Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sun With Moon (Central)

My dear daughter celebrated her birthday at the end of March. She requested for a Japanese lunch treat. We initially wanted to go to her fave restaurant at Clarke Quay. Unfortunately, they were closed due to unforeseen circumstances and we had to scramble for Plan B (I was already driving halfway there).

We parked at Clarke Quay and decided to head across the bridge to Sun With Moon, at Central. It was my first time at this Japanese restaurant because, well, I normally shy away from hip and/or chain restaurants. That's why I still haven't been to all those ramen places which have sprung up all over the island. 

Anyway, back to Sun With Moon ... on the whole, the food was fine. Fresh, but small-ish portions (for me, anyway). I also tried out the much hyped Tofu Cheesecake, and to me, it was mostly that - hype. I guess I still prefer the traditional type of Japanese cooking. And oh, I felt very claustrophobic the whole time I was in there. It wasn't a bad dining experience, just that, the next time I crave for Japanese food, I'll be making my way back to my fave Japanese restaurant across the bridge.

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