Thursday, August 13, 2009

Egg Wrap With Leftovers

Sometimes, it's all in the presentation, isn't it? You can have the most nondescript ingredients, but when you present them in a pleasing manner, their delicious factor gets bumped up. This applies to some leftovers I had - minced chicken which my kids couldn't finish the night before.

I re-fried them with some oyster sauce, carrots, spring onions and some chilli. Then wrapped everything up in an omelette. Had this with some rice for lunch. Leftovers get finished, tummy is filled :)

I hope this post corrects a few erroneous assumptions about me (particularly for my friends):

1. Just because I blog about food does not mean I cook or bake everyday.
- I only blog about the "nicer" stuff that I make. And that's not on a daily basis. Furthermore, I live in Singapore ... come on! Delicious hawker food can be found cheaply in every nook and cranny, 24/7. One can buy a full meal (rice and 3 side dishes) for a mere S$2.50! Certainly you can find me at food centres going, "Ta-pau!" or "Bungkus!" instead of cooking.

2. Just because I blog about food does not mean that I feast on chic eats regularly. For that, you'll have to look for Kenny of Chic Eats, of course ;)
- Yes, my dear friends who have been asking, "So, what did you eat today?" ... sorry to burst your bubble. Most days, I eat very simple food, such as "re-packaged" leftovers like this. Heh.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find out what other leftovers need to be finished up today :)


  1. Yes presentation is a must!See..your omelette"farçie" overflowing with color and the pretty factor..the omelet I chose in the resto yesterday was bland.I left half. They hid the wet green asparagus in between.. no green showing..with white hidden cheese on the palest omelet with no color.
    It took my appetite away.The knife could not cut the asparagus they were so soft.The whole omelet was blah.:(
    I am not critical..I am just comparing your technicolor presentation to a very milky looking one.

    Loved the link too..another interesting blog I have discovered.
    Thank you!

  2. This is a great way to serve leftovers! And hey, if I lived in Singapore I'd eat out all the time too. Every time I visit my relatives there I've never once actually eaten a home-cooked with them, they eat out or do takeaway for practically every meal.

  3. This way of using leftovers to make a brand new dish is amazing! And your food always looks beautiful & DEEEEEEELISH!

  4. What a great idea to use up the leftover!

  5. brilliant idea! i will be wrapping my leftovers with eggs too hehehe

  6. Totally agree that it is sometimes easier to "tah pau" instead of cooking every day especially if it's just for one or 2. I like your idea of re-inventing leftovers, give that surprise element and heh you're not really looking at "stale food", so to say.

  7. Great idea! I love cooking with leftovers, there's so much you can do.

  8. It's definitely a great way to use leftovers! Looks yummy! :)

  9. MMMMMMM,...your egg wrap looks so tasty!!!!

  10. How beautiful and colorful! Sounds really yummy!

  11. Nana: Oh, Monique! Sorry to hear about your less-than-ideal dining experience :( I agree food must have "heart".

    Heidi: Thanks for dropping by. Yup, eating out is a national past time.

    Kenny: Thanks, dude :)

    Ellie: Thanks!!

    Mochachocolata Rita: Thanks! Egg wraps rule!

    Jo: Yeah, it's nice to look at "new" food, even though it's the same thing!

    pigpigscorner: Yes, not only that, the cooking time is shortened :)

    mycookinghut: Thanks!

    Sophie: Thanks!

    Talita: Thanks!

  12. I can't see the pictures! :-( But it sure sounds frekaing yummy.
    And boy, do I miss Singapore's dirt-cheap hawker food! Mmmm~ carrot cake....

  13. Loved your post and eye-popping pictures!

  14. This is a creative use of leftovers. Very pretty!

  15. burpandslurp: Awww, blogspot and its perennial problems again ;P I know I would miss carrot cake if I lived out of SG!

    Ninette and noobcook: Thank you, ladies! :)