Monday, August 17, 2009

Jumbo Siew Mai

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I adore dim sum. I think there is so much meaning to those 2 words - 点心 - which means, to touch the heart. If a table full of intricately handmade, mouthwatering morsels doesn't touch your heart, I don't know what will.

Now, Siew Mai 烧卖 is the quintessential dim sum item. I used to have dim sum for brunch almost every weekend - the highlight of every week! But of late, no such luck :( Somehow, my weekends are now filled with things that need to be done.

Today, I made some Siew Mai to pamper myself. They definitely pale in comparison to the ones you find at Cantonese restaurants, but they are good enough for me ... for now. And yes, I know I need to improve on my wrapping skills!

Since one is never enough, I made them in jumbo sizes ... because size does matter, where food is concerned! ;P

- 200g minced pork (which you can sub with chicken)
- 300g prawns (shelled, deveined and smashed into a gluey paste, using the back of a cleaver)
- spring onions
- some garlic
- diced chinese mushrooms (soaked and softened)
- 2 tbsp soy sauce
- splash of Huatiao wine
- splash of sesame oil
- dash of pepper
- 1 beaten egg (I only used about 1/3 of it to add moisture)
- dumpling wrappers (the thin, round ones)
- Tobiko for garnishing

1. Mix everything up, except the Tobiko. Using a 1-tbsp spoon, measure out meatballs of uniform size and place in centre of dumpling wrappers. Mine were all 1 heaped tbsp.

2. Wrap and press firmly around each Siew Mai.

3. Seal the top with some egg wash.

4. Place the Siew Mai onto a bamboo steamer (or a plate that has been lined with parchment paper). Spray water to moisten the skin.

5. Steam on high for about 8mins. Do not overcook, or the meat will be tough. Top each Siew Mai with Tobiko and serve immediately, with chilli sauce or mustard. And don't forget a pot of Chinese tea :)


  1. I am a big Dim Sum fan too!! Your siew mai looks yummy!

  2. I never knew it meant to touch the heart:) Of course I love it even more now..

    You dim sum:)

    I have some least i think it is I will go check..AS soon as my daughter moves to her new house w/ more kitchen cabinets..I will bring her steamer baskets.Thank you for this recipe..

    Great size!:)

  3. Oh wow, they look perfect! Now I'm craving for dim sum!

  4. Whooaaaaaaa, you can make siew mai!!! This is my favourite dim sum, and jumbo size siew mai will definitely brighten up my day loh!!!! This is really very impressive. They are absolutely gorgeous! Must be very yummy.

  5. Great Idea! I totally agreed with is never enough! Gorgeous picts you got there and really made me hungry at wee hours in the morning. I have to go back to the Asian Mart to get my supplies as I don't have proper machine to make wanton wrappers. I just hope they have supplies now :-(

  6. I love dim sum too ... your home made siew mai looks amazing and I love the tobiko garnishing.

  7. mycookinghut: Thanks! Oh, I live for dim sum!

    Nana: Heh heh! Me dim sum :) I just made them again for dinner!

    pigpigscorner: Thanks!

    Kenny: Thanks! Jumbo size siew mai rocks!

    pixen: Thanks! Oh dear, so sorry to make you hungry ;P

    noobcook: Thanks! Homemade. No MSG. Heh!

  8. Your siew mais topped with Tobiko look fantastic! Must taste excellent too! Yummy!

  9. wow! to me they look as good as the ones in the restaurants. yumcha is one of my favorite weekend morning activities ^_^

  10. Those look even better than restaurant siu mai! I love the addition of tobiko. You did a beautiful job wrapping them too. Good job all around!

  11. ur tim sum certainly looks veri appetising compared to those we ate in restaurants...
    Drooling... : P

  12. Rita: Thanks, dearie! Let's do a virtual yumcha one of these weekend mornings :) Together with Kenny! Hehe!

    gaga: Thanks! I still need practice with that wrapping, really. But your words are such encouragement :)

    Irene: Awww, thank you :)

  13. I love dim sum and will have to try this since we hardly get to San Francisco anymore to some of my favorite restaurants. I can't wait to make this, I'm off to look up the wine since I'm not familiar with it. My mouth is watering!

  14. Hi I love siew mai and yours look appetizing too. Where do I get the Tobiko?

  15. Thanks, Tracie!

    Kimberly, you can get Tobiko at most supermarkets in Singapore. I got mine from the Japanese cold section at Cold Storage.

  16. nice!!! :DD may i ask how many can u make with the above ingredients? thanks!

  17. Cherry: Oh dear, I can't remember! Hahaha! It's been more than a year since I touched meat.