Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Homecooked Hokkien Mee

I love Hokkien Mee. A plate of excellent Hokkien Mee is always full of wok-hei and umami ... and can almost certainly salvage a bad day ;) Unfortunately, it's not exactly a healthy menu option, so we only have this once in a long while. 

Well, I can't profess to frying excellent Hokkien Mee, but at home, we definitely cook up a healthier version :) Just use less oil and salt, and load up on the veggies. I also omit the cholesterol-laden squids and prawns, preferring to use lean chicken meat instead.

Tonight's dinner was really a no-brainer. We had some leftover yellow noodles only enough for two adults. Solution? Add in beehoon and fry together with eggs, bean sprouts, chye sim, tau-kwa and chicken fillets. Ta-dah! Enough to feed the whole family now :)

The stock was made from soaking some dried shrimps in hot water and letting it steep. Add a dollop of oyster sauce and some ikan bilis powder to the shrimp water, and you've got a robust, savoury stock on hand!

What can I say? Nothing near the Hokkien Mee served by hawker legends, but still, a satisfying dinner nonetheless.

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