Friday, May 29, 2009

Cod In Teriyaki Sauce (Gindara Teriyaki)

I bought a big pack of cod steaks recently. My children generally like fish, but their preference skew towards cod, salmon and mackerel ... yup, all the fatty, oily fishes. 

Today, I decided to go Japanese again and make them cod in teriyaki sauce. Yum ... teriyaki sauce. Give them anything slathered in teriyaki sauce and they will wallop 'em up! The printing on the package of cod said "Product of France", so I wonder if they are any different from the Japanese Gindara which we are more familiar with? Anyway, this dish was a breeze to put together and better yet, has a very short cooking time. I like!

Teriyaki Marinade/Sauce 
(For 2 small cod steaks)
- 1 tbs sugar
- 1 tbs mirin
- 2 tbs soy sauce (I use Lee Kum Kee and it works fine but you may want to use a Japanese brand like Kikkoman)
Adjust accordingly if you are cooking bigger steaks or would like more teriyaki dipping sauce. 

1. Marinate for at least an hour. Heat a little oil in a skillet. When the oil is hot, lower the flame. Hold up the marinated cod steaks and let them "drip dry" a little before you toss them into the pan. Do not throw away the marinade. 

2. Make sure you cook over a very small flame because the fish will char (due to the sugar in the teriyaki marinade). The steaks cook very quickly, especially if cut small, so make it snappy - about a minute each side. Place on serving plate.

3. In a separate saucepan, bring the marinade to a quick boil. Serve in a saucer.

This is best eaten hot off the pan. With the advantage of a short cooking time, this dish is always cooked only when the kids go "I'm hungry!" Now excuse me while I go get a bowl of steaming hot gohan ...


  1. your food always looks beautiful.. i am feeling so hungry now!!!!

  2. Hi Anon, if I could share food in virtual reality, I would! Thanks for reading my blog :)

  3. Yes, with gohan indeed! *drool*..... Dunno why I'm always reading your blog just before dinner time....

  4. Hi Leon, I think cos you're hungry, you sub-consciously tune in to a food blog? ;)

  5. Wow, those look wonderful.

  6. Hi Little Teochew, I chanced upon your blog while on a long draggy 2 week's work in Europe. I am missing the home cooked food back in Singapore and I miss my kids!

    They love oily fishes, just like your kids do and I cook the same Teriyaki Cod fish for them - but mine don't look as appetising as yours!

    The gohan is a must and I made mine the rice burger style with loads of seaweed. I am sure your kids will love this version. And oh yes, I have a small squeeze of lemon in the Teriyaki marinate :) Am going home soon and I should get back to cooking ... with tips from your blog!

  7. Hi Anon, thanks for dropping by. I must try the rice burger style one day. That's a great idea!

  8. So simple and delicious! My kids will love this! And I love getting fish into them! I'd love to feature your recipe on my site with full links and credits back to your site if you are keen. Please let me know!