Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jing @ One Fullerton

Ah, dim sum! The sound of those 2 words are enough to make me drool ;) I love dim sum with all my 'sum' (heart)! After reading an excellent review here, we headed down to Jing at One Fullerton, on a sunny Saturday morning, to sample their fare. 

The place was cosy and chi chi, overlooking the Marina Bay. It was already 3/4-full when we arrived. Thank goodness I made reservations! We were seated at one of their crescent-shaped lounge sofas with plenty of plush cushions. Hmmm ... I don't know if was a good thing, considering we had to walk up and down to get some of the dishes from the self-serve stations! Poor daughter had to get us to make way each time she wanted to replenish her crispy duck.

Fortunately, it was an a la carte buffet brunch. Apart from the assorted meats and desserts stations where you had to help yourself at, the rest of the food were cooked and served per order. And what a spread we had! We ordered the usual suspects - siu mai, har kao, char siew pau, wasabi prawns. They were all very nicely done indeed. But what wowed us was the fact that a whole chilli crab and soon hock were included too! Well, I never! How do they do it?!

The cooking was refined and well-executed. It was a wee bit on the salty side, but that's just me. The one thing that got me a tad irate was the elusive century egg porridge that my daughter wanted. It took all of 6 reminders before it finally made its appearance at the END of our meal, together with our ice-cream! In addition, I felt the wait staff could have made the effort to be just a leetle friendlier. That would have made a small but important difference. They were very businesslike and impersonal in their approach. Still, it wasn't bad service.

Whatever the case, it was a pretty darn good meal. I would come back again if I was in the mood for a dim sum overdose. 

Love, love, love this photo my daughter took of me (at the Fullerton Hotel)!

Afterward, we walked across to the Fullerton Hotel. I needed to. There was a party in my tummy and I had to walk it off! It was a lovely place to wander around, though ... a nice way to end a leisurely Saturday brunch.

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