. lucky... how 'come my daughter never comes home with kiwi fruit?

  5. I might have to steal a kiwi from my daughter's stash since she's sleeping!

  6. i just love the golden kiwi too. you can buy it from NTUC at $4.10 in a pack of 4. sy

  7. Sounds like the magician from ZESPRI can teach Ronald McDonald quite a few things.

  8. Sophie! I must get more of that golden ones :)

    ovenhaven: Z, it's soooo good to have you back!

    mycookinghut: Thanks, LM! Kiwi taking London by storm! Wow! Love your Greece holiday pics, BTW.

    Justi: LOL!

    Ninette: LOL!

    SY: Thanks for the tip! Even provided the pricing!

    Nurit: LOL, yes!

  9. My whole family loves the golden zespri! BUT, they cost more than the green ones BUT supposedly higher in vitamins and all...I normally wait like a *cheapskate* for Fairprice to have them go on sale at $3.95 (betw U.P$4.15 - $4.45, depending on which supermkt) before I load up on the punnets of golden zespri! ;pp Cheryl :)

  10. Cheryl: I shall wait like a "cheapskate" too! LOL!

  11. Hello - I grow gold kiwifruit in New Zealand for Zespri. It is great to see our lovely kiwis being appreciated and good to see Zespri getting in early to build up another generation of loyal consumers! Thanks for the blog

  12. Kia Ora! Anna, thank YOU. People like you are the unsung heroes. Please do drop me an email at and tell me more about your kiwi farm / what you do!