Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warm Banana Soufflé

Still on the subject of bananas, I tried my hand at this Warm Banana Soufflé. It looked too gorgeous to pass up and I just had to try making it. I was so nervous! My very first soufflé! Will it rise? That was the only question on my mind, never mind how it would taste.

It's quite comical now that I think back. My kids and I huddled together, watching with bated breath to see if the thing would rise. LOL!

As you can see, it did rise. And it actually went sky high while in the oven! The photos you see here are of a somewhat deflated soufflé :( I think I took it out too quickly.

Now, I have never had soufflé before, so I don't quite know if I got it right. This one was a cross between cotton candy and mousse. Yes?

Question: Would I do this again? Yes, but I would like to try using the entire egg. I still like some fat in my desserts, and that means yolks, please. "The more yolks the merrier" is my mantra for desserts :)

For the recipe, click here. Bon appetit!


  1. Oh, banana souffle. Sounds terrifically delicious, particularly with some coffee.

  2. Love your blog! Your souffle is beautiful! And no matter how high they rise, they ALWAYS deflate after being taken out of the oven, it's only a matter of time.

  3. It's the most beautiful dessert ever!!!

  4. I also haven't had souffle before. Well done on your first attempt! Your souffle looks great even though it was slightly deflated.

  5. It looks gorgeous. Can't believe it's your first time making it! :)

  6. I'm so glad you decided to try this souffle! Fun (and not too intimidating), right? Your photos absolutely do it justice and truth be told, that recipe was my first attempt at a souffle as well---a great recipe for souffle first-timers!

  7. Looks so DAMN decedent and will be very dangerous to the waistline! WOW for your first attempt you totally nailed it!!

  8. mmm! i've tried chocolate and lemon souffles before and theyre awesome!
    maybe i should post up something on souffles too.
    but banana souffle is something new to me! i should really try it out.
    i can imagine how awesome and light this is! :)

  9. Can't believe it's the first time you're making a souffle! It looks absolutely perfect :)

    And "the more yolks, the merrier" sounds like a great mantra!

  10. It looks perfect!! It's very tricky to photograph souffle. You need to be so fast, no time to set up the props...etc. I once did potato souffles and I could see them sinking as I snapped away.

  11. Looks delicious!! Ive never made souffle myself. like you I'm always afraid if I made it it will never rise. But yours did! :P bravo!..maybe I shd try too one day .

  12. It looks perfect! I tried making souffle once and failed =( would love to try this recipe!

  13. It's really a misson to make souffle.. especially to make a nice shot of it! It just deflates tooo quickly!
    Never tried banana souffle but sounds like a good idea!

  14. Ninette: You're absolutely right! :)

    Cami: Thanks for telling me! Now I know :) And I love your blog too!

    oneshotbeyond: Awww, thanks so much!

    Food For Tots: Thanks!

    Bog Boys Oven: Thanks, guys :)

    Kenny: Thanks!

    Linda: Thanks!

    Noobcook: Thanks! I can't believe it either! LOL.

    Sandie: Thank YOU. I felt like I had such big shoes to fill, looking at your beautiful souffles. That was your first time too? Wow.

    Cathy: Thanks, girl!

    muffinsareuglycupcakes: Try!

    ovenhaven: Thanks dearie :)

    Ellie: Thanks! Yes, it was sinking faster than the Titanic! All I managed to get were 4 shots!

    Zurin: Thanks! I was prepared for a failed attempt, so this turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Give it a try. You might just nail it too :)

    pigpigscorner: Thanks! Try it! :)

    mycookingbut: You're right! They are a challenge to photograph. But do give this a try some time :)

  15. mmmmm this looks so delicate and delicious! I have been wanting to give souffle a shot, but it can be so intimidating! I tried my hand at creme brulee not to long ago, it was delicious! ... I can only imagine ... ahh yes souffle!

  16. i'm impressed you even tried to take photos of a souffle... you say that's somewhat deflated, but it looks great.

  17. Liesel: Thanks! Doing it is a lot easier than thinking about it - that's what I learnt makig souffle! :)

    Justin: Thanks :) Coming from you, it's a huge compliment!

  18. Congrats on that beautiful souffle!

  19. Your souffle looks perfect!
    I like egg yolks too :)

  20. Dear Ju,

    Your souffle looks really delicious but I cannot find the recipe. Can u pls upload the recipe? Thank you.


    1. H Mei, oh dear ... the link has been disabled, I think. :(