Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vegetable Curry

As I mentioned in my Fish Curry post, Granny's rempah is a lifesaver when a long day calls for a simple dinner. Basically, for Vegetable Curry, we throw in a variety of hardy veggies like gourds, long beans, brinjals, potatoes and carrots into a pot of water. Add in a heaped spoonful of rempah, tau kwa, tau pok and quails' eggs, and simmer over a low flame. Thicken the gravy with either coconut milk or evaporated milk (just a little). Or if you prefer to do without these thickeners, add some pounded candlenuts. They make your gravy lemak and add a gritty dimension to it. I always keep some on hand cos they taste marvellous in curry dishes. If you have some kaffir lime leaves, you can rip some up for that extra ooomph. But since Granny's rempah contains lemongrass, I skipped that.

Boil till your hardy veggies turn tender (but not mushy). There you have it! Vegetable curry served with fluffy white rice.


  1. That looks yummy! I eat way too much curry veg for my own good, but that looks yummy!

  2. Thanks, Leon! I love a hearty curry too!