Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Easy Salmon Cakes

They surveyed the dish in front of them with caution. "It's like your usual salmon, but in little patties," I explained. Each of them took a piece and hesitatingly took a bite. Then another, and another. No one said a word until all the Salmon Cakes were gone.

My older son, a little man of few words, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, then slid off his chair and went off to play, satiated. The younger boy, with a mutilated-looking patty in his grubby hands, gnawed at it with his four tiny teeth, grinning whenever I looked at him.

My daughter, in between the few last bites, declared, "This stuff is gooood!"

And so, a new family favourite was born. Easy Salmon Cakes, made with whatever I had on hand. Sometimes, we get lucky :)

Crispy on the outside, flaky and moist on the inside. Held together by mashed potatoes and mayo, this is one easy but tasty dish!

- 1 fillet fresh salmon, about 250g
- 1 large potato, cut into chunks and microwaved on high till cooked, then mashed coarsely (I will increase to 2 potatoes next time because we're all spud lovers)
- 1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
- pinch of salt
- pinch of pepper
- 3 tbsp of mayo (use your discretion - just enough for the fish mixture to be sticky, for shaping into patties)
- 1 egg, lightly beaten
- 1 tray of panko or breadcrumbs

1. Boil potato, or microwave on high till cooked, then mash coarsely into chunks.

2. In the meantime, remove bones from salmon. Rinse.

3. Bring a small saucepan of milk to a boil. Poach the salmon, about 10mins, over a very low fire till cooked. You can flavour the milk, for eg, add garlic (like I did) or bay leaves or lemongrass, etc, to give the fish an added dimension in taste.

4. Remove from milk and drain off excess fluids. Cool.

5. In a large bowl, combine mashed potato, grated parmesan, salt, pepper and mayo. Flake in the poached salmon with a fork and gently fold everything together. Do not stir or overmix.

6. Shape into patties. If the patties keep crumbling, add a little more mayo.

7. Heat up oil in a skillet. Dip one patty at a time, into egg, then panko, then into the hot oil. Fry till golden brown over a medium flame.

8. Dish up and drain excess oil. Serve.


  1. Good stuff, wow! you poached the salmon with milk first to enhance the taste before you make it into patties,....no wander your kids love it so much. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

    By the way can I add you in my blog list ?

  2. Superbes, mes gloutons n'en laisseraient pas une miette non plus
    Bonne journée

  3. Drooling........these salmon patties look fantastic! So do these pictures!
    Angie's Recipes

  4. We love these..in fact we grew up on the also..I love your depiction of the meal also..I can almost PICTURE them;)Yours look perfectly crunchy and moist!I love poached salmon..

  5. Kenny: WHERE are you??? The blogosphere needs you!!

    NyonyaChef: Thanks, and of course you can add me. It's my honour!

    chapot: Hahaha! Merci! ;)

    Angie: Thank you again!

    Monique: Yes, you can PICTURE them ;) You know who's who :) This is quite a new dish to me, and actually, I just made it for dinner 2 times in a row! Heh heh!

  6. Belli da vedere, ottimi da gustare, complimenti.
    Ciao Daniela.

  7. They look so crispy! I like how you poached the salmon in milk first. The flesh must be really soft and tender.

  8. Yummy!! My son said, "Mommy let's make this now!!!"

    Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  9. Nice idea! Ill try... Très bonne idée! j'essaierai...

  10. Hi little TC, Your children are darlings!

    These look so good, we love salmon patties/cakes :) Mini-size...YES!

    Such a terrific tip about soaking in milk too.

    I'm doing them your way next time (and since we love spuds, too) I'll follow your lead and add another one to the recipe.

    Beautiful photos! xo

  11. What a creative mom you are...my son is 19 and still won't touch salmon! The days of young children at the dinner table are busy, but the best...enjoy them!


  12. really droolicious. I know it's super tasty just from the looks of it!

  13. waw,....these salmon cakes look so beautiful,...Now, I want at least 3 of them!

  14. What a great alternative to crab cakes. I love it!

  15. a fairly simple recipe and looks very tasty, very impatient to try it soon....